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Red Moon (PL 10/11) - Arichamus (Gold)


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Player Name: Arichamus
Character Name: Red Moon

Power Level: 11 (168/174PP)
Trade-Offs: None
Unspent Power Points: 6

In Brief: A Farsider scientist and one-time spy against humanity who accidentally transformed herself into a vampire.

Alternate Identity: Atraxia Falkaet
Identity: Secret, her history and nature are anything but obvious or common knowledge.
Birthplace: Farside City, the Moon
Occupation: Preserver technology researcher, superheroine,
Affiliations: Farsiders, Truth,
Family: (Seda)Mother and (Placil)father(deceased), 3 sisters and brothers.

Age: 67 (DoB: 1929 )
Apparent Age: 20, age at transformation.
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Farsider
Height: 6ft. 2in.
Weight: 80Lbs., 120lbs. with the terrasuit Device.
Eyes: Icy blue
Hair: Black

Atraxia outside her specialized costume is a towering and spidery woman with black hair streaked with white, and unblinking eyes that are solid white save for a blue core where the pupil ought to be. Her skin is so pale that the dried, blackened veins and shriveled muscles under it are clearly visible, and it is pulled taut around her bones, producing a singularly morbid appearance. The fangs and claw-like hands don't help, and the harshly croaking voice seals the ugly effect.
The 'terrasuit' she wears does a great deal to hide this, a grey & red mostly skin-tight affair filled out to resemble a normal example of her kind, with a large, opaquely-black helmet covering her head and allowing her to see without being exposed to ultraviolet radiation or the eyes of others. It is studded with small pouches and pockets to accommodate its wearer's impulsive tendency to collect samples of things.

Power Descriptions:
(Descriptors: Psionic, Mutation)
After being blasted by her attempted recreation of the mysterious Moon Stone, Atraxia's body was effectively killed at the same time her soul(or psychic expression) was partially released from it. As a result, she is basically a ghost possessing her deceased body out of both a lack of desire and power to leave it and the desperate hope that this can be permanently reversed somehow. This had the side-effect of unlocking her bizarre latent mutations: the power to attack a living being's soul by partially transferring herself to another dimension(currently she is unaware that this is the realm of Earth-bound spirits), the power to make herself all-but impossible for the unaided eye or ear to observe her as well as being difficult for psychics to detect, a paralytic toxin secreted in her fangs, and the ability to fly through walls, scale any surface, and walk without leaving a trace and temporarily turn her mass into coherent energy for space-flight. Her eyes can penetrate almost any attempt to deceive her, and she has a weak power to tell if psychics are nearby.

Her terrasuit has a built-in translator that enables her to speak and understand any language spoken around her, though its power to translate the written word is a work in progress. The program gives her a slightly more normal voice, though it injures that by the breathy translation and disconcerting background noise. Her transformation has not been without ill effects(Atraxia being of the opinion that ALL of the effects it has had are ill), mainly that now she has to contend with dead nerves, the knowledge that if she reveals herself to the light of any sun she will be burned to ashes, an all-consuming need to drink blood.

One of the rare children of Farside City to take an active interest in their austere metropolis, Atraxia developed at a young age into a remarkably adept physicist and engineer, particularly intrigued by the Moonstone, the Preserver artifact(or discovery) that maintained their quiet, peaceful world. In this time of the former king and queen of Farside City, such experimentation was welcomed and the woman was given all the help and equipment she could need.


Attempting to discover more about the energy radiating from the chunk of crystal, the Farsider attempted to re-create the object using Lunar science, deciphering the long-lost language of the Preservers in the course of her research. When the replica was complete, Atraxia activated it, triggering a devastating reaction. She, somehow, survived the surge of power but was horribly twisted by exposure to the radiation, transformed into a pseudo-energy being shackled to a bloodthirsty, monstrous corpse. After years of experimentation and failure to return herself to normal, Atraxia exiled herself from Farside City, unwilling to live as she was.


On her lonely trek to the near side of the Moon, hoping to burn herself in the sunlight, she stumbled upon a cave system on the lip of the Farside crater. Within she found elaborate pictograms and carvings detailing the miseries of what she realized were creatures just like herself. In ages past, others had attempted to unlock the secrets of the Moonstone, all either killed or hideously changed.


Even while reeling from the shock, Atraxia was puzzled: why had she never heard about this? Why hadn't the king and queen known or warned her? But that was brushed aside. She wasn't a freak but the logical conclusion of interacting forces, and it was her duty to find out as much as she could about this new state, for the good of all who might suffer like her! Pushing to the limits her new powers, she spent months testing her body, her new senses and all the ways they intersected. At last, sure she had gotten as far as she could without the right tools, she returned to Farside City. She found it under the reign of the maddened Princess Selene.


While immune to the princess' new powers and more than a match for her army, Atraxia's transformation was still her weakness. Selene offered her a cure that the royal physicians had been working on in exchange for her service and loyalty. The sensation of normalcy after years of being a monster was more than enough to sway the scientist. But the 'cure' was only temporary, and as her body began to dessicate again the promise of more doses and Selene's harping on the violent and rapacious nature of the humans was enough to win over Atraxia, every inch the respectable, peaceable Farsider.


Throughout the 1970's and 80's, the lunar vampire was kept busy spying on humanity's movements, slipping through walls to read plans, listening invisibly to conversations and gathering reams of data. However, she was forbidden to attack anyone both as a means of control over where she got her vital blood and to keep her tracks clean. Thus, when Prince Mentac returned with his Atom Family and defeated his sister and her followers, the harmless record and pitiable story of the vampire was enough to get her a royal (if grudging) pardon.


After doing her part to repair Farside City and even improve some parts of it, Atraxia struggled with conflicting desires as she moved to the caves outside her old home. She longed to get away from her past and explore the universe, especially given her natural ability to move faster-than-light, but the lingering homebody tendencies of Preserver conditioning and the pull of her duty to future scientists risking their lives to explore the Moonstone won out. Earth's vampire menace and and wealth of weirdness, her constant work improving her Moon base and work (via correspondence) with Farside scientists keeps her busy as her long unlife plays out, searching tirelessly for answers.

Personality & Motivation:
Atraxia was never what one would call a people person. The focus of her life's work was almost always on things, how they work and what they do. Years alone and then working as a spy did nothing for her social skills, leaving her quick-tempered and prone to speaking impulsively when not sullenly holding her tongue. She is deeply self-conscious about her condition and does all she can to disguise what she really is from others. The mysterious, complicated place that Earth has proven to be piques her interest, but as a thing to be studied and understood before anything else. When meeting others for the first time they get to experience the joys of a suspicious and haltingly-spoken woman who feels deeply ill-used by the world. Despite all that Axtraxia is earnestly committed to trying to help make the human's world a better place in any way she can, and doesn't hesitate for an instant if there seems to be anything of use she can do. The mystical villains that "exploit the superstition of the ignorant" are to her mind the primary obstacles to human progress, and she devotes herself to combating them.

Powers & Tactics:
Sneaking up behind someone and hitting them from surprise is the only combat tactic Red Moon knows, so she does that.

Enemy: Lady Lunar
Habit: Needs blood plasmas to keep at the level of health she considers normal. As well, suffers cravings for it.
Myth...busted?: Driven to try and disprove magic and magic-related phenomena as anything but entirely misunderstood 'normal' forces.

Reputation: Willing collaborator with the Moon's despot.
Secret: Vampire
Secret: Identity

Abilities: 2 + 6 -10 + 12 + 2 + 0 = 12PP
Strength: 12 (+1)
Dexterity: 16 (+3)
Constitution: -
Intelligence: 22 (+6)
Wisdom: 12 (+1)
Charisma: 10

Combat: 10 + 8 = 18PP
Initiative: +3
Attack: +10 Melee, +5 Ranged
Grapple: +11
Defense: +10 (+4 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -5

Saving Throws: - + 6 + 8 = 14PP
Toughness: +11 (- Con, +10 Protection (Hardened Skin), +1 Protection (terrasuit))
Fortitude: Immune
Reflex: +9 (+3 Dex, +6)
Will: +9 (+1 Wis, +8)

Skills: 40R = 10PP
Computers 5 (+11) SM
Craft(Electronic) 4 (+10) SM
Disable Device 6 (+12)
Knowledge(Galactic Lore) 4 (+10)
Knowledge(Physical Sciences) 6 (+12) SM
Knowledge(Technology) 6 (+12) SM
Language 2(Galactic Standard, Farsider(Native), Preserver)
Stealth 7 (+10)

Feats: 20PP
Attack Focus(Melee) 5
Dodge Focus 6
Eidetic Memory

Equipment 5(25EP)

Improvised Tools
Skill Mastery(Computers, Craft(Electronics), Knowledge(Physical Sciences), Knowledge(Technology))


HQ: The Warrens = 25EP

Size: Awesome

Toughness: 20

Features: Communications, Computer, Defense System, Hangar, Holding Cells, Infirmary, Isolated,
Laboratory, Living Space, Power System, Security System (force field Snare, DC
25), Teleport (Affects Others), Workshop


Powers: 12 + 40 + 2 + 24 + 10 + 2 + 2 + 11 = 103PP

Device 3(Hard to Lose, 15PP Device)[12PP] Terrasuit

Comprehend 3(Languages; Read, Speak & Understand all)[6PP]
Feature 1(Buys off the No Sense of Touch Disability)[1PP]
Feature 6(Buys off the Sunlight Weakness)[6PP]
Protection 1[1PP]
Super-Senses 1(Tracking(Infravision)[1PP]


Immunity 40(Fortitude Saves, Mental/Psychic powers)[40PP]

Flight 1(10 MPH)[2PP]

Lunar Vampirism Array 10(20PP Array, Power Feats: Alternate Power 4)[24PP]



Base Power: Strike 10(Extras: Alternate Save(Will)[20PP](Ghostly Claw)
AP: Concealment 7(All Visual Senses, Normal Auditory, All Mental Senses)[14PP](Insidious Step)
AP: Drain Constitution 9(Extras: Linked(Paralyze)[9PP]+Paralyze 10(Extras: Linked(Drain); Flaws: Slow Only)[10PP]=[19PP](Blood-Drain)
AP: Mental Transform 10(Change Memories/Recollection; Extras: Continuous)[20PP]
AP: Super-Movement 6(Permeate 3, Trackless, Wall-Crawling 2)[12PP](Spectral Infiltration)

Protection 10[10PP](Hardened Skin)

Regeneration 1(Resurrection 1/week, not when staked through the heart or beheaded)[1PP]

Super-Movement 1(Space Travel 1: Local System)[2PP](Mass-Energy Transfer)

Super-Senses 12(Visual Senses: Counter Concealment, Counter Illusion, Counter Obscure(All Descriptors); Psychic Awareness; Infravision)[12PP]

Drawbacks: (-1) + (-6) + (-2) = -9PP
Disability(No sense of Touch)[-1PP]
Weakness(Sunlight, Destroyed in 10 Rounds; Frequency: Very Common; Intensity: Major)[-6PP]
Vulnerability(Cosmic Energy damage; Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Moderate(+1.5 DC))[-2PP]

DC Block




Unarmed Touch DC16 Toughness(Staged) Damage(Physical)

Drain Touch DC19 Fortitude Constitution(Drained)

Mental Transform Perception DC20 Will Transform

Paralyze Touch DC20 Fortitude Slowed

Strike Touch DC25 Will(Staged) Damage(Physical)

Totals: Abilities (12) + Combat (18) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (10) + Feats (20) + Powers (103) - Drawbacks (9) = 168/174 Power Points

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Removed Blood-Drinking Weakness and Iron Vulnerability(for the simple reason that that one shouldn't have been on there).

Bumped STR down to 12, CHA up to 8.

Dropped the Tracking on Super-Senses and 2 points on Will, 4 ranks in Stealth and the Innate Power Feat from the Immunity.

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Grapple bonus should be +11, not +12.

The Terrasuit is over-budget; 4+1+6+1= 12pp, in a 10pp device.

You're paying for four APs in your Lunar Vampirism Array, and you only have three listed.

Given the math on Concealment, I'm guessing it's All Visual Senses, Normal Auditory, All Mental Senses? Probably want to make the Auditory part explicit. You also appear to have an 'Insidious' hanging off the end - if that's the descriptive name of the array setting, rather than the actual power extra, it's missing a ).

Typo on 'trackless'.

Don't forget to flesh out your DC block - Unarmed should be the damage you do when just punching fools, and it's missing the Paralyze.

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Removed the Datalink and 1PP Feature. Removed 2 ranks of Disable Device to buy 2 ranks in Language(English and Russian, Farsider Native).

Bought 10 ranks of Continuous Mental Transform as a Lunar Vampirism AP.

Bought 7 ranks on Drain and 1 rank in Paralyze, added the Flaw: Slow to Paralyze.

Edited Concealment AP per your suggestions. Completed Insidious Step title.

Fixed Trackless typo.

DC Block expanded upon.

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Removed a rank of Improved initiative, bought a rank of Regeneration(Resurrection), with the caveat that she must not be staked or beheaded for it to work.

EDIT: Removed the other rank to buy another rank in Super-Senses for Psychic Awareness.

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Note that per the house rules, you aren't compelled to specify circumstances that keep you from resurrecting - all Resurrection purchases are assumed to have +True Resurrection. If you want it for flavor, though, we're fine with that; just something to keep in mind!

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