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Avenger Assembled

Bee Good And You Will Bee Lonesome (OOC)

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Fleur will arrive now, ready to kick bank robber bottom! In this first round, to give Baxter a little time to escape his bonds, I think I will have Stesha use her Summon power and stir up the local trees. They will follow her into the bank and be ready to attack starting next turn.

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Golem 1: 19

Fleur de Joie: 18 (5 HP, same same!)

Golem 2: 15

Golem 3: 12

Golem 4: 11

Golem 5: 11

Bee-Keeper III: 10 (5 HP, so many complications!)

Golem 6: 9

Animated Trees: 4

SpicyWaffle, I'll go ahead and say Golem 6 will relent on the Grapple (since it'll be busy with other stuff :twisted: ) and Baxter will be able to escape on its action.

Golem 1 walks up to Fleur de Joie and attempts to punch her.


That's a miss!

Fleur is up.

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For Stesha's move action, she is going to direct the trees to attack the golems, first Golem 1, then any other golems who might approach her.

For her action-action, she is going to attempt to grapple the nefarious Beekeeper with VINES OF STEEL! But the roll is terrible! It's a 16.

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Golems 2 + 3 scarper with the loot! They have Speed 5, so they can both run a quarter-mile away as a move action. (They use Total Defense as their standard action, raising their to-hit to DC 19)

Golem 4 punches Fleur de Joie! 17

Another miss! That's good for those Interposing plant minions, at least.

Golem 5 punches Barry, but the Snare saves first.


Not bad! The snare is damaged and disabled. Barry will be able to get out on his turn.

He'd better make his case fast, though!

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Okay, so, here we go...

  • All-Out Attack to take a -3 Defense/+3 Attack trade off (+13 Attack/+7 Defense)
    Power Attack to take a -5 Attack/+5 Damage trade off (+8 Attack/+5 Damage)
    Extra Effort to increase Bee-Keeper III's Strike Power from "Strike 10" to "Strike 12" for one round.
    Take 10 on the Attack since it's a Minion. Total Attack is +18, requiring a DC 32 TOU Save (15 + Strike 12 + Power Attack 5).
    Next round, Baxter'll burn a Hero Point to avoid Fatigue.

Total Modifier Shifts: Defense +7, Attack +8, Damage +15, +2 Strike Power with Extra Effort.

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Attack rolls vs. Golems 1, 4, and 5 (they will double up on 1 and 5)

Trees 1-2: 13, 26

Tou vs 24: 27

Golem 1 is fine

Tree 3 vs Golem 4:


That hits



Tree 4 + 5 vs Golem 5

Tree 4's Aid succeeds

Tree 5 All Out Power Attacks and hits automatically. (I don't recall if minions can take 10 vs. minions, but I'll let it go here)



OK, Golem 5 is down.

All the golems around Baxter are defeated.

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Stunt time! Spending 1 HP

Disintegrate 8 (40 pp, PFs: Accurate, Incurable, Precise, Reversible) [44 pp]

Attacking Golem 1, taking ten and power attacking for two, that's a 15, which should hit!

If for some reason he does not dissolve in a satisfactory fashion, do it again!

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Since it is a golem, I'll go ahead and treat it as a construct like TT did in Pepper's Ghost:

Whoops, I messed up the first batch of rolls! Here are the correct ones:

Reflex vs 20


OK, drained by 5; Tou is at +10 (+10 Impervious)

Tou vs 25:


Golem 1 is gone

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Fleur is spending another HP to stunt Speed 5 off her array! She is so busy and creative today!

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Fleur is up.


"Malador" will go on five.

I need a DC 20 Notice check from Baxter, as well as a DC 15 Will save to stay in the field against this terrible threat!


This is not Malador! He'd be blasting already if he was, and Malador doesn't do petty stuff anyway. It's a faaaaake!

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