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Dr Archeville

The 2012 State of the Site Address

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On October 24th, 2007, the Freedom City Play-by-Post board was opened. About three and a half months later, on February 8th, 2008, I joined the site. Six weeks later (March 20, 2008), I was elevated to the Refdom, and about nine weeks after that (July 29th, 2008), following a shocking [redacted] and the brutal [redacted] of the previous administration, ownership & Admin-ship of the site was transferred to me.

(Bwah hah hah! Four more years! Four more years!)

Some Statistics

Number of Posts: 148,411

Number of Topics/Threads: 6,283

Number of Users (who've made at least one post): 298

Current Number of Players: 35

Current Number of Active PCs: 72

Average Posts per Day: 85.31

Average Topics/Threads per Day: 3.61

Top Active Posters

01  Dr Archeville      12,975 
02 AvengerAssembled 10,156
03 quotemyname 7,971
04 Electra 6,943
05 Supercape 6,350
06 Gizmo 5,309
07 ShaenTheBrain 4,178
08 Geez3r 4,005
09 angrydurf 3,996
10 Raveled 3,967

I would like to think that, on balance, FC PbP has been a fun place for all involved. I fully intend to continue keeping this site chugging along for the foreseeable future. Many great stories have been told you, and I am certain there are still many more left to tell, and I am humbled and happy to provide a place for such tales to be told.

I must give special thanks to Arichamus, AvengerAssembled, Supercape, Tiffany_Korta, and trollthumper for running so many amazing stories, and to Electra and Gizmo for helping new players with the background/fluff parts of their characters. And to Sorus for keeping the place running!

I have no grand changes in mind for the site, except in trying to keep a better eye on things, and making sure characters and adventures fit the overall mood/theme/tone of the board (DCAU-esque -- Relevant, not Cynical [or Homophobic/Misogynistic/Racist], and overall Enjoyable). We're not perfect, some things have slipped through that ought not have, and the Refs are going to try and be better about that. Plans are still in effect for a few Big Adventures, but if there's anything you want to see, please, let us know. The RedNames do a lot of the heavy lifting, but it's all done for you -- your feedback an desires are valued!

Thanks for being such great players, and making this such a fun place to run :D

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