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Blue Jay (PL 10/14) - Raveled (Gold)

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Player Name: Raveled
Character Name: Blue Jay
Power Level: 10/14 (186/218 PP)
Trade-Offs: +5 Attack / -5 Damage
Unspent Power Points: 32
Progress To Platinum Status: 68/120

In Brief: A refugee from the Terminus, fighting for a beautiful world as hard as she can.

Alternate Identities: Antoinette Baudin, Tona
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Maine, North America, Earth-Pastoral (Terminus)
Occupation: Student, superhero
Affiliations: Claremont Academy
Family: Jean Blackfoot, aka Lady Liberty, aka Dame Vengence (mother, deceased), Robert Baudin, aka Jail Bird (father)

Age: 18 (DoB: March, 1996)
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: French/Native American
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: Blue-green
Hair: Brown

Antoinette Baudin is a short, compact woman with a lithe, muscular frame. Her skin is smooth and tanned, and her chocolate-brown hair grows down to her shoulders, curling just at the ends. Her face is round and pleasant, with a small nose, full lips and big ears; most eye-catching, though, are the numerous piercings that adorn her lips, ears, and chin. She normally wears urban camouflage: monochromatic athletic tees devoid of logo or phrases, and pants bearing many, many pockets.

When trouble threatens she pulls on a sleeveless Claremont uniform, complete with gloves that leave her thumb bare. Her bow is a matte-black length of carbon fiber, balanced blackened-steel pulleys, and monofilament drawstring. It can fold to a third of its overall length or unfold with a quick jerk. Her mask is molded to fit over her eyes and forehead, and features an elongated 'nose' where most of the active sensors reside.

Power Descriptions: Blue Jay has no actual superpowers. Her equipment is a wonder of modern engineering courtesy of ASTRO Labs. Her bow is a length of carbon fiber composite with an artificial spidersilk drawstring that can fold down to a third of its overall length for concealment, but fully deployed it can maintain a seventy-pound draw. The arrowheads can deploy bodkins, broadheads, blunt tips, or frog-catchers as needed, all selectable from a dial near the fletching. She even has a few specialty arrowheads for when she needs to do more than hurt people. Her mask is a mass of active and passive sensors, bouncing IR and UV information off her surroundings, allowing her to zoom in on distant situations, and even tapping into local radio bands.

History: Antoinette Baudin does not come from a happy world. Her home used to be verdant and green, an Earth where the Industrial Revolution had faltered at the first steps and as such humanity's spread and depletion of the planet's natural resources happened much more slowly. Of course, it also meant that when the Terminus came the heroes of the world had even less of a chance than most. Many of the planet's protectors died in the first wave; its Lady Liberty eventually rallied the survivors and lead them to retreat into the hinterlands and wilderness, where the Omegadrones' scanners were scrambled by the strange properties of the planet's native flora. For years she led a guerrilla resistance against the occupying forces of the Terminus, even as the world was dragged into the Terminus and made one of the Hundred Worlds.

Unending, grueling war changed Lady Liberty, made her darker and harder, transmuted her to Dame Vengeance. The only solace she found was in the arms of a former escape artist and thief turned sniper and assassin, Jail Bird. In time they had a child, naming her Antoinette and teaching her the skills she needed to survive on the run, an heir to an endless, hopeless conflict. In time Dame Vengeance was overwhelmed, leaving it to Jail Bird, Antoinette, and a few determined rebels to stop Omega from stripping their world of the last of its beauty and resources. It all came down to a final, climactic, likely suicidal battle. They would never have succeeded... if their world had not swung to the outermost part of its orbit around Nihlor, prompting the Furions to join in the fray.

In the end the largest processing plant on their world was destroyed and tens of thousand proles were liberated. Some of the Furions elected to stay on the planet as it swung out in its orbit again, and Antoinette stayed in the shadow of the Silver Tree. She wasn't to remain there for very long, though. The Furions contacted the only people they knew who had stood against Omega successfully and the Freedom League took Antoinette to Earth. She was quickly enrolled in Claremont Academy and now has the chance to prove how effective her parents' training was in a different kind of war.

Personality & Motivation: Antoinette is a withdrawn, private, intense woman. For most of her life silence meant survival, and even if that is not technically true she still falls back on old habits. She can be rather brusque, even rude to others; she grew up in a tight-knit community where social graces were not greatly valued. She will treat individuals with talent respectfully, but she usually demands to see that talent demonstrated, first.

Tona fights evil because that's the only life she's ever known; tracking, hiding, and sniping at foes is literally her entire existence, and she can't set it aside anymore than she can give up breathing or exercising. She works intently to make up for her lack of super-powers, secretly afraid of not living up to her own notion of this world's heroes. This can lead her to get reckless if a fight's going against her, as she fears nothing more than failure at something she deems important.

Powers & Tactics: Blue Jay knows she can't really stand toe-to-toe with most superopponents and doesn't try to. Her style is to stay in cover and stay at range, peppering her target with arrows from as far away as she can manage. If she has to, she'll retreat and hide, waiting for her opponent to break off the fight, and track them until the terrain favors her again. A favorite tactic is to pin a tough opponent down with a glue arrow and either open up with full Power Attack, or hit them with a couple acid arrows.





Secret Identity Tona strives to keep her life separate from her actions as Blue Jay.
Hatred Tona hates the Terminus like only one who has lived there can.
Luddite Upbringing Tona grew up without cell phones, the Internet, or even computers. Much of what we take for granted in modern life is magical or miraculous to her.
Ammunition Without arrows, Blue Jay's bow is useless. While she tries to make sure she always has enough on hand, in an extended fight she could run out.
Wrathful Blue Jay was one of the heroes replaced by the Curator in preparation for the Day of Wrath. While she has been officially declared free of all charges, her public image may not be so easy to repair.

Abilities: 5 + 14 + 8 + 0 + 6 - 2 = 31PP
Strength: 15 (+2)
Dexterity: 24 (+7)
Constitution: 18 (+4)
Intelligence: 10 (+0)
Wisdom: 16 (+3)
Charisma: 8 (-1)

Combat: 14 + 12 = 26PP
Initiative: +15
Attack: +7 Base, +15 Strike, +15 Bows
Grapple: +10
Defense: +10 (+6 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -5, -2 Flat-Footed

Saving Throws: 4 + 5 + 4 = 13PP
Toughness: +10 (+4 Con, +6 Defensive Roll), +4 Flat-Footed
Fortitude: +8 (+4 Con, +4)
Reflex: +12 (+7 Dex, +5)
Will: +7 (+3 Wis, +4)

Skills: 172R = 43PP
Acrobatics 8 (+15) Skill Mastery
Climb 12 (+15) Skill Mastery
Concentration 7 (+10)
Craft (Mechanical) 5 (+5)
Disable Device 10 (+10)
Escape Artist 13 (+20)
Intimidate 12 (+11)
Knowledge (Life Sciences) 5 (+5)
Languages 2 (Algonquin, French [Native], English)
Medicine 7 (+10)
Notice 12 (+15) Skill Mastery
Perform (Dance) 2 (+1)
Search 15 (+15) Skill Mastery
Sense Motive 12 (+15)
Sleight of Hand 3 (+10)
Stealth 17 (+24)
Survival 17 (+20)
Swim 13 (+15)

Feats: 45PP
Accurate Attack
Acrobatic Bluff
All-Out Attack
Attack Specialization (Bows) 4
Attack Specialization (Strike) 4
Benefit (Native: Terminus)
Challenge 2 (Accelerated Climb, Fast Acrobatic Bluff)
Critical Strike
Defensive Attack
Defensive Roll 3
Dodge Focus 4
Equipment 1
Evasion 2
Favored Enemy (Robots)
Favored Environment (Forest)
Hide in Plain Sight
Improved Critical 2 (Bows)
Improved Initiative 2
Improvised Tools
Move-By Action
Power Attack
Ranged Disarm
Ranged Pin
Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Climb, Notice, Search)
Takedown Attack
Track 3 (Full Speed; Visual)
Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)

Equipment: 1PP = 5EP





Camera [1EP]
MW Rope [1EP]
MW First-Aid Kit [1EP]
Handcuffs [1EP]
Mini Tracer [1EP]



Powers: 13 + 8 + 1 + 4 + 3 = 29 PP

Device 4 (20 PP, Easy to Lose, Feat: Subtle [Collapsible]) [13PP] (Bow & Quiver)




Bow Array 7.5 (15 PP, Feat: Alternate Power 4, Improved Range 1 [x2]) [20PP]




BE: Blast 3 (Extra: Autofire [5], Feat: Improved Range 1 [stacks for 2 (x5 for 150 ft)], Mighty 2, Variable Descriptor [slashing, Piercing, Bludgeoning]) [15/15PP] (Arrow Flurry)
AP:]/u] Blast 3 (Extra: Area [Targeted, Shapeable] Feat: Mighty 2, Progression [Area, 2 5' Cubes per Rank], Variable Descriptor [slashing, Piercing, Bludgeoning]) [15/15PP] (Arrow Against the Crowd)
AP: Drain Toughness 5 (Extra: Affects Objects [+1], Ranged) [15/15PP] (Acid Arrow)
AP: Snare 5 (Extra: Contagious) [15/15PP] (Glue Arrow)
AP: Leaping 1 (x2, Move action, Extra: Linked [speed, Super-Movement, +0]) [1PP] + Speed 1 (10 MPH, Extra: Linked [Leaping, Super-Movement, +0]) [1PP]
+ Super-Movement 2 (Slow Fall, Swinging, Extra: Linked [Leaping, Speed, +0]) [4PP] [6/15PP] (Magnetic Grapple Arrow)


Device 2 (10PP, Hard to Lose) [8PP] (Mask)




Super-Senses 3 (Extended 1 [100 ft increments], Infravision, Ultravision) [3PP]

Super-Senses 2 (Distance Sense, Time Sense) [2PP]

Super-Senses 1 (Radio) [1PP]

Communicate 3 (1 000 ft, Radio, Feat: Subtle) [4PP]

Feature 1 (Temporal Inertia) [1PP]

Strike 3 (Feats: Mighty) (4PP) (Espadas Self-Defense)

Super-Strength 1 (Effective Str 20, Feat: Innate) (3PP) (Grueling Training)

Drawbacks: 0 = 0PP

DC Block





Unarmed Touch DC 20 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical)

Arrow Flurry Ranged DC 20 Toughness + Autofire (Staged) Damage (Physical)

Arrow Against the Crowd Ranged/Area (Shapeable) DC 20 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical)

Acid Arrow Ranged DC 15 Fortitude Drain Toughness

Glue Arrow Ranged DC 15 Reflex Ensnared


Abilities (31) + Combat (26) + Saving Throws (13) + Skills (43) + Feats (45) + Powers (29) - Drawbacks (0) = 186/218 Power Points

Edited by HG Morrison
+1pp April 2015

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Feats: Interesting on Track 3 Feat, I had never considered this to be available past rank 1, but seeing as it effectively costs the same as the supersense, this is fine to me!

Equipment: Commlink is thought of as free here, giving you an extra PP (If its a club based thing I suppose throw might be added to Baton?)


Bow Device confused me. I am not sure What Improved Range 1 (Stacks for 2, 2 500 ft) means. Stacks? where? If its a 15 PP array, then Drain and Snare come up well under their PP (I suppose Acid Arrow could have slow fade feat, and Glue Arrow be contagious, as off my head ideas).

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Bow Device confused me. I am not sure What Improved Range 1 (Stacks for 2, 2 500 ft) means. Stacks? where? If its a 15 PP array, then Drain and Snare come up well under their PP (I suppose Acid Arrow could have slow fade feat, and Glue Arrow be contagious, as off my head ideas).

Added some Extras to the Acid and Glue arrows to bring them up to 15 PP each.

The Bow Array as a whole has Improved Range 1 on it, so all the arrows have a range increment of 1 000 ft, instead of the 500 they would normally have. The normal arrows have an additional rank of Improved Range on them, so their range Increment is 2 500 ft. It's the same as if the character had Improved Critical (Bows) as a feat, and Improved Critical (Bows) in the Device, the two ranks of the feat stack.

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Cool, got you now. This looks good to me, could you add in the PP cost of the individual powers in the array?

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Cool, got you now. This looks good to me, could you add in the PP cost of the individual powers in the array?

Edited in. After some consideration, added Stunning Attack to the Baton; belting you over the head seems like something one should be able to do with something like that.

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