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Silver Spider (PL8) - Azuth65 (Bronze)

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Player Name: Azuth65

Character Name: Silver Spider

Power Level: (8) (109/123PP)

Trade-Offs: +3 atk, -3 dmg (unarmed)

Unspent Power Points:

Progress To Silver Status: 0/60

In Brief: Young genius with minor gravity warping powers after a lab accident.

Alternate Identity: Jennifer Owens

Identity: Secret

Birthplace: Freedom City, USA

Occupation: Lab Tech, Adventurer-scientist

Affiliations: Owens Enterprises

Family: James (younger brother), Judy (younger sister), Marcus (father), Karen (mother)

Description: Jen sticks to blue jeans and t-shirts most of the year for her casual outfits, when she's in the lab she usually wears a black pantsuit with a light colored blouse and pumps. She lets her hair hang straight to about shoulder length but when she's in the lab it usually gets tied up in a bun.

Her heroic outfit is a silver and blue costume with a web motif across it.

Age: 20 (DoB: January 1st, 1992)

Apparent Age: 20

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Black

Height: 5'9â€

Weight: 160lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Black

Power Descriptions:

Her gravity altering powers don't give off any visible sign (lights, sounds, etc) when she uses them.


Not much is known about Jennifer's life before the Terminus invasion in 1993. She was found abandoned under a massive pile of rubble in the middle of a street in downtown Freedom. She was entered into the system as 'Doe, Jane' and remained there for several weeks before being adopted by Marcus and Karen.

Her parents own a powerful and successful company, Owens Enterprises, having contracts with dozens of other companies, law enforcement, government, the military, and more researching everything from medicine to weapons to gravitons and their applications.

From a young age Jennifer showed an interest in science and technology. Growing up she routinely won her school's science fairs, as a child she built a robotic cat out of old VCRs and a box of scraps from her dad's company. During the summer break, she'd accompany her father and sometimes her siblings on 'field trips'.

By the age of 16 her custom built motorcycle could hover off the ground and had a force field but was horribly fuel inefficient. At 18 she had a near doctorate education in multiple scientific fields. At 20 she was working in the labs at O.E.

During the Mutagenic outbreak in March 2012 one of the security guards, Steven Barrett, in her wing of the labs had downloaded an assortment of blueprints and stole a few prototypes from the vault. When she tried to stop him she was blasted by a weaponized graviton emitter into a shelf full of chemicals.

Personality & Motivation:

Jennifer is normally a friendly soul, lots of smile and jokes.

Her motivation for going out and fighting crime is based on a mixture of guilt over her failure to keep Steven from making off with a bunch of her family's tech and her having taken the Engineer's Oath to heart.

Powers & Tactics:

Silver relies heavily on her web launchers as her gravity altering abilities generally aren't very useful in direct conflict. She also relies on her enhanced speed and agility to quickly find an opening to exploit with her enhanced strength or webs.

Aside from her metahuman abilities, Jenni is a genius and skilled in my scientific fields. With access to the right tools and materials, she can likely whip up an invention to aid in nearly any situation.


Enemy: Some of the border patrols around New Freedom were not happy with her and her father's team taking a spacecraft that had crashed close to (but not within) their territory. The leadership might send mercs to take out their frustrations.

Fame: Jennifer Owens is fairly famous, being the oldest child of billionaire, genius, adventurer, philanthropists. It can make her civilian identity a target for kidnappers among other things.

Secret: Identity.

Abilities: 10 + 10 + 10 + 14 + 2 + 4 = 48PP

Strength: 20 (+5)

Dexterity: 20 (+5)

Constitution: 20 (+5)

Intelligence: 24 (+7)

Wisdom: 12 (+1)

Charisma: 12 (+1)

Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP

Initiative: +9

Attack: +4 Base, +5 Melee, +8 Web-array, +11 Unarmed

Grapple: +10

Defense: +8 (+4 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -4

Saving Throws: 0 + 1 + 4 = 5PP

Toughness: +8 (+5 Con, +3 [Costume])

Fortitude: +5 (+5 Con, +0)

Reflex: +6 (+5 Dex, +1)

Will: +5 (+1 Wis, +4)

Skills: 36R = 9PP

Acrobatics 5 (+10)

Bluff 8 (+9)

Computers 2 (+9)

Craft (Chemical) 2 (+9)

Craft (Electrical) 2 (+9)

Craft (Mechanical) 2 (+9)

Diplomacy 2 (+3)

Disable Device 2 (+9)

Knowledge (Earth Sciences) 2 (+9)

Knowledge (History) 2 (+9)

Knowledge (Life Sciences) 2 (+9)

Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 2 (+9)

Knowledge (Technology) 2 (+9)

Medicine 1 (+2)

Notice 3 (+4)

Survival 3 (+4)

Feats: 19PP

Acrobatic Bluff 2

Attack Specialization: Web-array 2

Attack Specialization: Unarmed 3

Benefit (Wealthy)

Dodge Focus 4



Improved Initiative

Improvised Tools


Melee Focus

Move-By Action

Costume (Enhanced Feat: Quick Change, Protection 3, Commlink)[4EP]

Binoculars [1EP]

Smartphone [0EP]

Powers: 2 + 1 + 6 + 1 + 16 = 26PP

Leaping 2 (x5) [2 pp]

Speed 1 (10 MPH) [1 pp]

Super-Movement 3 (Slow Fall, Wall-Crawling 2) [6 pp]

Super-Senses 1 (Danger Sense (mental)) [1 pp]

Device 4 (Web Shooters, 20pp of traits, Hard to Lose) [16PP] (all powers chemical)

Synthetic Webbing 8 (16pp of traits, Power Feats: Alternate Power 2) [18PP]

BP: Snare 8 (Web cocoon)[16PP]

AP: Trip 8 (Power Feats: Improved Trip) (Web line) [16PP]

AP: Dazzle 8 (Webbing in the Eyes, visual) [16PP]

Super-movement 1 (swinging) [2PP]

Drawbacks: (-3) = -3PP

Nightmares (Repressed memories of Terminus Invasion,(Chance of restlessness with every sleep, check of DC 10 causes sleep deprivation, after sleep deprivation is fatigued until restful sleep); -3) ) [-3PP]

DC Block

ATTACK      RANGE     SAVE                        EFFECT

Unarmed     Touch     DC20 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical)

Snare       Ranged    DC18 Reflex (Staged)        Entangle/Bound

Dazzle	    Ranged    DC18 Reflex (staged)        Blinds

Totals: Abilities (48) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (5) + Skills (9) + Feats (19) + Powers (26) - Drawbacks (3) = 120/120 Power Points

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I'm fairly certain that Quick Change 2 as Equipment will not fly. That's any outfit you can imagine as a free action; even Quick Change 1 as Equipment is probably pushing it.

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I'm fairly certain that Quick Change 2 as Equipment will not fly. That's any outfit you can imagine as a free action; even Quick Change 1 as Equipment is probably pushing it.

I concur.

Equipment should be something that is at least plausible in RL. This does not include Quick Change!

On the flip side, minor equipment like comm links are fine to have free.

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I've had that previously in other games as part of an equipment bought costume so I figured it might be cool here. That and the Atoms (who are explicitly stated as having this capability) don't have any expense noted in their blocks.

But, it isn't worth arguing over, it's a minor thing and hardly critically. When I'm home, I'll edit it into something else.

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Okay, edits made. The costume now only has QC 1. I also boosted it's protection, removed Defensive Roll from the main Feats and replaced it with Improvised Tools. Also gave her binocs and a smartphone.

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