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Diamonds are so clever (OOC)

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OOC for this thread.

King of Suits and Sidestep get embroiled in a Diamond caper!

This thread is primarily for above characters. I could accomodate one more (at a push two), with permission from Miss Rabbit (approach her) and if appropriate, although the thread is designed for them :D

Ari> I am thinking the best hook into this for KoS is investigating the DIamonds, but please pm me, and feel free to make appropriate Streetwise, Gather Information, etc rolls if he is looking into it over the past few days.

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Tagged with sleuthing.

Gather Information: 30!

Investigate(If allowable): 26.

Knowledge(Streetwise): 30.

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Well investigate is for analysis of clues, so we shall leave that off (for now).

I wont separate the Knowledge and Gather Information checks, as basically with 30 you can pretty much get what you need. And that is without taking 20 (which he would have time to do) pushing you up to the 35 Bracket - which basically gets you pretty much whatever in my book.

It is at it says in the introduction. Rich folk - not necessarily super rich, but anyone rich enough to wear diamond jewelry, are getting ripped off.

A few homeless people have been given the jewelry, sans diamonds. Again, it just appears in their begging cups or whatever, most mysterious. One of KoS's vagrant contacts even got this gift! he swore he heard some footsteps but nobody there...

After a lot of investigation, Marceau finds a common demoninator. All went to the show in the Theatre District "The Light Mysterious!" featuring the stage magician "Diamondlight!"

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NO worries, when you are ready Miss Rabbit. I believe Arichamus has set up his character spotting yours...

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