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Starlight's were meant to fly (OOC)

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OOC for this.

Right the first few bit and pieces you need to know.

Considering the time you've had the Ansible you've had enough time to do some research. The device isn't Grue or Lor or any of the major interstellar species, it's a large dome like structure about the size of a laptop with black glass like finish and the obligatory flashing lights. The device is pared to a similar device via Quantum entanglement which means it can't be hacked without breaking the link with it's fellow.

The ship is hidden by a Perception filter and you'll only be able to see it once you're in the room with the Ansible.

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TK, calling on your GM judgement here: Synth has Morph 2 (Humanoids), but as her power is really based on growing human tissue, it may be not possible for her to mimic the flesh of some alien humanoids (something that is so rare its not really worth a drawback), granted she can change colour, but the tissue itself might be alien.

So, depending on your judgement about what the aliens look like:

1. Synth can morph, as the aliens are sufficiently human like.

2. She can't, because, whilst humanoids, Synth cant grow their tissue (a complication).

3. They aren't humanoids in the first place, so Synth can't mimic them (just the way it is!).

Ill post according to your judgement.

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I'm going with a) as they're basically human in appearance except for the extra arms. But as you're going from a small glowey hologram there might be details you get slightly wrong, you'll have to actually use that Disguise skill :D.

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In Which case Synth will make a suprise attack, shifting damage -2/+2. I guess that will be a flat footed alien and +2 for the surprise round.

1d20+8=12, plus 2 I guess for surprise. If it has Uncanny dodge, as per AAs build, it will miss, if not, its a hit with DC 27.

In any case, you may need an Initiative Roll after Surprise Round: 1d20+10=12 oh lordy.... not good rolls.

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