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Avenger Assembled

Double Date of Doom (OOC)

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OK, folks, give me some social investigation checks!

Interaction skills, Gather Info, Notice, Investigate, Search, and various socially-based Knowledges are all appropriate.

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Notice: Skill Mastered 25

Sense Motive: 30

Erin will forgo the use of Intimidate, her only social skill, for the moment. But she's got it in reserve!

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Interaction Skills:

The mood of the party is upbeat as the heroes circulate through the crowd, the attention the Socotrans in the crowd are paying to the princess and her very handsome date enough to let Trevor and Erin mingle unmolested. There's a lot of talk floating around about Prince Morakot's mysterious fiancee, evidently the embassy staff and guests are as in the dark as everyone else is about who it is the prince is going to announce is his bride to be that night. The Socotran Consul, Ahmed al-Khalif, is like most Socotran diplomats a loyal, unimaginative agent of his king: he's here in a Western suit and tie, alternating between coffee and champagne while socializing with the others.

Knowledge checks:

There are some super-criminals in the crowd Trevor recognizes, some who've served their time, some who the government hasn't quite gotten around to investigating yet, some who haven't technically broken any laws: is that Meaghan's father and mother? Why yes, yes it is. Saturnalia Roman, of all people, is there with a pretty piece of man-candy on her arm, talking to Jonathan Grant. It's not too surprising to see this many corrupt businessmen and arms-dealing types at a Socotran party; the island nation is a major center for corrupt practices, for all that Typhoon is careful that nothing illegal be traced back to the nation itself.

There's at least one famous person there Trevor recognizes from a field other than his own; Cal McKenzie is a record producer from New York City, particularly influential in international music and teen pop. Cal has worked with acts from Freedom City, though, he's actually Daisy Gibbons' manager.


Trevor does overhear a conversation about the prince and his wife-to-be between two embassy waiters near the buffet table, the younger of the two, a youngish Socotran man in his early twenties, is talking in a low whisper about how he hopes he'll be able to get an American woman that young and beautiful when he's the prince's age! His colleague, an older and more experienced man, hushes the younger waiter with a meaningful glance around at both the furnishings and the crowd, but does nod and makes an hourglass gesture in the air with his hands, winking, before urging the younger man to get back to work.


The room is bugged, of course, there are security cameras in the ceiling and walls that are put just out of the eyeshot of people who don't know where to look. It's tough to tell how powerful they are, but given Typhoon's wealth and access to super-technology it's probably the best. Those big muscular guys in suits and ties watching the crowd are certainly bodyguards; it looks like the Consulate has both local and Socotran muscle on scene.

Meaghan is definitely there, flirting with a tall, handsome young man about their age with dusky features and dark eyes, a Socotran by the look of him. When asked, Nina hasn't seen him before, but then she always has trouble keeping track of the little people. When the man passes Trevor and Erin on the way to get his date more punch, the heroes distinctly notice something odd about him: as he meets Trevor's eyes, just for a second, he blinks his eyes...and then closes his inner eyelids. He has nictitating membranes.

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Knowledge (History):

Both of you: The Black Ring of Set was taken from the titular god in what Typhoon has presented to the West as a mighty conflict between himself and the god of all darkness. (Western heroes remember a wounded Set being backstabbed and left for dead by a younger Typhoon during a failed attempt to seize the Aswan Dam back in the 1960s). It has great power:

With it, the wielder can blast foes, summon all manner of creatures and demons, commune with gods, concentrate & project serpentine venom, and see mystical energies before him.

Because Wander got a natural 20, she also remembers that the ring is a powerful tool for shapeshifters like Set and other serpentine creatures, allowing them to magnify their own shapeshifting abilities a hundred fold.


(The DC is high here because of the distance)

Trevor notices, just as she sits down, that the bride-to-be's eyes flick open and shut with nicitating membranes just like Meaghan's buddy over there. Did I mention Meaghan and that guy are sitting right across from Erin and Trevor? (Because they are.)

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Okay, lots of NPCs here:

The six serpent mutates have the following stats: http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=4109&p=118967&hilit=snake#p118967


A: 19 (Meaghan)

B: 18

C: 14

D: 14

E: 10

F: 6

Ahmed who has the following stats: 11:

(Before doing so, he makes a Stealth check and gets 19. Welp, once he goes, everyone will be able to see him doing something unsavory)

Edge goes on


Nina goes on

13 as well! (I'll say Edge goes first; down an HP)

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Erin is going to attack Meaghan first, of course. She's only human(ish). With her quick draw, she pulls the bat from her pretty beaded purse as a free action. Acrobatic bluff for the move action, skill mastered at DC 27. Standard action is a charging power attack. All told, that makes her -2 to defense, -3 to Attack, and +5 to damage.

Terrible roll! Spending an HP.

Another terrible roll! Hopefully an 18 will hit flat-footed Snake Meaghan. If it does, that's a DC 30 toughness save.

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Meaghan goes, attacking Wander. (There's a typo in the roll, since Wander's Defense is actually 18, not 20)


That hits Wander. DC 23 Tou save for Wander.

Midnight is up.

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Midnight II

Move Action: Hide in Plain Sight.

Free Action: Arrange Gadgets.

Stun 9 (Extras: Area [General, Burst], Flaws: Limited [Targets with Tremorsense], Power Feats: Progression [Area] 1, Subtle) [20PP] (disruptive vibrations)
Standard Action: Stun.

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Snake 4:

Move Action: Heads for the royal family

Attacks Nina with Drain All Ability Scores bite

that hits

Mark interposes, and it misses him.


Full-Round Action: INSPIRE -1 HP

Surge -1 HP

Standard Action: Clear the room


+5 Power Attacks Snake 4

http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3542952/ = 14

DC 30 Tou save for Snake 4

Save vs 30

http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3542953/ = 19

Since these guys are minions, that snake is out, peaaace!

Snake 6

Move Action: Heads for Nina as well!

Attacks Nina with Drain All Ability Scores bite

http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3542954/ = 23

That just hits

Nina has a Fort save vs. DC 18, but Edge uses his Affects Others Ultimate Fortitude: she's fine, though he's down yet another HP.

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Ahmed takes a full-round action to aim; both Wander and Midnight see him.

New Round

Wander is up; only snake monsters 1-6 are left of the original.

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