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Gathering Like Clouds (OOC)

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When: 14 April 2012

Where: Martel Estate (Windrush), North Bay, Freedom City

Who: Both YF 1.5 and YF 2.0 have been floated invites, so who attends is up to

the players of the cross team PCs. Etain was, of course, invited.

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Thanks to her magical super-senses, Etain detects something, maybe a group of somethings, hovering around the heads of the three Wyldriders (and not around Max) It's not a kind of magic, she's immediately familiar with (which is odd, given how very very good she is at magical blood-hounding) but it seems to be having some kind of effect on their minds.

It looks a little like this.

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Also, taking ten on Notice, that's 25, and rolling arcane lore on parasprite thing, 30.

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Right, force field, well, can I stunt a nullify for the force field that would make a hole for one round, but still keep them regularly concealed (basically making them bypass the force field by making them so concealed it doesn't realize it needs to block them out?)

Pay an HP for the alternate power it'd look like this.

Alternate Power: Concealment 10 (All Senses, Extras: Area [Cylinder], Affects Others, Linked, Flaws: Phantasm, Feats: Close Range, Progression [save DC] 2 [DC22], Progression 3 [50 Foot Radius], Selective) + Nullify 9 (Forcefields Extras: Area [Cylinder], Flaws: Touch Range, Feats: Subtle) [46PP]

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You don't have to roll, Roo; the minute Changeling uses her powers against the force field, it shuts down. Her Notice and Arcane Lore are high enough for this to make her suspicious; this was less like bringing down someone's spell and more like they flipped the switch off at her approach.

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AA, if the sprites are magical creatures, can Custos destroy them (and not hurt the mind controlled) to lift the mind control with his spirit roar since it can only hurt magical creatures?

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Extra Effort: Add AP to Psionics 11: Nullify Mind Control 11 (Range 110 ft., DC21, Extras: Area [burst, General, 55 ft. Radius]) [22PP]

Then going to drop that in the middle of the Overriders and hope for the best.

(I almost regret this build of Sage over the old one and the lack of beefier array to stunt off of.)

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Edge spends an HP and seizes initiative; he'll go first in the regular round. But first!

Surprise round time.

I'm just going to go ahead and fiat that everyone is taken by surprise this round; everyone take an HP for your trouble! That'll give our ladies a chance to go. People with Uncanny Dodge are not, however, flat-footed!

All the original members of YF get an HP here for the Terminus.

Initiative for Madrigal and her Hounds:

Discordia: 17

Hellstorm: 15

Nightmare Doom: 14

Omnibeast: 11

Razorwhip: 11

Madrigal: 10

Blood Diamond: 9

They're a veteran team; they wait to go until their leader has inspired them. (So Madrigal moves up to the top, and they all take 10 beneath her as their new place in the initiative order, yowsa.)


Full Action: Inspire +3 (everyone take an HP for this)

She then surges and shoots the Night Cycle.

Normally deempowering equipment isn't worth an HP, but since Redbird's powers are sunk in there, I'll go ahead and call this a Fiat:

Have an HP, Giz. (total of +2)


Move Action: Acrobatic Bluff Edge (I'll replace her Luck feat with Skill Mastery and Fast Bluff)

Mark can't beat a 20 with a 3

She'll blast him with her proton stream

A flat-footed Mark's Defense is 16, and his Tou is +5. Hmm.


Well, that's lucky! Too lucky. I'll fiat and have that hit

Mark spends an HP on Ultimate Toughness vs DC 30. He's bruised and dazed, but surprisingly OK.

There is also a snare in the mix. Mark is, for the moment, bound and helpless


+5 All-Out Attack's Sage with her Flying Fists


That hits by quite a bit. DC 27 Tou save (with Autofire)

Move Action:

Flies 5000 ft in the air

Nightmare Doom:

With Mark bound and helpless, Nightmare Doom turns her attention to Midnight with her Move Object. Grapple 34


Standard: uses her gaze of Despair on Wander

DC 20 Will save vs. Despair

What does Despair do?

The subject is shaken, suffering a –2 on attack rolls, saving

throws, and checks. Failure by 10 or more means the target is overcome with hopelessness, helpless and unable to take any actions.


Standard: punches Wander

I had to fiat this thanks to a bad roll, so take another HP, Wander.


Almost a crit! But not quite: that's a DC 30 Tou save for Wander, to be made after the Despair save.

Razorwhip and Omnibeast both move into melee range with Wander using their Move Action.

Blood Diamond:

uses her opalescence attack vs. Cobalt Templar

That's a DC 20 Reflex save vs. being blinded this round (as per Dazzle rules) and a DC 20 Will save vs. falling in love with Blood Diamond.

Lot of fiating here, but it is supposed to be a dangerous situation! Go ahead and make your rolls first; Wraith, Custos, and Changeling have no attacks directed against them this round. Next round, we'll all be acting normally.

That's +3 HP for Midnight, +3 for Wander (given her reduced power level complication, which is about to be broadcast to the whole freaking Terminus), +2 for Cobalt Templar, and +2 for Sage.

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