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Lord of the Manor (OOC)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Doc detects:

From inside the crack/cavern, a great source of heat associated with a large object coming at them. Coming at them slowly, but with certain intent!

With analytical on his radio, he gets the following result.

Like so

(Needless to say, as far as he is sure there was no dragon beneath this castle!)

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Was going to PM you, but realized it'd be better to ask things here.

First off: ... it's a red x?

A hologram? (Is it Sharl up to his old tricks?) If it is some sort of projection, does the Tracking on Dok's Screwdriver's radio senses indicate from where it's being projected?

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Hm, must be a funny link: it's your fairly typical-looking red dragon. And no, it is a very real creature.

...but (assuming Dok lifts himself up and peers in with his sensor down the hole where Fafnir here emerged, the thick walls of which provide partial Radio concealment), he will find lingering traces of a recent teleport. Which is something Dok has the skill Mastery to recognize even without a roll.

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Nina: 18

Edge: 10

Dragon: who has these stats, since he's just a prelude 4

Nina al-Darsah (NPC): (18)

Dok A: 16 (5 HP, +1 Complication from his house, +1 from this being an enemy of his apparently?=7 HP)

Edge: 10 (8 HP, +1 Complication for his UNISON job, +1 from Nina being there=10 HP)

Dragon (NPC): 4

I'll say the dragon gets a surprise attack vs Edge:


Given Edge's to-hit, this fails.

Nina is up.

Move Action: Acrobatic Bluff -5 for Move 18 16 And the Dragon is flat-footed.

Standard Action: +5 Power Attack with her Blast. 12 This just barely hits, inflicting a DC 30 Tou save


A bruise! Dok is up, as soon as I post in-character.

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Alright, let's see here

Free Action: Shields up! I.e., pop up Enhanced FORT/Impervious Toughness/Shield.

Move Action: Reconfigure Gadget

Snare 16 (icy cocoon; Flaw: Action [Full Round]; Drawbacks: Reduced Range 2 [2 160-ft. increments]) {14} + Environmental Control 1 (heat 2 [extreme]; 5 ft.; Extras: Action 4 [Reaction {goes off when Snare is used}], Independent; Flaw: Range [Touch]) {5} {14+5=19/20}

with Dok's +8 on attack, this keeps him at PL 12

(I borrowed the idea from Shaen's Thermal Controller)

Reaction: Extra Effort to SURGE for another Move action, combining that with his Standard Action to get a

Full Action: Shooooot heeerrr!

Attack, with All-Out Attk (-2 Def, +2 Attk) & Power Attk (-2 Attk/+2 Dmg), vs. Defense 15; DC (10+16+2) 28 Reflex if it hits (1d20+8=16) woo-hoo!

7 HP, but will be Fatigued at the start of his action next round.

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  • 1 month later...

Bleah, how did this fall out of my brainpan? I blame the previous administration.

Go ahead and give me a Knowledge (Technology) check, Doc. (You actually have enough Skill Mastery to get the basics of what I'll say without a roll, but the better you do, the more you'll learn)

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Previous administration! :argh:

Dok's still got his Enhanced CHA up, and I've not explicitly said he's using his Screwdriver for Enhanced Knowledge (Technology), so rolling gets a... Knowledge (Technology) check (1d20+21=39)!

Oh, what the hey, I'll use Extra Effort to get a +2 bonus, bringing it to 41! :science:

Should be at 5 HP now (7 at the end of the fight with Fafnir, use 1 to nix the Fatigue from Extra Effort used in the fight, 1 for this recent Extra Effort).

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DC 41, okay.

This is a SHADOW facility constructed back in the late 1960s if Dok's knowledge of mid-20th century architectural stylings can be trusted, and it can! A Jet Age facility for a Jet Age world, faded chrome and colorful faux marble on the floors a callback to the classic days of the Patriot and Overshadow. Checking inside those fancy sliding metal doors, now rusted with sheer age, Dok can see mostly old-fashioned robots inside, the big boxy humanoid sort originally patented by Alexander Atom. There's no sign of the installations for human habitation Dok would expect from a human-populated facility; from the dust on the ground it doesn't look like many people have been here in the intervening years.

The lab is a cloning facility, sure enough; albeit one of the first generation of super-cloning projects. This is _not_ a place where a new creature or creatres was created; rather, it's one where lots more of an existing creature were made. It looks like a lot of the nearby equipment has burned out just from age; there are several shorts in the old computers along the walls and in the robots.

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