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Avenger Assembled

Demon In A Bottle (OOC)

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Right, um, since we haven't been asked to roll initiative yet, I'm going to switch his array to his Far-Hearing, The Tongues of Men & Angels, Ventriliquism power in his Sonic Control Array

Communication 6 (Auditory, 20 miles ["Anywhere In Freedom City"], Extras: Area, Linked [Comprehend, Super-Senses], Feats: Selective, Subtle) [14PP]

+ Comprehend 3 (Languages 3 [speak Any, All At Once, Understand All], Extras: Linked [Communication, Super-Senses]) [6PP]

+ Super-Senses 3 (Extended Hearing 4 [100,000ft / 20-mile Notice Increments], Extras: Linked [Communication, Comprehend], Flaws: Limited [speech], Feats: Selective) [4PP]

He's going to concentrate on picking up voices in the building, especially toward the back of the bar, basement, and any upper floors (basically areas he can't see right now).

If that's not kosher just let me know.

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Would the magic/energy Jack's sensing be noticeably related to hellfire, with which he has more than a passing familiarity?

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From the basement storage beneath the bar, you distinctly hear a deep, booming voice, albeit one somewhat muffled by the floor itself.

The voice seems to be speaking...Polish?


WOOSH! Jack just had a tingle before now, but whatever's going on downstairs just had a big old jet of hellfire involved.

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Harrier: 19

Hey, nice!


Well, dang.

Demon: 34

Harrier: 19

Gabriel: 12

Jack of all Blades: 11

The Lord of Broken Dreams is going to run over (using his Speed) and go for Harrier.

Attack vs DC 22: 33

Well, that ain't good: A crit!

DC 31 Tou save for Harrier


Dude, sweet!

Harrier goes ahead and engages this guy in melee.

Attack vs DC 22: 18

Eh, I'll take it. Gabriel is up soon as I post IC.

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Demons demons everywhere. And not a drop to drink! :o


Free Action: Gabriel is now in-costume, and has his spear out.

Free Action: Set Array to...Let's make it Paralyze. 8-)

Move Action: Get to spear range of the beastie.

Standard Action: Ranged Paralyze attack.

32 hits, and that's a crit!

If Paralyze can crit, that's a DC 27 Will Save. If it can't, it's DC 22 (looks like it's still 23 on my sheet's DC block, my bad).

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Save vs. Paralyze: 16

Well dang! KD, I'll go ahead and just say the demon is slowed rather than actually paralyzed. (Just so we can keep the fight going a bit)

Have an HP!

Giz is up.

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Jack of all Blades

Free Action: Quick Change

Free Action: Form electricity sword from lights

Move Action: Close to melee range

Standard Action: Energy Sword attack. (1d20+20=31)

That's a DC 16 save against Drain Toughness (it has Effects Objects) and a DC 21 Toughness save, just to test the waters.

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Giz, I realized I made an error with the demon's stats earlier. Have an HP!

The Lord of Broken Dreams is going to attack the guy he's in melee with who hasn't managed to hit him yet (figuring he's the weaker target, and not knowing an Omegadrone by sight).

+5 Power Attack vs DC 22:

17 And a missssss.

Harrier leaves himself open with an All-Out Attack.

That is a hit

Tou vs 27


Gabriel will be up when I post IC

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Right, sorry, forgot it was my turn.

I think I've got 7 Hero Points right now.

Standard Action: Melee Attack with the Spear.

30 should hit. That's a DC 27 Toughness Save against Lethal Damage. Descriptors are Blessed/Holy, Piercing, Silver, if it matters.

That's it for the moment.

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20, and with the demon's weaknesses vs. holy attacks, that'll destroy it.

Giz, even with the demon gone, Jack can still sense hellfire in the basement. It also occurs to him that they still haven't seen the older bartender who headed downstairs right when the ruckus started...

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Per his spear's ability, I'm cranking out Light Control to produce the equivalent of full daylight. It goes out to 25 feet, which should more than take care of the basement.

Then I'll go over to the bartender and check if he's breathing. I'll roll a Notice for just seeing what I can, uh, notice. 19 means "probably not much".

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How would you feel about Jack stunting Hellfire Control, AA? Something along the lines of:

Move Object 13 (Extras: Damaging, Flaws: Limited [Hellfire], Power Feats: Accurate 3) [29PP]

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