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Doktor, Banker, Breaker, Thief (OOC)

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Put a hero of :science: in a bank robbery, add an army of mooks and a Cockney thug who's built like a brick wall, mix well, and serve with light salad!

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Preliminary stuff: Archeville's a handsome and easily-recognizable man. He's also smart enough to realize this, to know being mobbed by paparazzi is not conductive to getting personal business done, and knows how to do disguises. (His home has, among other things, really good make up and costuming supplies, as represented by the +6 to Disguise skill it can grant.)

So, Take 10 on a Disguise check + his Cha mod of +6 (unless otherwise stated, Dok always has his Mind set to Enhanced CHA) + 5 (Beginner's Luck to gain 5 ranks) + 6 from HQ = 27, -2 for different race (swarthy Russian), -2 for different age (swarthy middle-aged Russian) = 23, enough that his disguise isn't seen through by any Bystanders.

(Heck, I could take another -2 for different sex, be a swarthy middle aged Russian babushka and still have a 21, but that's a bit silly.)

Papers? Papers?! He's got yer papers right here! And with a (Take 10 + 15 Int [he'd be using his full INT when he made them] = ) 25 on the (unspecified) Craft check to forge (well, re-forge) the required identifications, the ones he'd used in opening the account, they should pass inspection.

So say hello to Harvey Krolik, humble spice merchant from Russia!

Starting HPs: 5 (1, + 5 from Luck 5, - 1 for Beginner's Luck)

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Alright, let's try something novel: utter despair.

Extra Effort for a new stunt on Dok's Enhanced Mind (16 points):

    Drain Will 2 (Extras: Alt Save [Will], Linked [Emotion Control], Range 2 [Perception]; Flaws: Action [Full], Sense-Dependent [Auditory]) {2} + Emotion Control 12 (Extra: Area [Perception, General], Linked [Drain Will]; Flaws: Action [Full], One Emotion [Despair]; PFs: Insidious, Subtle) {14} {2+14=16/16}
    Descriptor: Telling a tale of utter woe, using his vast knowledge of human psychology and quick reaction times, and noting of the listener's microexpressions to gauge reactions, to tailor it to have maximum stunning effect. He's focusing slightly more on Crowbar, hence theLinked Drain Will effect, targeting him.

Those within 60 feet (that Archeville can accurately perceive), who can hear "the old Russian's" tale, must make a DC 22 Will save, or be shaken (-2 attack, defenses, checks); those who fail by 10 or more are so affected they can do nothing (i.e., are helpless and can take no actions).

In addition, Crowbar must first make a DC 12 Will save vs. the Drain Will 2 effect.

Anyone observing the area (either from within or without), gets a Notice check, DC 20 (which they automatically pass if they have some super-sense that would detect mental/social manipulation), to notice that there is something more than just an old man telling a story going on here.

Remember the save rules for Minions: if they fail, they take the worst result (so even if they fail by 1, they're treated as if they failed by 10+).

Since he's lost his Enhanced Charisma, you could rule that he no longer gets its bonus to his Disguise check, so now it's easier to see through his disguise -- so now it's a DC 18 Notice check to see through his Disguise.

5 HP, will be Fatigued at start of next round.

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These thugs are using the base Thug archetype from the core book, so...yeah. No will to speak of! They promptly start blubbering. Penny, too!

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Dok takes the Fatigue, still has 5 HP.

He's also switching back to Enhanced CHA, in case he has to bluff/diplomacize past folks.

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Gather Info/Knowledge check to know who mohawk guy is?

Are the 15 thugs the same type of Minion-y base Thugs from the Core book?

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Yuuuup. Thuggy-type Thugs with thuggish tendencies. Except efficient.

And sure, go right ahead - Gather Info/Knowledge (Streetwise) check. And can I also get a Bluff check for Dok's performance, there? Breaker's going to try and counter it with Sense Motive. :mrgreen:

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Thugs can't beat that in a million years, so pass on them. Breaker, though?

Sense Motive check, DC 26! (1d20+10=27) - no foolin' Da Boss.

As for the Gather Information, I posted this in IC but for convinience I'll repeat it here -

(12:35:58) Quinn: Anyway - yeah, Dok's heard of Breaker as a small-time superpowered gang boss. Three major facts beside that - 1) his last few jobs with his krew he's got his butt kicked thoroughly. 2) he loves fighting. Especially heroes. 3) despite his best efforts, he's also got a rep of fair play. Every time he's been beaten down, he's gone quietly, and he always fights fair.

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Does the Gather Info or Knowledge check tell Dok

* Breaker's alias/real name

* His powers/origin (does he have a char sheet somewhere? I don't see one in the NPC bank; is he based on one of the Char Bank Oddballs?)

* Anything potentially secret/embarrassing (ex.: time he claims spent in jail vs. time actually spent in jail)

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I've been meaning to make an NPC sheet for him, but he's sort of occupying a limbo between "do I want him to be an NPC, or am I pondering a Heel Face Turn for this guy?".

I will say his real name is...hummm...Markus Flint. He's based off of Ecal's Street-Level Powerhouse and is noted for the fact that he can bench a car or three. And that he's oddly charismatic. Making a more detailed biography off the top of my head... (and all Dok's heard about him, given his exploits) - he was a thug who used to work in London dockside, in and out of jail a few times. He eventually fell off the grid for a while, then reappeared as head of a gang in Freedom City - the Iron Hands. He doesn't make it a secret what is name is or where he came from - he's rather proud of it. Small-time to big-time, almost.

No real secrets or embarassing factoids, beyond the fact that the last hero who took him down was Crimson Tiger - a martial artist heroine who was considerably smaller than he was. And she bested him in one hit.

The char's sort of developing on it's own. Weird.

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Fatigued, 4 HP.

Moar stunting!

Strike 6 (series of unfortunate events; Extras: Area [30-ft. Burst radius, Targeted], Selective Attack; Flaws: Action [Full], Unreliable [50/50 chance]; PFs: Indirect 3, Progression [Area] 3 [300-ft. Burst], Variable Descriptor) {13/16}

Free Action: HP to recover to clear Fatigue.

Free Action: HP to gain a new feat, the Alternate Power feat, so I can make the above stunt (off his Enhanced Brain)

Move Action: Switch Enhanced Brain Array from Enhanced CHA to the above new stunt

Reaction: Extra Effort to SURGE; will be Fatigued at beginning of next round

Full Action: Use new stunt.

Unreliable check (1-10 = fail, 11-20 = success) (1d20=11)

Power Attack 'maneuver' for -2 Attack/+2 Damage = +6 to hit (16 when Taking 10 since their Minions), Damage +8 (DC 23), which none of the standard Thugs with their +2 Toughness can make.

2 HP, will be Fatigued at start of next action

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All the HP!

(Yuuup, go right ahead and take another. I like being generous with them! ^_^)

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4 HP, and Fatigued.

Free Action: HP to recover, to clear Fatigue.

Free Action: Draw Electromagnetic Screwdriver from pocket

Move Action: Reconfigure Gadgets

Blast 16 (EM Spectrum Blaster; Flaw: Unreliable [50/50 chance]; PF: Variable Descriptor [any electromagnetic]; Drawbacks: Reduced Range 2 [2 160-ft. increments]) {15}

Enhanced Feats 2 (Quick Change 2) {2}

15+2 = 17/20

Free Action: Un-Disguise self

Standard Action: Blast

Unreliable check (1-10 = fail, 11-20 = success) (1d20=15)

Ranged attack roll, Defense 20 (13 if flat-footed) (1d20+8=28) :shock:

So that's a DC (15+16+5) 36 Toughness save for him...

(Obligatory YouTube clip)

3 HP now.

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Startle = use Intimidate to Feint = next attack you take on opponent is considered a surprise attack

Surprise attack = target is flat-footed, target does not get to act ( = can take no actions?)

Readied Action = do something as a Reaction in response to some action

So I don't think the Startle would prevent Dok from using his Readied Action.

Whether it goes off in reaction to the Startle attempt would depend on if "using Startle" could be accepted as "is attacking" for purposes of a Readied action set to go off if they attack. I'd vote 'yes,' but I'm probably biased, so I suggest getting a second opinion from another RedName.

But if the startle doesn't set it off, the follow-up attack would definitely set it off. So it's either

Dok Attacks (reaction set off by Breaker's Startle)

    Breaker Startles (if able)
      Breaker Attacks (if able)


Breaker Startles
    Dok (possibly Startled) Attacks (reaction set off by Breaker's attack)
      Breaker Attacks the possibly-Startled Dok

In either case: Sense Motive (DC 22) (1d20+9=26) Dok's not startled (and still has 3 HP).

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Okay, got the word from Giz:

(14:59:11) Gizmo: Neither Startle nor Feint give you a 'surprise round', they just deny the target their dodge bonus.

(15:00:06) Gizmo: If a character has readied an action, then they're by definition not caught by surprise when combat starts and there is not surprise round.

(15:00:49) Quinn: Gotcha. So Dok's blast'll hit Breaker inna face then.

So there's no surprise round, and Dok'll let rip with the Screwdriver before Breaker gets all up in his grill. Fire at will, Dok!

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DC 31 Toughness save (1d20+9=29) 2nd Bruise! But he's still on his feet, and he's spoilin' for a beatin'. He leaps out of the smoke and goes for a grapple - one hand on Dok's screwdriver wrist, and the other on Dok's manly yet approachable facial features.

All-Out Attack Roll! Go for Grapple! (+5 Attack, -5 Defense) (1d20+15=35) Oofa.

Okay, checked in with AA, that's a +5 to the DC, so...

Grapple...check? (1d20+29=44)

...I wanted you to sweat for this win, but this is ridiculous. Dok's up.

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... hunh.

What's the rule for teleporting out of a Grapple? (I know at least one RedName here's figured that out/provided a link to a discussion on it at the Atomic Think Tank.) Concentration check?

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It's not in the House Rules, but it makes sense. I'll make a call here, if that's okay - Concentration check, DC...20. (I'd make it 24, Breaker's base Grapple, but it's a surprising maneuver, and B's a bit rattled from two Screwdriver shots to the dome. Not to mention Dok has one hand 'free'.)

That, and it'd look really cool. Go for it!

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