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Name: Logan

Hero: Trickmaster

Power Level 10

No Trade-offs

Unspent Power Points: 0

Progress to Bronze (0/30)

In Brief: The Mental Master of the Deltonium.

Alt. ID: Trent Merlin

Secret ID

Birthplace: Element City

Occupation: currently searching

Affiliations: Circus Bang

Family: Mother and Uncle

Age 20 (DoB 10/25/1992)

Apparent Age: Early Twenties

Gender: male

Ethnicity: Norwegian Caucasian

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 180 lb

Eyes: Light Green

Hair: Dark Brown

Trent has a look of confidence on his face. His hair is short and spikey. He usually wears his navy blue turtleneck, cargo pants, and Magicians coat and hat when in public.

Trent's powers have an unusually green hue when used. His powers include becoming invisible, Walking on air, enhanced senses, and (his trademark) his deck of cards that can protect him and blast enemies.

Trent was an only child who's father had died as a police man. In his father's place, Trent was raised with the help of his Uncle Gerald, his father's brother. Gerald was a retired Party Magician. He taught Trent all of his tricks, especially his card tricks. While im high school, Trent was highly admired for the tricks he learned. As Trent's senior year of high school came to a close, he was on a field trip to Blaze Labs, Element City's renouned laboratory. During the field trip, Trent noticed a couple of masked men stealing some chemicals. Trent tackled one, only to fall with that crook into a vat of a recently discovered chemical dubbed "Deltonium" (the atom is in the shape of the greek letter Delta). Trent and the thief were immediately treated at the hospital, only to be releases the next day with better health than before. When Trent practiced his tricks at school the next day, his cards moved with a strange, green aura around each one. Eventually, he learned he had more powers that met the eye. After high school, he decided to attend Freedom City's college and "practice his tricks" there. From then on, Trent Merlin became the Trickmaster.

Trent usually wishes to make peace with others, but stop those who commit crimes. Trent is a nice person, but strict in some of his opinions. Everyday, one would see Trent shuffling his cards, even when speaking.

As stated earlier, Trent can conceal himself with his powers and walk on air. Before entering combat, he would become concealed and blast enemies with his enhanced cards. When in melee, he would resort to using his enhanced attacks.


1) Enemy: before leaving for college, Trent encountered the thief he tackled into the Deltonium. This man called himself "Dr. Clone" for he was a Duplicator and a Mad Scientist.

2) Fame: Trickmaster is Element City's #1 hero! And he is known in Freedom City by the Media.

3) Secret Identity (self explainitory)

POWER POINTS: 40 + 40 + 11 + 10 + 5 + 44 - 0 = 150


STR 10, DEX 20, CON 10, INT 10, WIS 30, CHA 20


Attack +10, Grapple +10, Defense +10,

+20 card shield, Initiative +5


Toughness +3

Fortitude +3

Reflex +8

Will +12


Acrobatics 3 (+8), Bluff 3 (+8), Diplomacy 3 (+8),

Disguise 3 (+8), Escape Artist 3 (+8),

Gather Information 3 (+8), Notice 4 (+14),

Perform [Card Tricks] 4 (+14), Search 4 (+4),

Sense Motive 3 (+13), Sleight of Hand 3 (+8),

Stealth 4 (+9)


Elusive Target, Evasion 2, Uncanny Dodge (Visual), Zen Strike


1) Blast (cards) 10




-Improved Range 2 (100ft)

2) Concealment 5

-Close Range


3) Quickness 3 (x10 tasks)

-Physical tasks only

4) Shield 10 (cards)

-action: reaction

-Sense Dependent: visual


5) Super Movement 3

-Air Walking 2

-Slow Fall

6) Super Senses 6

-Radius 5 (all senses)

-Ultra Hearing

No Drawbacks

Damage DC:

Unarmed DC 15

Zen Unarmed DC 25

Blast DC 25

[Any Problems I need to fix?]

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It needs to be in proper format, first off. Check any of the accepted sheets to see how it should look.

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Repeating some things I said in Chat:

Please don't create new cities or other setting elements. At least not until you've played here for a while and get a feel for the place.

Caps: Build up at least your Defense/Toughness to caps (i.e., so that Defense + Toughness = 2 x PL). Otherwise, you'll get KO'd early on in fights and not be able to contribute! (As he is now, with Defense +10 and Toughness +3, he works out to about PL 7 [6.5, if you want to be exact].) Getting Attack/Damage up to caps is also advised.

Feats: We don't allow the Zen Strike feat from Mecha & Manga. The only feats we do allow from that book are listed in the House Rules thread.

Shield: Action is not a valid Extra for Shield, and Distracting and Sense-Dependent and not valid Flaws for it.

Super-Senses: All senses except Visual and Mental are Radius by default, so adding Radius to all Visual senses would just take 2 ranks.

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