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You Can't Take the Sky from Me [OOC]


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Ok, the two are your basic Gang Leader archetype (core rulebook page 227) with machine pistols (blast 4, autofire). They're also minions.

their Initiative

1d20+1 → [10,1] = (11)

there's enough ambiental noise that a few screams won't be heard at the warehouse where the Terminus deal is going down, but gunshots definitely will.

Between the darkness and a bit of fog, there's Partial Concealment for everybody (super-senses aside).

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Rose, could you remember to please post consistently in the third person past tense? You keep switching between present and past in your posts, sometimes within the same post.

Sorry about that. Old habit. In my brain, fiction is past-tense and roleplay is present tense, so when I write roleplay, it gets all wonky. I'll try to sort it out.

And... initiative.



Not sure what I was thinking with a Dex of 12, but there you go.

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The thugs resist with their own Intimidate

1d20+6 → [18,6] = (24)

1d20+6 → [17,6] = (23) you are a tiny little kitten is what you are.

their turn! they shoot the kitty tiger.

1d20+4 → [7,4] = (11)

1d20+4 → [18,4] = (22) YEY for being Defense-shifted. They both miss.

Stormbreaker is up.

27) Scholar - unharmed, tiger form, 2 HP

11) 2 Thugs (minions) - unharmed

4) Stormbreaker - unharmed, 1 HP

EDITED - corrected by the REF

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They can't possibly beat that 25, but you cannot Disarm them both since your power doesn't have the Area Extra.

To accomplish a double disarm, you could Stunt the Split Attack power feat or Surge for another action. Or you can leave one of them armed.

Also, remember to write in past tense, please.

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I'm quite aware. That's why I said she sent the blast to knock the gun out of one thug's hand. :P

sorry, that "just a couple of insects" threw me off balance.

With his strenght of +1, he can't beat that 25.

27) Scholar - unharmed, tiger form, 2 HP

11) 2 Thugs (minions) - unharmed, one disarmed

4) Stormbreaker - unharmed, 1 HP

Scholar, ahoy!

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the Thug can't possibly pass that. He's down.

The other Thug is running away with all-out movement, the shooting is just for flavour.

Stormbreaker, unless you pursue the fugitive, you can consider yourselves out of rounds scansion, act in whatever order you like.

the thug is not running towards the warehouse where the weapon deal is going down.

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Ref save

1d20+4 → [13,4] = (17) nope

he can pass DC 25 only with a 20

1d20+5 → [1,5] = (6) mmm, nice.

He's very much down.

You are out of round scansion, you can act as you wish.

Scholar knows where the warehouse is since she was scouting earlier, and Stomrbreaker can judge the distance with her Accurate Hearing. You are about 600 feet away from it; the whole district is full of old warehouses more or less occupied by goods; there's pretty much nobody around except for the criminals that sent these two goons.

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