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Catalyst Threads!


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Umm, yeah. Catalyst still needs help breaking out onto the hero scene. She has no real solid links yet, no recurring people to play with just yet, and no real personality as a character.

Some background, Jasmine works at a chemical lab which isn't high on major accidents because she herself was badly burned when she was first hired because of severe safety risks which she sued the company for then stayed on to help rewrite the safety protocol to prevent that. She's a lab assistant, meaning she's never working on her own projects, she may be found at Freedom University because her parents work there as language professors there. She also works on community projects when she can, clean ups, bake sales, that sort of thing, usually cooking. She's a foodie, so expos for food, or cookware, she'd be found at. Also, of course technology fairs being a science person with a heavy chemical specialization.

Area, she can be found anywhere, she drives around Freedom looking for places in trouble in her van. She works a lot with gang work, tracks and pretty much takes them appart. But she'll of course help wherever she sees it.

Anyway, I can't think of any threads I'd GM for her, I just get stuck with her. So any ideas, I'd love to hear, love to play.

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