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Nightmare at 200,000 feet (OOC)


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Hrm, bad news and good news.

Bad News, I think you'll need to edit the intro post: I don't think Duncan Summers (who I've said, owing to his status with the Freedom League and general Batman-ness, does know what really went down during the ArchEvil debacle) would allow him access to any of their students for any porlonged period of time on a confined area. And even if Summers didn't know, the only Claremont students Dok really knows are Push, Psyche, and Wander. The first two are retired, and the last one wouldn't trust Dok further than she could throw him the length of her bat.

Good News, I've thought of several ways Glow & Dok could be one the same plane: the plane's flight takes it to Australia, and by coincidence, the same day Glow (perhaps in civilian ID) is going home to Australia to visit family.

1] A computer error causes Glow to get put on the wrong plane.

    1.a] Is is a true computer glitch, or did someone/something cause it? If so, who and why?
    1.b] Maybe it wasn't a computer error, but an illusionist/telepath made the airline staff see an error, causing them to redirect Glow. Who/why?
      1.b.i] It was Scarab: she had a precognitive vision of the plane in distress (I'm assuming that's what's going to happen), saw Dok was on it, arranged for Glow to be on it to help him (to help inspire him/egg him on, or as a backup in case his self-confidence issues get in the way). (I would of course want Shaen's okay on this!)

2] Glow coincidentally resembles the daughter/niece/cousin of someone important on the plane, and a well-meaning stewardess or bodyguard redirects her onto the plane.

    2.a] Is the real daughter/niece/cousin on there already, or was she delayed and unable to get on the flight?

3] Glow misses her flight, but sees this other plane is headed to Australia, so she sneaks on board right before take-off.

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I'm happy with all of those options, Dok, with the possible exception of the Scarab as thats Shaens Character and I don't want to play it without him.

I think the choice rests with Glow, at the end of the day. Scuffles, do you have a preference or an alternative idea? post here and I will edit IC post accordingly.

All below options are workable in terms of what I had in mind, but some depending on Glow's personality.

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Cheers Dok and Glow, I am sorry I railroaded you both there. You have completely liberty now!

Dok - could I clarify which statistic is being enhanced in his INT/WIS/CHA array at present? I am presuming its CHA as he is a social type situation but let me know one way or the other (and let me know if you change).

Also, both feel free to use Reputation tables for each other!

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Indeed, unless otherwise stated he's got his Enhanced CHA up (for the "Dr. Fabio" effect ;) )

I don't see a Rep Chart for Glow! Though Dok probably wouldn't recognize her, since she's in her civvies.

... wow, I really need to update Dok's Reputation Chart. And the first/Index post for the Rep Char thread!

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Yeah I really should get to writing a rep table up. Kristin might be recognizable to someone who watches the news or happens to like youtube though. Her first use of powers was an accident and reasonably newsworthy.

I've gone with Kristin vaguely recognizing Dok but not really knowing who he is.

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Lemme try a straight INT check for Dok -- I doubt Kristin or Glow would ping on any of his science Knowledges -- for a Know (Current Events/Pop Culture) check.

Untrained Knowledge check (1d20+7=12) Hunh. Well, I'd think that'd hit the big points -- telekinetic Claremont student from Australia.

... cinema? Gym? How big is this thing? I've been picturing it as a small jet, not a Spruce Goose.

Or is it... bigger on the inside?

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Think James Bond Jets. a passenger capacity in the single figures.

Hajving said the gym cinema and jacuzzi is all sales pitch. That means a wall projector, an exercise bike image a cupboard, land a soaped up bath.

Yes its unrealistic luxury, but it's still au smallishs interior.

I throw this stuff in so there is more to play with!

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From some PMs:

DA: Any chance Dok might know (i.e., can I make some sort of Gather Info or Knowledge roll) who Hanson's Japanese assistant/bodyguard is? I had an idea for a cool line, but it wouldn't work if Dok can't show some unexpected knowledge! (If you'd rather it be a secret, I can certainly work around it.)

SC: I hadn't any particular plans for him other than a cool henchman. If you have something cool to say, I would just say it! in the unlikely event it essentially contradicts the set up, then we can always edit it!

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If Dok is going down the tube, it is intense cold (Fort Save DC 10 +1 pert previous check) every 10 minutes. Clothing gives bonuses / penalties but I think Doks clothes are normal - with the exception that he has limited immunity to cold.

So, as per UP, that means checks half as often i.e. every 20 minutes.

NB: This environment is going to spread to the whole craft soon, but for now, its just in the Service Tunnels.

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As you will be prepared for the second barrage of dumb bells, you may attempt to TK them and hold them. DC 15 to hit them and protect the ship from further damage. If you fail, DC 10 Reflex to Avoid being hit (for DC 20 Toughness).


The lurches in the tiny space are enough to cause sickness DC 10 Fort save or sickened (feel free to use appropriate terminology for that whether you pass or fail).

In addition could you make a notice roll DC 20?

If you make it, the electrical sparks are actually a booby trap! DC 20 to disable, will only take a round.

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I assume Glow also has time to raise her force field? That's a free action anyway.

Attack roll vs flying dumbbells: 1d20+8=14 (doh!)

Can I take the hit deliberately on the theory that a dumbbell that hits Glow doesn't damage anything else? Especially since she has impervious 6 with her force field and therefore can shrug the hit off without too much worry.

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The lurches in the tiny space are enough to cause sickness DC 10 Fort save or sickened (feel free to use appropriate terminology for that whether you pass or fail).

In addition could you make a notice roll DC 20?

If you make it, the electrical sparks are actually a booby trap! DC 20 to disable, will only take a round.

Fort save (1d20+4=18) passes!

Notice check (1d20+9=18) Bah! HP to Improve Roll! (6 HP now)

Notice check; HP re-roll (1d20+9=21) Just makes it!

Disable Device: he's got Skill Mastery on it, and the Improvised Tools feat, so he can Take 10 (with no penalty for not having actual tools on-hand) to get... 31.

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