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Velveteen (PL 10) - Vith

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Player Name:Vith

Character Name:Velveteen (Formerly Bunny)

Power Level: 10 (150/150PP)

Trade-Offs: +3Attack / -3 Damage, +5 Defense / -5 Toughness

Unspent Power Points: 0

Progress To Bronze Status: 0/30

In Brief: Super reflexes

Alternate Identity:Lacy Lapin

Identity: Secret

Birthplace:Burbank, California

Occupation:College Student, 'Independantly Wealthy' from merchandising

Affiliations: Solo, former member of now disbanded team 'Starpowers'

Family:Mother, Father, little sister, older sister


Age: 19 (DoB: October 1, 1993

Apparent Age: Late teens/Early Twenties.


Ethnicity: Caucasian


Weight:118 lbs



Lacy is an attractive young woman with a slender build that makes her modest curves seem more ample than they really are. She has long blond hair that reaches partway down her back in curly waves, giving her a fashionable 'bedhead' look, large blue eyes, a small, pert nose and full lips. She's fit in a way that bespeaks many hours at the gym, but for looks rather than actual strength or endurance. All in all, she's a prime example of a 'beach bunny' back in her home state of California.

She dress casually as often as she can, stylish glasses, T-shirts with funny sayings, jeans, and flip-flops when she can get away with it.

Velveteen is a wholly unimposing figure who looks anything but dangerous. Her blonde hair is left free, covering her actual ears while white rabbit ears with pink insides peeking out from it comically, one straight and the other bent at an angle without revealing the band that holds them there. What can be seen of her face is rather pretty, though a pink domino mask with opaque lenses disguise her eyes.

The main piece of her costume is a sleevless unitard that ends in shorts, a mixture of white and pink with a heart cut-out on her chest and a fluffy white bunny tail on her lower back. Thigh-high boots and slightly longer than elbow length gloves finish her costume, colored similar to her unitard, white with pink styliings.

Power Descriptions:

Lacy has (barely)superhuman reflexes, balance, and flexibility. She's also much stronger and hardier than she seems.


Lacy Lapin was a normal highschooler until she tried the new 'study drug' called perfection. While most kids just got a little better at everything for a day or two, Lacy became a little better at everything and A LOT faster permanently. And she wasn't the only one, four other classmates who tried the same batch gained awesome abilities as well.

The manufacturer of the drug wanted to study this new development and had them kidnapped, inadvertantly letting them know about each other. They escaped rather spectacularly and formed the superteam 'Superstars'. Lacy, with her inhuman reflexes dubbed herself 'The Bunny'.

Many great and wonderful adventures were had. They became rather famous and were accused for 'selling out' when they started merchandising. Gossip rags made up stories about them constantly because they were easy targets. And they developed an unfair reputation for recklessness after botching a stealth mission to rescue a hostage(though they still rescued the hostage!)

This of course, wore the team down and when they graduated highschool they decided to hang up their masks and try other things. Well, all of them except for Lacy, who struck it out on her own. But solo heroing is a lot different than being on a team and then someone suddenly sprang a copyright lawsuit on her(the dangers of making money off of heroing!) things seemed dire.

Turning down the numerous offers of help from peers and friends she decided that maybe it was time for a major change. Applying for college in Freedom City she developed a new(though decidedly similar) heroic identity. A few months later, the Rabbit-themed heroine 'Velveteen' made her debut in a place already overflowing with superbeings. Figuring if she could make it here, she could make it anywhere!

Personality & Motivation:

Lacy is considered polite and quiet by people who don't really know her and sarcastic, witty, good natured and loyal to friends. Oddly, people who don't like her are nearly impossible to find, almost like she bends over backwards not to start a scene...

Velveteen a new heroine, always very willing to stop and talk to the press, or pose for a photo, or sign something. However, she's also very willing(perhaps too willing) to jump headfirst into danger, always putting other people's welfare above her own. Villains tend to despise her because of the non-stop taunting and bad jokes she throws out in a fight.

Powers & Tactics:

Velveteen relies purely on her speed, reflexes, and agility to carry the day. Her 'style' is a chaotic, unpredictable mess of flashy moves copied from wire fighting kung-fu movies and oppurtunistic strikes from impossible positions that would make any trained martial artist cringe in despair.

Despite(or maybe because) of this she's a fairly dangerous (and very experienced) brawler.


Closeted:Lacy is a lesbian and she is most definitely not 'out'. She realized this years ago but between heroing, a normal life, and all of the advertisements and such her PR people had her do, had no time to actually act on this. That's right, she's never been on a date or even kissed and even if she found someone she 'liked' liked she wouldn't know how to approach them. This can lead her to be a little too eager to help women and to lead on men.

Collage Girl:Lacy's in college! She hasn't actually decided on a major, but has enough general credit courses to work through to keep her busy. But falling asleep in class because you spent all night fighting off mutant pistol shrimp, telling your teacher that a supervillain incinerated your homework, or that you missed class because you were abducted by the mer-people of the plannet k'zzk to save their queen generally doesn't go over too well.

Hyper-Metabolism:Lacy requires more food than a normal person. A lot more. She's developed ways to deal with this so people don't get suspcious, like constantly snacking or slipping an MRE into a candy bar wrapper, but it's still a strain and she can often be found tucking into a corner and munching on something.

Jeepers Creepers:Big bad Lacy, veterin superheroine is... terrified of creepy crawlies. Bugs, spiders, insects you name it she hates it. She won't eat food that a fly has landed in(and due to her metabolism this is a big thing), bug-themed supers are treated with distaste(the more 'buggy' their costume the worse it is), and actual contact with a bug will make her freak out.

Secret I.D.:Velveteen is actually the Bunny! No wait, The Bunny is actually Lacy! er... Anyway, Lacy has 2.5 identities and would like to keep them all VERY seperate. Not always easy, but worth it in the long run.

Seems so Slow:Lacy suffers from a slight case of 'Speedster Syndrome', where the world goes too slow for you to handle. It's not bad enough to cause an actual impairment, reminiscent of ADHD (in fact she's been prescribed pills to deal with it. But she claims they 'make her fuzzy' and it interferes with her heroic duties so she doesn't take them) which makes it hard to keep track of little things, like conversations or she'll talk a little too fast or simply jump to a new idea before other people will finish the first one... you get the idea.

The Image:Lacy claims she isn't into the heroing business for fame and fortune, but she enjoys getting both while doing it! So she does her best to make sure she projects a nice, heroic image for the media and public, even when she doesn't exactly feel like it. Smile for the camera, kiss a baby, sign an autograph, she does her best to make time for it all, but it's a fine line she walks, trying to squeeze in good PR without dropping the ball hero-wise.

Abilities: 0 + 16 + 6 + 2 + 2 + 4 = 30PP

Strength: 10 (+0)

Dexterity: 26 (+8)

Constitution: 16 (+3)

Intelligence: 12 (+1)

Wisdom: 12 (+1)

Charisma: 14 (+2)

Combat: 10 + 10 = 20PP

Initiative: +8

Attack: +13 Melee, +5 Ranged

Grapple: +13

Defense: +15 (+5 Base, +10 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -1

Saving Throws: 3 + 2 + 6 = 11PP

Toughness: +5 (+3 Con, +2 Defensive Roll)

Fortitude: +6 (+3 Con, +3)

Reflex: +10 (+8 Dex, +2)

Will: +7 (+1 Wis, +6)

Skills: 104R = 26PP

Acrobatics 12 (+20)Skill Mastery, Ultimate Effort

Bluff 8 (+10)

Climb 8 (+8)

Computers 3 (+4)

Diplomacy 7 (+9)

Disable Device 9 (+10)Skill Mastery

Disguise 4 (+6)

Escape Artist 4 (+12)

Gather Information7 (+9)

Notice 8 (+9)

Perform (Acting) 4 (+6)

Search 7 (+9)

Sense Motive 9 (+10)Skill Mastery

Sleight of Hand 4 (+12)

Stealth 7 (+15)Skill Mastery

Swim 3 (+3)

Feats: 38PP

Acrobatic Bluff

All-Out Attack

Attack Focus (Melee) 8

Beginners Luck

Benefit (Wealth)

Connected (People's she's rescued, Government and hero types that owe her favors)

Contacts (Generally heroes she's worked with and Government types)

Defensive Roll

Dodge Focus 10

Elusive Target


Grappling Finesse

Improved Throw

Improved Trip

Jack of all Trades

Move-By Action

Power Attack

Skill Challenge (Fast Acrobatic Bluff)

Skill Mastery

Ultimate Effort (Acrobatics)

Uncanny Dodge 2 (Hearing, Sight)

Powers: 15 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 = 25PP

Bunny-Fu-Fu(15PP; Power Feats:Alternate Powers 1)

Base Power: Strike 7 (Speedy Strike; Extras: Autofire; ) {15PP} (Enhanced Genetics)

Alternate Power: Strike 4 (Bouncing around like a squirrel on speed; Extras: Area (Burst), Selective; Flaws: ) {12PP}

Leaping 2 (x5 distance) [2PP] (Enhanced Genetics)

Speed 3 (50 MPH, 500' per round) [3PP] (Enhanced Genetics)

Super Senses 4 (Accurate Hearing, Danger Sense 2 (Hearing, Sight) [4PP] (Enhanced Genetics)

Quickness 2 (Quick Brains; Flaws:Limited: Mental Tasks Only;) [1PP] (Enhanced Genetics)

Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP

DC Block

    ATTACK      RANGE     SAVE                        EFFECT

    Unarmed     Touch     DC15 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical)

    Strike 7    Touch     DC22 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical)

    Strike 4    Touch/AreaDC19 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical)

Totals: Abilities (30) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (11) + Skills (26) + Feats (38) + Powers (25) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 Power Points

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A couple of things:

Just for book-keeping purposes, you should name the array. Her powers should be powers, yeah.

I don't see your character as likely to be deputized (and yes, we do have to ask ;) ). The World of Freedom generally doesn't have government supers who aren't part of a government superteam.

Her mask has got too much in it for Equipment; something that powerful should be a device.

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Removed the mask, used the points to pay for Supersenses and Feats. Switched out Eidetic Memory for mental quickness 2 as per suggested.

Also fixed numerous references to her name being 'Lucy' and not 'Lacy' in her complications >_>

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