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Birthday Wishes

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Pizza place, Southside

February 27th, 2012

"Happy birthday to you..."

Helen sang along with the two minimum-wage workers sweltering in astronaut costumes, young children in various states of disarray and the few parents who hadn't taken off as soon as their children were in her hands, watching Anna. They gave their hoorays, clapped eleven times for Anna's age and once to make her grow, and the girl leaned forward and blew out her candles.

"Happy birthday, sweetie." Helen gave her daughter a quick hug before leaning back so that her sister Jennifer could cut the cake. It was good that she'd been able to take the night off, and not just from cleaning office buildings. At the thought, she moved her leg under the table to nudge the backpack she'd sat there. The pack containing the elements of Whiplash's costume that wouldn't fit comfortably under her clothing. But tonight, I won't need it.

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Helen was startled out of her thoughts when two arms wrapped around her from behind. "Nice to actually get together for once, sis, even if only at birthdays."

"Hey Jen, we saw each other last week."

"YEah, when you dropped in for two minutes to drop Anna off. When was the last time we even had coffee together?" But Jennifer didn't look upset. She was grinning.

"You know what it's like; you work days, I work nights. But Saturday, we do something without the kids. Okay?"

"I'll hold you to that."

Their touching moment of sisterly bonding was interrupted when three young adults entered the building loudly and rudely. It took Helen a moment to notice that all three of them were carrying guns.

Helen shouted "Get down!" at the exact moment that one of the men shouted, "Everyone on the floor, now!"

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