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Vault Construction 101 (Closed)


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Right, so, Gizmo, trollthumper, this is the organization thread I talked about.

Basic idea:

-Cobalt Templar gets Midnight and Nick Cimitiere to help him construct defenses both mechanical and magical. Or at least plan them out (construction pending next player reward).

-However, they get jumped by an enemy! Specifically, the current weilder of the Yellow Ring of the Cunning Illusionist.

-There's a fight! Bad guy butt is kicked, but it's not easy!

Things I'd like some input on:

-Should it be one villain, or several? It looks like Midnight is a well-equipped PL12, CT just recently passed that threshold, and Nick's a comfortable PL13. If it's one guy, he'd need to be a beefy PL15, I'd think.

-Any suggestions on a build I could modify? I don't feel like scratch-making one, but I know we have a few variations on the theme floating around. :o

-Anything else you'd like to see happen? Right now it's a pretty basic idea. If you have a suggestion to add, feel free!

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Well, I know AA has his Combat Illusionist build for a "central villain" idea. Alternatively, you could do it Agent Orange-style - send along "hard-light constructs" in waves to ravage the lair before the illusionist makes his appearance.

Hard light constructs...

Forget the Yellow Ring! He'll be a villain for Corbin later on, just you wait!

Instead, we'll fight the Orange Ring of the Protective Builder.

I'll be modding this Fear Controller build.

I'm gonna pick a Paragon-ish build in that thread, or somewhere, and make sure it's about PL12. That'll be for 3 "Hard-Light Construct" minions. Fluff-wise they'll be the product of a long, drawn out ritual that lets me get away with not messing with stats too heavily.

You two okay with that?

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Right, so final planning stages. I'm gonna post the links to the basic builds, then follow up with what changes.

Main Villain:

1.)Base Attack raised to 11, so that his attack with his Builder Array (for lack of a better term) is 15

2.)Base Defense raised to 10, for 15 total (with Dodge Focus) and 5 Flat-footed

3.)Toughness goes to up to 15, thanks to Protection upgrade (more in a moment)

4.)Fort, Reflex, and Will all go up to 10 (3pp boost to each base save)

5.)Add 1 rank of Dodge Focus

5.)Power changes:

a.)Damage goes up to 15, DC is 30

b.)Drop Emotion Control

c.)Move Object goes up to 15, DC is 30

d.)Add the following to the Array: Blast 15 (Extra: Targeted Area [shapeable], Flaw: Full-Round Action), DC 30

e.)Protection goes up to 12


Damage: Toughness DC 30

Move Object: Toughness DC 30

Area Blast: Toughness DC 30


Now, for the 3 minions.

Using: Paragon with a Power Ring. I'm not making them full-on constructs mechanically. I'm now thinking they might be small-time thugs utterly infused with the Builder's powers. Anyways.


1.)Attack up to 8, 12 total for Energy/Unarmed

2.)Base Defense up to 8, Total up to 12, Flat-Footed 4

3.)Overall Con goes to 34 w/base powers, gives him +12 mod.

4.)Overall Str goes to 34 w/base powers, gives him +12 mod.

5.)Toughness goes up to 12 with Con

6.)Fort save up to 12 thanks to Con

7.)Ref is 6, Will is 8, both due to base save boost


a.)Device gets...eh, it has more points. I'm more concerned about combat caps and such really. These are one-shot NPC mods.

b.)Blast is 12, DC is 27

c.)Enhanced Str and Con raised to 18 (to change above total stats)


Blast: 27 Toughness

Unarmed: 27 Toughness


That should be that. I'll try to get the real thread up tonight.

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