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Frozen Shadows (OOC)

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Sharl's Search (where he has time to take 20, and thus get 30) reveals:

DARKNESS and NIGHTMARE aren't uncommon names among supercriminals, there have been several answering to both those names since the 1930s. In the more immediate context of terrorism, DARKNESS has been a recurring name among various minor European terrorist groups over the years. (Sharl can only read the articles on the ones in English and Swedish, but he does bring all to Miss A's attention). It's a little odd to read of those groups in this context; the various DARKNESS and their master organization (almost certainly OVERTHROW) are more interested in fighting Western capitalism with big, showy crimes in Western countries rather than WMD blackmail attempts at microstates like New Freedom.

Miss A's work will take a little longer (since she has to get into some other databases to do it), so she won't have the information about voice matches until after Roosevelt leaves, but she's got enough Skill Mastery that she'll be able to determine that:

The voice pattern from the call has matches. A lot of matches! The original source of that voice has issued bomb threats in Germany, been the 'voice' behind killer robots in France, and otherwise been used by many terrorist organizations in the past. Weirdly enough, it hasn't been artificially reproduced here: the speaker here was a person, not a machine.

The dominant background noise is this.

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