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Across the Multiverse (OOC)


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OOC for this solo thread.

Trent Venfield, better known as Defiant, suddenly arrives on the planet Earth after his apparent death in the Terminus. Borne by a wave of energy that ripped through the walls of dimensions to cast him through space and time, he soon finds himself upon a world incredibly different in every way from his doomed home of Shyne...

This thread represents Defiant's intro to the board.

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Still baffled as to what's going on but determined to do the right thing, Trent charges forward and attacks the leader of the Morlock kidnappers: a mage-priest of the Serpent People. His swing is good, and deals his foe a solid blow, nor can the snake resist the stunning prowess of the shock prod. This should leave the priest unconscious, but vile villain fiat enables him to stay up for the count, though staggered and doubly stunned.

Trying to avoid the ignominious defeat of the first Morlocks to go down, four of them pounce Defiant to grapple him. Technically they should've had to hit him first, but that rule was disregarded given the situation, and to generate a little more danger. One of them rolls a natural 20, but only one of the other three makes the aid check, for a DC to beat of 26. Fortunately, Defiant is a beast at grappling, and manages to tie that result. He's kept them at bay... for now.

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In order to keep up the danger as Defiant attempts to burn through the shackles of the prisoner he intends to rescue, the number of Morlocks grappling him will increase by two for each round he remains at the altar. That brings it to six for this round, for a DC to beat of 21; some of them are still quite poor at the Aid action, despite the low DC. Trent remains a beast at grappling, and manages to throw them off a second time.

In the following round, as Defiant burns through the second (and, fortunately, final) chain, the Serpent Person mage-priest regains his senses and attacks with a blast of flame. That proves far more than enough to hit Defiant, but he manages to shrug it off. The Morlocks prove exceptionally mighty when eight of them are brought to bear against a single target, with a DC to beat of 31, enough to really scare even Defiant.

He applies extra effort and spends a hero point for a preemptive reroll, which proves wise; his initial roll is pathetic. But the re-roll becomes a true display of beastly, beastly might as he manages to beat the DC! Huzzah for victory against the odds. Defiant is now fatigued and sans his starting hero point, so hopefully things don't get worse from here on out...

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In order to achieve a suitably epic exit, Defiant will need to burst through the ranks of Morlocks between him and the tunnel from whence he came. To do this he makes an attack roll against said Morlocks' pitiful defense of 12, which he is incapable of failing even when fatigued save via a natural 1 (and he hits), then goes on to make a strength check (plus 5 ranks of flight) to overrun each of said Morlocks, which goes passably.

Despite the low likelihood of STR 13 Morlocks impeding STR 20 Defiant, two of them manage to avoid being tripped by tying the roll. Blasted fatigue. Fortunately, their attempts to trip him in return are pitiful, and Defiant has no trouble resisting their efforts. He makes it almost to the escape tunnel, with two Morlocks between him and freedom and a whole horde of the angry buggers behind him.

Fortunately, his temporarily absentee mysterious ally (who delayed her action this turn) chooses that moment to intervene, using perception-ranged telekinesis to bring down the Serpent Person mage-priest; I forgot that it was perception ranged and thus discovered that said ally would have hit even if it hadn't been. The Serpent Person rolls quite well, actually, but not well enough to be saved from unconsciousness given how injured it already is.

And that brings the combat portion of the thread to a conclusion.

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