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Hot and Cold (OOC)

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Weaver is familiar with the sort of magical creatures that can control ice and cold like this. This doesn't seem to be their work, though: this is too quiet, too unshowy for an ice demon or mountain spirit. This is cold, professional, scientific: on closer inspection, the bubble around the block is a perfect hemisphere. He can see outside the ice-bubble from his apartment; it's a DC 15 Notice check to see and recognize Fleur and Rene out his apartment window.

Fleur, on closer inspection, you can teleport through the dome, it doesn't seem to go deep enough to cut whatever media she uses.

It's Gather Info or History to recognize Madame Zero, and easy rolls at that. She was quite famous back in the day.

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That's enough for Weaver to see and recognize Fleur and Rene out through the dome; they are established heroes, the sort of people he may want to signal to get help given the powerful supervillain in the dome.

Madame Zero is within range of an attack from Fleur de Joie (since she has Indirect and her attack isn't impeded by physical barriers), but that's only going to slow her down, not stop her: MZ is very powerful and has a lot of both genius and scientific gadgets available. Fleur and Rene are going to have to get inside the dome if they want to handle her.

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I think the most reasonable way to do this is have Madame Zero drop a block of ice on herself. She's got the Toughness to take it (and is bloody-minded enough to do it) and it doesn't require an attack roll. The snare is at rank 18 and her Create Object is 14. So the snare is damaged, but very much intact.

Madame Zero's own save...well, I'm not really prepared to have THAT happen, so take an HP, Fleur, and we'll say she bruises herself in her effort to get out.

Rene is up.

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