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Recruiting EV Adventure


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Ok time to run another Earth Victoriana (the Steampunk altenative dimension) adventure I think! this time in Texas!

EV, whilst still a Superhero setting, tends to have a slightly lower PL feel to it. Therefore, I am looking for maximum 3 players. Ideally around PL 7-10 (higher is possible of course).

For those who I haven't GM'd for, my threads have combat in them but are not combat heavy. I like to explore complications etc and I usually will ask players what kind of stuff they would like to explore or preferences they have before starting.

Ideally too this adventure / dimension suits heroes who can feasibly "Blend in" as normal humans, as there will probably be a fair bit of socialising and light investigation. It will also be a fairly protracted / long thread.

Any interest sign up here!

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Starlight, Catalyst, and Siphon it is.

I'll need a day or three just to work this up in my head and scrutinise the three PC's. Also, expect PM's in the next day or so for a few questions (nothing serious, I just like to know players preferences before starting).

I will probably use Lord Steam as a cameo for recruitment initially so a bit of "socialising" will occur!

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