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Gangland Violence [OOC]


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I made up the goons' stats as follows:

Attack: 7

Def: 7

Damage Bon: 7

Tough: 7

Attack: 5 melee, 8 ranged

Def: 6

Damage Bon: 6

Tough: 8

Attack: 4 melee, 8 ranged

Def: 8

Damage Bon: 6

Tough: 6

Attack: 8 melee, 4 ranged

Def: 6

Damage Bon: 6

Tough: 8

So the DC to hit Kev should be 17, right?

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Attack rolls for the next round are as follows:

Whiplash attempts to disarm goon 3, succeeds:

Attack roll to disarm goon 3, DC=18 (1d20+12=29)

Attack damage roll to disarm, inc. Imropoved Disarm (1d20+10=30)

Strength check to resist disarm, DC=30 (1d20+5=21)

Goon 3 attacks Whiplash, misses:

Melee attack against Whiplash (1d20+4=11)

Goon 4 attacks Revenant, misses:

Melee attack against Revenant (1d20+8=11)

I believe that leaves goon 1 bruised and goon 2 staggered (from previous round), and everyone else fine (since your regen takes care of bruising)?

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Toughness save, DC=24 (1d20+8=16)

Sorry, accidentally wrote in 24 instead of 26 for the DC... that's a fail of 10, not 8.

Save against smacking through a stone wall due to knockback:

Toughness save for collision with stone wall due to knockback, DC=20 (1d20+8=17)

So I believe our current status effects are:

Goon 1 = bruised once

Goon 2 = staggered

Goon 4 = bruised, staggered, disabled, dazed 1 round

Goon 3 is unhurt but disarmed.

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Derin attacks goon 3:

Attack roll to hit goon 3, using power attack to shift 2pts to attack bonus, DC=18 (1d20+10=21)

Toughness save against Whiplash's attack, DC=25 (1d20+6=20)

Goon 2 shoots Whiplash:

Goon 2 attacks Whiplash with gun, DC=22 (1d20+8=23)

Toughness save against bullet, DC=23 (1d20+8=13)

Current status effects:

Whiplash: staggered, disabled, dazed 1 round

Goon 1: bruised once

Goon 2: staggered

Goon 3: bruised, dazed 1 round

Goon 4: bruised, staggered, disabled

Also everybody except Revenant and goon 1 are currently lying prone. This got vicious fast. You're up.

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