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Paris by Moonlight (OOC)


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Ok Life Sciences isn't going to cut anything I am afraid.


Looking through the photographs and the police report, you work out that the "killer" was heavy, but seemed to attack from above, a broken drain pipe indicating it was used in the first scene, and some smashed roofed tiles nearby in the second scene. No footprints or fibres found nearby on the street.

This would indicate some kind of superhuman agility or amazing acrobatic skill - but it looks like the killer was very large / heavy.

The region of Paris it is near has a lot of rooftops and a jagged skyline. Looks like the killer is lurching from rooftop to rooftop... or at least was - the last, more studied killing was in the sewers (maybe disposed of there, maybe the attack was there).

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Rats have us surprised!

I am going to wing this slightly. You do not have impervious so they will bite and scratch you.

Its a DC 20 Toughness save

Reflex save DC 20 to lower that to 15.

However, two things: -2 penalty to reflex this round due to surprise, and the rats can do no more than injure you.

1d20+2=16 Marcel fails Reflex

1d20+4=17 Injured!

Poor Rene cant even make his reflex roll

1d20+12=30 But he is not bitten.

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Okay..after discussing it in Chat I've decided to use Extra Effort to grant the Armaments Device an Alternate Power of Dazzle 2(Visual Senses, Extras: Burst(10 ft)[6PP].

I shall use that to Daze the heck out of the rats nearby in the cramped quarters.

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King of Suits - 3 Hero Points - Fatigued, Injured

The Rats are certainly dazzled. However, there is a possibility that the heroes will be too, in such a confined space! Ill give you all +2 on saves because of forewarning (it would be +5, but I am downgrading it because your eyes have accustomed to darkness and that would be a situational penalty).

1d20=19 Rene makes it.

1d20+2=11 Marcel just makes it (adding the +2 situational modifier).

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