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Midnight stroll [IC]


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Saturday, November 12th 11:50pm

Kyle Conners kept a quick pace as he made his way back to his apartment. He'd just dropped his story on the upcoming renovation to one of the city's older buildings, once a speakeasy back in the 1920s, into a microbrewery and the protests some of the community that was due the next morning off at the Ledger's office.

He'd stepped off the monorail platform several blocks from his home just in time for his hunger to begin making it's presence known. His recently emerged powers were telling him that they wanted to be used. He was just passing the bookstore owned by the gay couple who happened to live down the hall from him when he noticed through the large front window the lights were on.

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Inside the shop a young man, couldn't have been older than twenty-one stood brandishing a fist at the two men huddled behind the counter. Over one shoulder he held a bulging backpack poorly closed, several greenbacks sticking out where he'd hastily zipped the bag closed. The fist he held up was surrounded by sickly green flames as he pointed towards one of the men. The glass was too thick for his words to come out but his body language spoke volumes, 'do what I say or bad things will happen'.

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Kyle pulled the mask he'd picked up a few days previous from his overcoat's pocket and slipped it on quickly. Once secured he watched and while the robber had his back to the door, Kyle, or Siphon as he thought of himself when he was about to feed, slipped in the front. He breathed a silent prayer of thanks to the punk for damaging the security system's keybox. It meant the police would probably be on their way.

In an instant Siphon was directly behind the bald thug, noticing how many swastika tattoos on the man's scalp there were he felt no remorse as he lashed out a faintly silver hand and clamped onto the back of the piece of white trash's head. Faint traces of silver moved under his skin and up to and past his wrist for a few seconds but it didn't seem to phase the thug at all.

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While the robber was still moving, mildly disoriented from being struck in the back, Siphon used the stolen powers and turned them back against his foe. Unearthly green and black flames rushed from his open right hand and right into the other man's face. Instead of the desired effect of knocking the foe to the ground however, the thug rolled with the rushing fire and stood again, none the worse for wear. "Well..., that's just not fair," Siphon muttered in a faintly hollow voice, his mind already rushing to think of his next move.

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The thief brushed off the attack and sneered at his would-be opponent. "You think you can defeat me? With my own powers?" He rushed Siphon, his right fist curled and flying right at the other man's face. With a resounding thud the blow connected and almost took the slightly older power-thief from his feet with the power behind it. Pulling his hand back there was a small bit of blood on his knuckles from where he'd busted Kyle's lip.

"This store is a sin against God and all upstanding white men everywhere, selling the homosexual agenda to anyone who steps through these doors!" he called, his eyes wide with maniacal fanaticism.

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