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Voltage Volunteers (IC)

Thunder King

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The press conference was days ago, and now it was finally time to do something. His name was Thomas Morgan, and he was about to hack the personal files of a famous, wealthy man in an attempt to join a superhero team. He was either crazy, or very good. Luckily for Thomas, he was a bit of both.

He sat down in his living room chair and pressed his hands together. He didn't need to do it, his powers were purely mental. Still, it was a gesture that helped him cope.

He used his home internet connection as a starting point, visualizing the internet as a series of tubes or tunnels. He used the tubes and tunnels as a visualization to help him filter the abstract data into something more tangible. He'd already learned to focus his thoughts better, and soon would not need the visualizations at all.

As soon as he sat down, he found the website for al-Misri's corporation. The defenses were decently robust, but not sufficient to stop his keen mind and powers.

Within less than a second, he had every piece of data he needed on al-Misri. He didn't bother looking at any of his truly personal information. It was dishonest to know, and could get him in major trouble if anyone ever caught him anyway.

"There you are..." He mumbled to himself as a cocky grin spread across his face. "Let's see...". Seconds later, the text was formed in his mind.

Mr. al-Misri, I am Voltage. I am a super hero, like you. I'm interested in joining your new team. I apologize for doing it this way, but I wanted to show you what I can do. I can do more than just hack computers, much more. If you want to find out, contact me at this number, we can arrange to meet.. He read it aloud, and was satisfied.

He leaned back in his chair and sighed. The next move was his potential employers. He wasn't afraid of retaliation or tracing the number, but he was afraid that his reputation as a superhero would fall apart before it was even established.

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The text came in on his phone, and it surprised him. Making Amir sit up in his chair whilst having been reading reports and recommendations and analyses. A frown on his face, as he thumbed over the message, but it soon twisted into a crooked smile. Good. Always hope someone picks up the gauntlet you throw down. The response was easy enough, telling this Voltage fellow to meet him atop of the construction site that was five blocks away.

Then came the phone call to his assistant, and then his secretary, informing them to change any meetings or appointments he had in the afternoon, he had some business to take care of. Which was truth enough. Though by now, they were starting to accept that he simply had other priorities. But given he paid his personal staff well, and allowed them a good bit of latitude, he had the free time he wanted.

He had 20 minutes, fortunately it was less than a minute by air, and all he had to do was change, before going to the roof and jetting over there. Taking his phone with him, he put it in the fleece jacket he wore over his costume. Soon enough he was jetting the distance to the construction site, and landing atop what would serve as the roof. Resting on an i-beam, and standing there, waiting for the person called Voltage.

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Thomas was a bit nervous. He couldn't be sure if the man was mad or not. He was pretty sure that it was a good thing he wanted to meet, but couldn't be sure. He put his costume and mask on, before flying upward towards the construction site. He saw it from a distance and noticed the figure standing.

"I apologize for interrupting your day. I'm sure you're a busy man. He started as soon as he was sure the other man could hear him. "I understand you're looking for people to put on a team. My power is that I can generate electricity. I won't go into the specifics, but they can be very powerful. He didn't waste time explaining himself. He was worried he would talk too much, but wanted to make his statement before the other man dismissed him out of hand.

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Asad was not precisely an intimidating figure. Sure he was above average height, but had never really learned how to convey himself as imposing. However, his expression was skeptical at best, possibly displeased, at worst. "So you risk what amounts to electronic terrorism with a man whose company holds various contracts with governmental agencies, and who is on speaking terms with the DA?" His tone was serious, and his eyes sharp. Then slowly he started to smirk. "I think I am going to like you. Young, brash. And I am going to guess your powers can be used to hack into computer system such like what happened earlier. You are in kid. Welcome to the Summit."

Asad stepped towards Voltage and offered his hand to the younger superhero.

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Voltage had to hide his enthusiasm. He only allowed a small, satisfied smirk.

"Glad to be on board, Sir." He said, taking the older man's hand and shaking it firmly. Just like his dad taught him. Always give a firm handshake, it leaves a good impression. As he did so, he wondered exactly what sort of things the Summit would be up to. Oh, well, he guessed his life would get a lot more interesting from now on.

Just before he turned to fly away, he turned to his new employer. "Oh, and Sir, if you need any tech support, don't hesitate to call. Your security is good, I could make it better."

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He watched him, and smirked a little. "I expect you would feel that. The the question is are just a member of the team or are you an employee as well. They are quite different altogether." He leaned back against a girder behind him. "As easy as it is to join up, it is never that simple Voltage. Especially since there is a chance we are getting photographed by paparazzi. And you should know what you are signing up for, I intend to build a network, an affiliation of heroes. So that there will be ready access to resources and allies. I am not ostensibly the leader, and if you want to be an employee, that can arranged for your costumed identity to be one, if you do not wish to reveal to me your normal identity."

Asad ducked his head briefly, then cocked it to the side. "Of course you look quite young, you have reached the age of majority, correct?"

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"Yes, I'm over eighteen." Voltage replied. "I have a job, and I really can't quit it. I wouldn't mind doing freelance work for you, a third party contract job or two. For now, I don't want to be an employee, merely a hero that is part of your group. Still, if you need any computer help, we can probably reach an understanding."

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Asad looked at him carefully. His head tilting a little. "What I am building is not just a group of friends in an attic. Most of these people I only by reputation, or have encounter once. This is more like an affiliation or confederation of heroes. Now, given I am a new hero, I can't precisely knock you for age can I? You're old enough to make this decision. Seeing as how I have money, it makes sense I am the backing force behind all of this. Plus someone has to cover expenses and damages, right?" He flashed the younger hero a grin, and folded his arms across his chest. "And you have enough of a brazen streak that I think we're going to get along just fine." It was that simple, really. Not necessarily easy. "Though, given who I am, our team will have an extra level of scrutiny, so as long as you understand this, I don't think there will be an issue, do you?"

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