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October 15th (Saturday), 2011, 6:45 AM
Outside the Riverdance Cafè

The very first lights of dawn emerged from the far horizon line, painting of a lighter blue sky and sea alike and pushing the darkness towards the Wharton State Forest. In the cold air of a Saturday morning, Riverside looked significantly less stylish and enjoyable than just a few hours before: of the plethora of students and artists who stood drinking and talking and playing in the paved streets all that was left were cigarette butts and a couple of abandoned beer bottles and cocktail glasses. Very few people were already awake, and even fewer were still awake.

Among the latter was detective Beck. His tall and thin figure stood in the silence, the red and blue lights of his parked car flashing upon his cheap brown suit. A couple of uniformed cops were securing the area, a third one was talking with a dazzled garbage man.
Beck caressed his mustache. He was trying to grow it to look older, but he still looked very much like a rookie.
The corpse before his eyes had dark green hair, slightly webbed hands and was wearing a breastplate carved out of a Turtleshark shell.

Here’s my first night shift he thought. Ugh. Atlantean. Days would go by before we get authorization to pursue this investigation...

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Lucy had finally managed to have her promised night out with Rhonda and Yolanda; they were pleasant company and hadn’t gotten to drunk. After helping the two into a taxi she had decided to explore this part of the riverside.

When she heard all the sirens and light she had almost no hesitation to go and investigate.

There were many disadvantages of having a costume that was basically a suit, there were however many advantages. This was one of them. With her newest purchase a smart long coat and fancy new boots she looked just the part of to blend in with the other detectives.

She’d made it almost to the center of the action before one of the officers challenged her. Removing her glasses to reveal her solid black eye she gave the officer a friendly look.

“Hello there I was wondering if I you help you in any way?â€

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Veijlial had exhausted almost everything he could possibly think of to find leads on the Serpent People that had killed his friend and tutor, Jon. He had performed arcane rituals, combed the sewers and subterranean places of Freedom City, attempted to connect with those within the city that were "in the know" and yet nothing so far had given him even the first hint of a lead to go on.

And so it wasn't without a sense of irony that Leviathan got his first hint at anything resembling a connection with Serpent People from listening to a police scanner. As the voices talked on the scanner of a murder, something in their tone immediately caught Leviathan's attention. These people's voices sounded trepidatious, maybe even a little fearful. It wasn't long before it was mentioned that the victim was an Atlantean. Without waiting for further information to come across the radio Veijlial gathered the darkness around him, murmered a few arcane syllables and stepped through the shadows from his hideaway on the waterfront to a darkened alley in Riverside next to the Riverdance Cafe.

Seeing from this vantage point a woman in a suit talking with a man in uniform, Veijlial decided it was best to err on the side of caution and hide his true features among this crowd. It would not be a stretch for the law enforcement to assume he was culpable due to the fact that not only did he dress in dark ominous robes but also that he was of the reviled race of Deep Ones. Muttering another incantation Veijlial's appearance rippled and contorted till he took on the look of an Atlantead with roughly the same features and garb.

Stepping out of the shadows, Leviathan spread the tail of his black and green robe behind him. Moving briskly he walked close enough to the woman speaking with the policeman to hear the conversation. Pulling back the hood of his robes Leviathan offered a smile before interrupting.

"Excuse me officer, but I might be of particular aid in the current proceedings. Could you direct me to the detective in charge of the investigation?" With his smile locked firmly in place Leviathan started scanning the crowd for the most likely candidate of said detective.

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The beat cop stood there, silently holding the roll of yellow tape for a couple of seconds. “Come to Freedom City†they say, “you’ll see wondersâ€! he thought. And now I have this weird pale chick who can probably rip my throat off and another one of those Atlantanians. We never saw Atlantanians down in Lousiana, no sir! He regrouped his thoughts and coughed quietly to stall a bit “Hrrm. Yes, the detective. Detective Beck’s in charge, m’am. Sir.†He pointed at the tall guy in a brown suit, squatting near the corpse.

“Yeah, Carlton, let them though†Beck shouted at the cop “You have to learn, in Freedom it’s usually the strange-looking fellas that can help you the most.â€

Both Leviathan and Revenant stepped under the yellow tape and got near the detective. “Kind of a neat mess, don’t you think?†he asked after greeting them with a small nod.

The Atlantean corpse was wearing what looked like a breastplate carved of some big scaly shell. He lied on his side, both arms spread before him. A small stain of dried black blood encrusted his back and the street under him.

“Garbageman found him half an hour ago – he’s probably been lying there since the bars and nightclub closed around 4 AM.†He looked at Veijlial, or at least at the charm that covered up his appearance. “Was him a friend of yours? Maybe you can help us identify him.â€

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Almost exclusively the Atlanteans that Veijlial had any contact with was his mentor Jon, so it was rather unlikely he knew this poor victim, or had even seen him in passing, still, he made a show of looking over the corpse and his features before shaking his head in the negative.

"I'm sorry, I am not acquainted with this individual and can offer no clue to his identity. You said the garbageman found him? Did he notice anything else strange other than the victim? Hooded figures? People with reptilian or snake-like features? Or anything else remotely like that?"

Veijlial continued to scan the area, looking for any signs of a magic ritual or sacrifice that would resemble what was seen at the scene of Jon's death.

"Was the victim stabbed or shot? Has the area been checked for a murder weapon or casing or what have you?"

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Lucy had never been to a real crime scene before but had seen lots of crime reports, almost a century out of date but hopefully the principles are didn’t change.

She crouched down beside the body being careful not to disturb any of the evidence scanning the body to see if she could spot anything useful.

“Yes anything you’ve found out would be a great help.†She turned to Leviathan holding out a hand “Hello there I'm Revenant, how about we cooperate to help with this case. If that’s okay with you Detective? It’s your case after all.â€

She knew from Rhonda that some cops could be a little possessive with their cases so no harm in asking.

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The hissing sound of a most unusual car pulled up beside the crime scene. It seemed to be made of copper and brass, rather than aluminium, and hot steam arose from a myriad of pipes that sprung from its bonnet. It was a mystery how it ran at all, but run it did, possibly better than your average car, although it looked like it had been thrown together a hundred years ago.

"Evening constable!" said Lord Steam, stepping out of the car, dressed in a driving leathers, boots, and rather large goggles that he placed on his forehead as he stretched. His silver-capped cane was under his arm, as always.

"I was just taking Bessie..." he started, indicating the antiquated vehicle he had arrived in "for a spin, when low and behold I heard some spot of bother on the wireless about a crime. Well, couldn't resist offering my services. "

He raised an eyebrow.

"Please, I insist!" he said with magmanimous authority and a confident stride.

By "offer", the clear implication he had made was a determination to act.

"You have some rum fellows here already, I see" he said, touching his quiff with his cane as an impromtu salute. "I hope they have left some sleuthing left for me!"

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The already baffled cop did a double-take between the steam-powered vehicle and the bizarrely dressed nobleman who stepped out of it.

“I-I don’t know sir, we already have our share of civilians on the scene… detect-â€

“Dear Lord, Carlton, don’t you ever watch the news?†detective Beck jumped in and scowled at the clueless cop “I’m sorry, sir… her… Lord Steam.†He put forward his hand to shake Steam’s, then retracted it wondering if he should bow instead, and settled for an awkward half-shake while looking at his own shoes.

“Carlton, this gentleman is a very renowned detective and a very welcome host in our dimension. Thank you for the offer, milord… your help would be much appreciated.â€

The young investigator, a bit star-struck by the dazing dimensional detective, led him to the alley were laid the corpse. A sleek Atlantean a pale woman in old-fashioned clothes were already analyzing the scene.

“As you can see, we just started looking at the scene. Our victim presents a very neat and clear stab wound in the back, but everything else is still out to find. The garbage-man who found the body hasn’t seen anything, or so it seems – he may still be a bit shocked.â€

“Gentlemen, madam, I'd surely appreciate your help – this doesn’t look good at all…†he said "But I'm sure we would be able to file another case under the successful collaboration of the FCPD and some of the City's renowned superpowered crimefighters... " he cleaned up some sweat from his forehead even if the temperature was well under 10° C, adjusted his tieknot and put on some forensic gloves.

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Leviathan smiled and took the offered hand of the woman in the suit, even though he was suspicious of her. Veijlial had to remind himself that there were genuinely people in this town that could be trusted, and not everyone was working with the Serpent People or had ulterior motives or designs upon him.

"A pleasure to meet you Miss Revenant, you may call me Leviathan, and I would be most pleased to work with you, as my expertise lie mostly in all things oceanic. I must confess I am at a loss among you surfacers. You are all so... pleasant."

As the unimaginable car drove up near the cafe and out stepped the man with the cane, Leviathan turned his head to regard the well dressed man with the English accent. Well, this city is never in short supply of oddities or heroes, that is certain, Leviathan thought as he saw the man's garb and manner. An almost genuine smile rose to his lips when he thought that he'd finally met someone legitimately stranger than he was. He kept the smile fixed to his lips as he bowed to the man with the cane.

"Good evening, sir. Might I introduce the Lady Revenant, and I am humbly known as Leviathan. I am glad indeed to be working with such distinguished members of Freedom City's staff of heroes. I do regret however that we meet at the scene of the death of one of my... people." Leviathan seemed to have a hard time pronouncing the last word, as if the lie felt wrong and slimy coming out of his mouth. He did not wish to lie to these poor folk, but neither could he trust them with his true heritage, not until he was sure their reactions wouldn't land him in the spotlight as prime suspect.

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"By Vishnu!" exclaimed Lord Steam, examining the body closley and raising one eyebrow. "Its not human!"

"One of your people eh?" he continued, casting Leviathan a pregnant glance. "You must enlighten me dear fellow. Sounds awfully submarine if you ask me. "

He gave an equally exacting glance at Revenant. Something a little odd about her too, he concluded. He normally clocked peoples respiratory rate, pupillary dilation, all signs of autonomic arousal, when he scrutinised them.

So there was something rather odd about Revenant.

Perhaps something in the name?

"And pleased to meet you too madam!" he added. "You certainly enliven the day..." he trailed off, casting his gaze back at the corpse.

"Well, I am ignorant as to the species, and thus its boilogy sir. Is it warm blooded? and if so, is it warm? can we estimate time of death?"

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Lucy stood up and brushed herself down

“Please just Revenant will do. I didn’t know you fight one dragon dressed in a Renaissance dress…â€

She had noticed Lord Steam’s critical eye on her as he arrived, as she passed him she raised a eyebrow.

“One mystery at a time Lord Steam, the corpse if you will.â€

She wandered over to were the Garbage men who found the body were impatiently waiting to continue their job. She gave them a broad friendly smile.

“Hello there, I know you’re probably sick of all these questions. But anything you can remember about how you found the body anything you saw heard or even smell could be incredibly useful to us, to me.†She gave a coy little smile.

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The trio of heroes, along with Detective Beck and Dr Aguirre, the medical examiner, got to the screening of the crime scene.

Leviathan's arcane exam of the scene fell sadly flat: no clumsily erased pentacles, nor runes, no components of any rituals he knew. Around the corpse there was just dirt, cigarette butts, and stench of spilled drinks and blood. It seemed as if the death was caused only by good old fashioned violence.

Little more he gathered from looking at the victim's physiology: he definitely was a young Atlantean, approximately 20-24 years old; judging by the physique and jawline, as well as the hairstyle, he was from a fairly important noble family, maybe even the heir to one of the warlords who advised the royal family.

Lord Steam, with detective Beck adoringly listening to his observations and occasionally helping, fared just a little better: there was no sign of blood splatter, just the modest pool under the body; the stab wound, at a first sight, looked amazingly clean, and cut through breastplate, skin and internal organs like a knife through butter. Steam never had seen such a neat and perfect cut. It was a bit tricky determinig the time fo death given the weird lividity assumed by the species, but between Dr Aguirre and the investigators, it was set aroun 3:00 AM of that night.

Meanwhile, the garbageman was a bit amazed at the fact that a lady such as Revenant was talking with him after half an hour of a coffee-stinking officer. That didn't help with the coerence of his answers.

"Sure thing, mada... mila... lady madam!" he cleaned his hands on his equally dirty pants "I-I was doin' the usual round, y'know, a-and I got here around, uh, dunno maybe six ten...ish... and that poor bastard - pardon my language, lady m'am" he was starting to sweat "that poor fella was just lying there. I've seen bad things out of these clubs for the youngsters, but this... I'm sure the owners have a bunch of tales to scare a troop of campers, ifyaknowwhatImean."

"I'm pretty sure nobody knows what you mean..." snarked in a whisper the officer who was taking notes beside them.

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Veijlial was somewhat surprised to note that Lord Steam was not acquainted with the Atlantean race, but he did his best to hide his incredulity for the sake of politeness.

"Indeed sir, I will happily expunge all I know of Atlantean culture, if it might help the investigation. However, from my limited examination of the victim I can tell you that he is mostly likely from a noble house among my people, possibly a member of the royal advisory, or at least, his family is. More than that is clouded in the murky depths of uncertainty. As you might imagine, Atlanteans are of stronger physical stock than humans on average, due to living at increased pressures, we can also breathe underwater, and swim excellently. Other than this, Atlanteans are similar to humans physically, at least generally speaking, without delving into too deep a biological analysis."

Leviathan scowled around the crime scene as he spoke, almost as if speaking to himself, making notes in his head instead of answering the questions of Lord Steam.

"It should also be noted that I am not detecting in any way a modicum of arcane attachment to this crime. It would seem this was not perpetrated by occult interests. I would venture a guess that this murder was either committed as a crime of passion, or was politically motivated, due to the victim's stature within Atlantean society. I would tend to lean towards the latter. It is imperative we ascertain the identity of the victim more fully. As it might indeed lead to more clues to the motive of this attack."

Leviathan shook his head, as if clearing his mind and looked to see Revenant interrogating the garbageman, which set off in Leviathan's brain a novel idea. What if it were possible to see what actually happened here? Leviathan made a run through of the arcane equipment he currently had on him and started searching the area.

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"Indeed sir, I will happily expunge all I know of Atlantean culture, if it might help the investigation. However, from my limited examination of the victim I can tell you that he is mostly likely from a noble house among my people, possibly a member of the royal advisory, or at least, his family is. More than that is clouded in the murky depths of uncertainty. As you might imagine, Atlanteans are of stronger physical stock than humans on average, due to living at increased pressures, we can also breathe underwater, and swim excellently. Other than this, Atlanteans are similar to humans physically, at least generally speaking, without delving into too deep a biological analysis."

"Hmmm" murmured Lord Steam, tapping his chin gently with his sliver capped cane. "Most helpful, sir. I shall have to familiarise myself with the Atlantean culture. "

He wondered if he might take his steam-powered submarine, Alice, out for a spin, if it came to it.

"But in the mean time, similar physiology, but adapted for the depths. That covers the rudiments. So, it looks like a stab wound, very neat. Maybe caught the man by surprise? very sharp - but if he had struggled, most likely to have torn the wound a bit. As it is, very clean. Of course, I don't actually know what caused the injury..." he peered in to the wound. Perhaps some fragments of the weapon left inside - even a tiny sliver of metal?

"Looks like he departed this world quickly enough anyway. Rotten way to go, but merciful. Noble house you say? deserved better, no doubt..." he mumbled to himself.

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Lucy inwardly rolled her eyes, no point in upsetting a potential witness. She also gave the police officer a gentle nudge in the rib, gentle as in not breaking any bone in his body.

“Please just Revenant, or Miss if you must. You’re being very helpful.â€

Now the important bit. She gave another of her charming smiles

“If you can remember anything, any of your, that you may think of as important now would be extremely helpful. I’d be ever so grateful.†She tried to out on the best amounts of authority and cuteness.

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Still squatting by the body, Lord Steam opened his bag of fine accessories to help him in the analysis of the corpse. The coroner beside him helped with the medical part. The Victorian detective’s carefully gloved hands danced on the pale skin, paying very much attention not to contaminate eventual evidence. He was puzzled, if not actually irritated, about the surprising cleanliness of the actual scene.

The wound had been inflicted from the down up, at an 45 degree angle – unsurprisingly, since the Atlantean fared taller than 6’4’’. It had cut right through the ribs and scratched a lung before slashing open the heart. The breastplate was ceremonial, but still quite heavy, so piercing it was a feat of noteworthy strength.

There were no signs of fight but a very minor one, a small bruise on the left cheekbone. The body seemed to not have been immersed in water for the last 24 hours, and his skin was starting to dry up before his murder.

On the pale skin of the left wrist stood out a stamped ink mark half an inch wide, presumably picturing a harp – the same logo that appeared besides the words “Riverdance Cafè†on the nightclub insignia.

Revenant tired quickly of the garbage-man’s rambling. It was becoming pretty clear that, even if he was trying to be helpful, his knowledge of anything about the case was close to zero. She bit her lip, thanked him politely and left him to the snarky cop for a written deposition.

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Having formed the basis for the ritual to see into the past into his mind, Veijlial set off to find the object in question that was most likely to offer the most information. Finding a suitable candidate a piece of the Atlantean's jewelry, Leviathan patiently waited while Lord Steam completed his examination of the body before clearing his throat and speaking up.

"Excuse me, fellow bretheren but I believe my services might shed some further light on this crime. I have the capability to perform a ritual, which will allow us to see into the past of some object, possibly garnering us a look at the murder and the assailant. However, since my investigatory skills are woefully lacking, I think it prudent that I bring you both along through this cerebral trip back in time. If you would be so kind as to join me. Officers if you would please offer us a wide birth, we might have more leads yet!"

Leviathan removed the piece of shell jewelry from the Atlantean, and walked a short distance away from the corpse. Leviathan then drew a circle upon the grown, lining it with arcane symbols, setting the jewelry down in a smaller circle within the larger circle that housed Leviathan and the other heroes. Plucking a strand of hair from all gathered, he entertwined them into one long strand, then tied one end from his finger, to the piece of jewelry. Clearing his mind and closing his eyes he steadied his breath and prepared to speak the incantation.

"If you two would be so good as to join hands with me, I will start the incantation."

As Leviathan spoke the words of power, a slight vibration coursed through the bodies of the heroes, in an almost rythmic pattern like waves crashing against a rocky shore. They could all almost hear the sea in Leviathan's voice as it rose and fell like the tides, deepening the trance and the magic reverberations within them. Colors started to swirl behind the lids of their closed eyes, brilliant greens and blues dancing in a maelstrom of flashing lights. All these things built upon each other in a crescendo of the senses before an almost anticlimactic feeling of falling backwards overcame them all as the ritual completed, bringing them back in time, at least, in their minds.

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Lucy wandered back to the body and perched on the edge of a nearby Police Car.

“Well the Garbage men were a bust, they didn’t see anything. And they seem a little star struck with me for some reason…â€

She watched Lord Steam and then Leviathan work for a few minutes in thoughtful silence. As she stepped through to hold hand she asked a question

“Before we get too far into this mystical stuff, one quick question. When we’re talking Atlantean do you mean like the city that was sunk in Plato’s book? Did Poseidon have a change of heart or did something even more esoteric happen to them? I’m still trying to figure out how everything works in this city…â€

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Veijlial let Revenant's question wash over him while he concentrated on the ritual, when he came a reasonable holding point he turned to look at her, a look of calmness stretched over his face.

"What you speak of did not happen, per se, in that manner. Yes Atlantis sunk, but i was not due to Poseidon's wrath. For years Atlantis and Lemuria were at war. Lemuria was the kingdom of the Serpent People, and it rivaled Atlantis in both wonder and technology. Both cities sunk during what is known as the Great Cataclysm. Lemuria was lost to the Serpent People, and now reside in the subterranean lairs mostly. Atlanteans however, genetically adapted themselves to life in the deep dark of the ocean, and still reside in Atlantis to this day. This should not be taken as a full historical record of the accounts of Atlantis' sinking, mind you, there is much more than this that transpired to cause these troubling events, but I must return to the ritual."

With that, Leviathan closed his eyes and continued his slow murmuring incantation.

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Lord Steam took hold of the hands of his fellow investigators with a touch of reluctance.

"Is this a seance?" he queried. He had seen enough of this dimension to know it was different to say the least. But he was rather uncomfortable with the thought of a ritual.

"Lot of hocus pocus and smoke and mirrors I should imagine...at least that how it worked back home. Blah blah blah you shall meet a tall handsome stranger and all that. Good Victoria, I could tell the ladies that, and it would be true..."

He winked at Lucy.

"After all, they would be talking to me!" he said with a hearty grin that indicated he was not being serious.

Well, mainly not serious.

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Lucy rolled her eyes but still gave Lord Steam a little smile.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Lord Steam. Besides, it’s not a séance, it just a very fancy form of Psychometry. And I’m sure Leviathan wouldn’t do anything if it was in any way dangerous, not without a warning anyhow.†She gave Leviathan a bemused look.

She looked down at the dead Atlantean thoughtfully.

“There isn’t anything unusual about Atlantean that I should know? I won’t have a strong need for seafood or an irrational attractions to bulls after this ritual?â€

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Leviathan lifted one eyebrow quizzically at both Revenant and Lord Steam. Having lived most of his life in an unforgiving underwater environment with little time at all for merry making or mirth, Veijlial wasn’t well versed in jocularity of any kind.

“This is no séance, this is true arcane power I wield, not some form of stage magic, and it would be wise not to mock such powers. I assure you the results of the ritual will speak for themselves. As for side effects suffered from this particular ritual the only one you are likely to experience is an increase in the frequency of the feeling of déjà vu for the next few days, nothing serious. Understand we are not actually going to go back in time, simply going to be passive observers of things already transpired. There will be no transformations involved, so there is little fear of odd cravings or alterations to one’s religious habits or character.â€

Hoping his explanation assuaged any lingering doubts as the safety of the experiment, Veijlial continued his chanting.

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"Hmm, give me a yard of copper wiring, some brass tubes, and a coal-fired steam engine any day" replied Lord Steam, in response to the arcane reassurances. "You know where you stand with them. All straightforward, no-nonsense. All this psychic stuff, bit unreliable. Mumbo-Jumbo. "

"As for religious affiliation..." he continued, still holding hands with his fellow investigators and (despite his protestations) more than happy to continue the ritual. "...Church of England, myself. Sunday school, stuffy vicars, hatch match and dispatch kind of chap. But Christian nonetheless...."

Then the ritual kicked in.

"By Vishnu!" he exclaimed.

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The doubts and questions were cut short when Leviathan pronounced the last word of his litany. What just a second before was a quiet alley where the earliest sunlight insinuated itself to provide a relaxing illumination suddenly changed. It was night again, and the thin clouds illuminated from the back by an almost full moon created eerie grey spots in the black sky. Light got into the alley from the main street, full of lampposts and neon insignias from the clubs. Now people were passing by the main street, and if one of them threw a glance into the alley he saw it empty. The air filled with sounds: chatter and laughter echoed as if they were underwater, an off-tone acoustic guitar trying to produce Oasis’ Wonderwall deprived of most of its charm, the occasional shattering of glass, loud and sudden.

All three pair of eyes had a bit of a hard time adjusting to the situation: whatever was at the borders of their visual field appeared covered in pearly smoke, but no matter how much they turned around, the smoke seemed to elude them and hide behind their backs.

They stood in front of the door of the nightclub, besides the pile of garbage bags, and it was open: the sound of Celtic music was pouring out. No less than five bouncers, all bearing the marks of a fight with an Atlantean war prince, stood near the frame of the door, looking at the Atlantean on the ground. Their voices were almost incomprehensible, but their body language clearly indicated rage and spite for the man.

The door shut, and the Atlantean rose from the ground, cleaning the dirt from his breastplate and cursing in his native tongue.

“I’m sorry…†a female voice made the Atlantean turn. The door opened and closed once more and a woman in her early forties came out. She had made an effort to look good: freshly dyed hair and casual but expensive clothes.


“We asked youuuussshhsslsewhere.†The voices weren’t easily understandable with the distortion caused by the spell.

“I’m the heir of Ahdahr. I’ll do assshhhssease.†The anger was clear in the eyes of the man “This matter isn’t oveeeeehhhr.â€

The woman got closer, reaching out with her arm as to touch the Atlantean “I’m sorry…†she kept saying. When she got near him, she touched his arm. He yanked it out of her grasp and turned her back on her. In the weird light, the three investigators could only see a flash of metal: then, without a word, the man fell to the ground, blood gushing out of his pierced breastplate.

The woman quickly hid a shining blade in her purse and hurried back into the door.


Suddenly it was day again, the sounds disappeared, the eyes of the three heroes were sore. Leviathan turned his gaze to detective Beck, holding a Kleenex to his nose “Ah’m soddy…†the policeman said.

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Leviathan gave the officer an annoyed look and shook his head before letting go of the hands of his compatriots.

"Well, that was a surprisingly productive effort, considering certain... distractions. We now have a description of the assailant, and who was last to see the Atlantean alive. We also know that he belonged to the noble house Ahdahr, though I admit ignorance to the significance of the family. Do either of you have inklings to the relevance of the name? If not, perhaps the good detective can give us a synopsis on what the constabulary knows of this house."

Leviathan stood and broke the circle of symbols with his foot before gathering the rest of his supplies. What he wasn't telling his compatriots was that the scene truly perturbed him. If this was any way connected to the Serpent People, the link wasn't evident, though it wouldn't be a stretch to see the Serpent People working through cat's paws or hiring an assassin. Still, all that would get him is more conjecture and less truth, so he had to settle on what he did know and work from there. He knew the bouncers had tossed the Atlantean out. Now he needed to know why.

"Are either of you skilled at the interviewing of witnesses? I am not what you would call a... people person. I suggest we talk to the bouncers of this establishment as soon as possible, the more time that lapses the less they will remember about what transpired."

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