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Bobby at the Crossroad (OOC)

Tiffany Korta

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Techincally her power is subtle, but as she was being so blatant we'll let it slide. Our little femme fatale doesn't have a name yet so we'll just call her Femme for now (I've open to ideas on her name).

k, for the gangster I'm using the Soldier archtype for a tiny bit more survivabilty. First his toughness save 1d20+5=19, so he's bruised.

His Iniative 1d20+1=12

Then Femme 1d20+2=7

and Revenant 1d20+2=20, phew.

So we have

Revenant 20, Unharmed, 1hp

Bluesman 18, Unharmed, 3hp

Gangster 12, Bruised

Femme 7, Unharmed

Okay I'm going to say Revenant will take another round to get into the room, giving you a round to strut your stuff. :D

So your up next.

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So Revenant finally get to strut her stuff, quick kick to the Gangster 1d20+11=24, yah DC 26 save

He rolls 1d20+5=11, so the gangster is down.

Now Femme has a go 1d20+3=11, oh sneaks in a hit. My DC 25 save.

1d20+10=15. Why am I the only person who harms my own character? Disabled and Dazed.

So I say that's a setback, hero points for all and we'll skip a round.Revenant's recovered and is playing patsie.

So to summarize

Revenant 20, Unharmed, 2hp

Bluesman 18, Unharmed, 4hp

Gangster 12, Unconcious

Femme 7, Unharmed

And you'r up.

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That name works for me if you want to have a recurring villain. Maybe some kind of mafia princess who developed psychic powers and joined the family business?

Anyway, is she down for the count, or still sort of standing? I imagine that even if we bound her up somehow, she'd still be able to use her powers, so Bluesman would probably make sure that she was well and truly out before doing anything else.

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