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Backwards Pawn [OOC]


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I'm sure I'm supposed to, but I'd like things to be consistent, so, no. I wrote the opening with the PL 7 version in mind.

Also, I started working on evil versions of himself and his daughter if you want to use them. I have them in his scratch pad in Character building. They're not finished yet, though.

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Ok, that's cool. I can give you my general ideas about the dimension and you can surprise me with throwing whatever wrenches in the works you might like. :)

The general idea is that all the FC setting superheroes are evil and villains are good guys in a dark, "cyber-punk" kind of world. The US is pretty much under the tyrannical rule of the Iron League, this world's version of the Freedom League. There is still a federal government, a president, and such in Washington DC, but they are puppets and do what they are told. Everyone knows where the real power is.

Superpowered individuals, by federal law, either have to join the League (and thus be "federally licensed") or be criminals. The "villains" formed pockets of resistance fighting for freedom and justice against all odds. AEGIS is the federal arm of normals, "assisted" by the Iron League in ferreting out these "terrorists" and eliminating them. The only similarity, I suppose, is that they are "criminals" here as much as they are in our world.

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Ok, still waiting for Bishop PL 7 approval!

Anti Earth is certainly do-able. I personally find it complex, as you have your counterparts there. I am more than willing to do it however!

I will ask one question however, as it stands there seem to be cramming a lot of themes into one thread - family, missing / deprived of some technology (or differing technology), fish out of water, and evil counterpart. That is a lot to throw into one thread. I can do all of these I am sure but quite possibly they should be in seperate threads (At least as prime theme). May I ask you to pick your preferred one and the others we can throw in it works out?

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Intimidate of: 1d20+1=11

Well.... maybe there are some situation bonuses...

Bishop knows he sucks at that kind of thing and is assuming the worst: that supers will be looking for him soon. In the meantime, he's doing a Computer Research (a Mastered 25) to dig around and try to get a grip on where the hell he is and who might be approachable for help getting back home.

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Thats more than ample to get a grip on the place he is in.

There would be a variety of people he could contact about inter-dimensional stuff - science / tech type people (I will presume he is going to avoid super"hero" types) so take your pick I will give you narrative control over that and post away IC!

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First thing he will do is connect to nearby surveillance camera systems and try to delete files with them in view. If he is close enough, he will connect directly with his datalink. If not, he will try to connect through wireless and cellular networks. The systems he is targeting are low security convenience stores and such, not governmental traffic cams. Then, he will search the vehicle with his datalink for any computerized GPS systems and shut them down.

Also, he won't want to travel far in the car. Just enough to get out of the area. When they have an idea of where to go, he'll plan to teleport the two of them in, so as to stay out of sight.

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Could you throw me a computers skill roll for that?

I would call this an Average Level of Security system (it's protected, sure, but it's not high priority), so DC 25. Taking 20 not allowed but taking 10 is (As per core rules).

I'll allow a +2 situation modifier for using your interface skill however. Also, if you have your Masterwork Computer (which by tyhe way I would say only costs 1 EP, not 2), thats another +2 bonus. I would imagine given your situation he would not have it, however.

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The computer is in a pocket of his suit, kind of like a fanny pack. He was going patrolling, so he'd have it as part of his standard kit. Since it doesn't need a keyboard or screen, it's pretty small package.

If you want to disallow it, that's cool, but it does make a difference on my roll. Not counting it, my roll is 23. d20 + 12 = 23.

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