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PP Awards for August 2011...

Dr Archeville

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... are going to be a few days. The autocounter's acting up, so we're going to have to do it the old-fashioned way: manually counting everyone's posts. And with this weekend being a holiday weekend (here in the States, at least), I don't know how many Refs I'll have on hand to help.

While I have your attention, though, I'll let you know that there are a few House Rule changes in the works. Here's two that I know have been agreed upon by the Refs:

    Autofire: Autofire is to be limited to one rank.
    Damage: Rather than being stunned by failing a Toughness save, characters will be dazed.
    Dazed: You are unable to take actions. You retain your dodge bonus to Defense.
    Since you're unable to take actions while Dazed, you will still need to make Concentration checks to maintain any Concentration- or Sustained-Duration powers (like Force Field).

The Refs are also working on a few tweaks to the Subtle power feat; slight tweaks to Alternate Form, Growth, Insubstantial, and Shrinking; to character sheet formatting (mostly so it will be easier to note what PL a character actually is, since not everyone builds up to the PL they've earned via accumulated power points); and a few tweaks to the Player Rewards system. Stay tuned!

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