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Power Struggle!


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Raymond Nuclear Power Plant has been taken over by nefarious forces with ill intent! The city needs YOU to save the day heroes!

Thread for 3-4 Heroes to step up and save the day from the forces of evil. Looking for PL 12 at highest preference for PL 10-11. Some reason to work together (History of collaboration etc) a plus. I'll be picking the characters that fit best with the scenario.

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Well looking over the characters I think I'm gonna go with Ironclad, Protectron, and Harrier any more would make it a bit of a cake walk.

I'm asking for at least a post a day from people to keep things moving if you're gonna miss that let me know and I can hold of for a day or so longer than that and we'll write you out till you can get back in the fight.

Protectron and Ironclad are both Lab affiliated, so Maybe harrier is getting checked out there when the alarm sounds? Lemme know if that works for folks and I'll get things started.

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