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Papercut (PL 12) - Electra (Orichalcum)

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Player Name: Electra
Character Name: Papercut
Power Level: 12 [15] (150/225PP)
Trade-Offs: +2 Attack / -2 Damage, +2 Defense / -2 Toughness
Unspent Power Points: 75
Progress To Orichalcum+ Status: 75/210 (Orichalcum Status earned by Wander)

In Brief: Reforming juvenile delinquent whose hobbies are protecting the weak and poking around where he doesn't belong. Fights evil with living origami sculptures.

Alternate Identity: Koshiro George McMillan
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan
Occupation: Student
Affiliations: Claremont Academy
Family: Mother, Kameyo McMillan (b. 1970), brother Takeshi (b. 1990), sisters Suzu and Michelle (b. 1996), grandmother Natsumi McMillan(b. 1942)

Age: 17 (DoB: June 15, 1994)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: 3/4 Japanese + 1/4 Caucasian
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Koshiro strongly favors the Japanese side of his ancestry, with a few accents passed down from his Scottish grandfather. He's fairly tall but could still grow taller, with short black hair that is often carelessly tousled and caramel-brown eyes. He prefers jeans and t-shirts at all times, and has a tendency to slouch. Despite a sullen standoffishness, he's appealing to look at.

Power Descriptions:
Papercut's power is to make paper come to life in any shape he likes. His quick fingers can fold a weapon or a shield at a moment's notice, and while the paper object will still look like paper, it will take on some of the character of its assumed shape, such as weight or sheen or color.

All Papercut's powers are of the Magic descriptor.

(For an expanded family history, please see Papercut's News Page)

Growing up, Koshiro idolized his older brother. Takeshi was smart and responsible, taking on adult duties far earlier than he should've had to and never complaining about it. He watched over his younger siblings while the women worked, inventing little games and activities to pass the time, especially when the television was cut off or the power was out entirely. He taught Koshiro the origami folds that Great-Grandmother Tomiko had taught him, and together they roamed through their neighborhood, jumping fences and peeking through windows of the increasing number of abandoned homes all around them. If Takeshi had one passion, it was for exploring abandoned buildings, a passion Koshiro shared in equal measure. In high school, Takeshi joined an informal club of urban explorers and began really getting into the abandoned infrastructure of Detroit, climbing through old buildngs and crawling through old tunnels, taking pictures and sharing the adventures on the internet. Koshiro was desperate to join in too, and after a prolonged campaign of pestering, was allowed to go on some of the missions as well. Their mother didn't approve, but it was better than taking drugs or joining a gang.

Takeshi quickly became a leader in the group, and his rules were absolute. No stealing from sites, no graffiti, no vandalism. Nobody went on a mission if they weren't clean and sober. No smoking on site. Always keep in touch, always watch your step, always check in at the end of the night. Koshiro followed the rules rabidly, avoiding any of the chemical temptations that were easily available at their school for fear he'd be booted from the team. He made a niche for himself by chronicling their finds, both with a camera and a sketchpad, then scanning and posting the images. His handle online was Cagey, for his initials, which he thought was extremely clever. The start of high school sucked, between there not being enough teachers or books to go around and more than enough kids to try their luck at bullying the Japanese kid, but he didn't care. Some of the girls liked him well enough, and that was cool, really cool. Most importantly, Takeshi had passed up scholarships at more prestigious schools to stay at home and go to Wayne State, so everything important was going to stay the way it was.

Except it didn't. Just after the start of Koshiro's sophomore year in 2009, everything changed. Takeshi went out one warm fall evening to get intel on an old building they were thinking of exploring, a cool old brick thing that had once been a lab or library or something scientific like that. There was probably tons of cool stuff still laying around in there. Koshiro wanted to go with, but he was stuck inside babysitting for the twin pains while Mom worked the back to school late shift. He made sure the girls both went to bed on time and waited up, fooling with a new origami design, for Takeshi to get home so he could upload the pics. But Takeshi never came home. Mom got home and was frantic, the police were called, but they weren't good for a damn thing except making stupid theories and having stupid opnions. They found Takeshi's gear outside the brick building and decided he'd gone in exploring like some stupid amateur kid and fallen through the outside deck into the retaining pond outside. Either that, or he'd decided to take off and laid a false trail to keep anyone from following him. Dragging the pond didn't produce a body, but it didn't change the official line either. The police didn't care about some dumb poor kid who'd been going places he should never have been. The case was left open, but cold.

Koshiro couldn't understand any of what had happened, and all he could feel was rage. Why had Takeshi gone without him? Why didn't the police listen when he told them that Takeshi would never have left his gear, never have gone inside without a team? Why didn't anybody give a damn that his brother was gone, maybe dead? Why was everything so screwed up? Without an anchor or a rudder, all the annoyances and problems that he'd been able to ignore rushed over him and swamped him, and soon he was getting into fights at school, staying out late, ignoring his family, and generally making a real halfass-badass out of himself. In the spring, he broke the final set of rules and went exploring by himself, back to the brick building where his brother had disappeared. He broke a window to get inside and scoured the place, bitterly disappointed when it was burned out inside, empty of history, of clues, of proof of anything. The only thing he found was an oddly-untouched perfectly square book, sitting on a blackened shelf in an empty room. He picked it up, but the pages inside were blank, another dead end. Disappointed and angry, he shoved the book into his bag and left, just in time to run into the one cop actually out patrolling Detroit at this hour of the night.

He got put on probation for the trespassing and ordered to make restitution for the window, though nobody knew exactly who he was supposed to pay, but it was largely a formality. By the fall he was in trouble again, fighting with some jackasses at school who thought they could talk about his brother, and he was packed up and sent to juvie. At least there, he figured, his mom didn't have to pay for his meals and school supplies. Being locked up, away from his family, his computer, everything that was familiar and comfortable, took a lot of the fight out of him pretty quickly. He knew he'd screwed up badly, and he'd disappointed everyone who cared about him. Takeshi would be ashamed to see what he'd done. Koshiro didn't shape up overnight, but he did shape up, ignoring the jerks and druggies and bangers all around him and withdrawing into his own reserve. He stopped getting into fights, and people started to leave him alone.

He was surprised one day to find the square book in a package from home, tucked in along with his sketchbook and pencils. Mom must have thought it was another blank drawing book, but the pages were too thin, almost like rice paper. They were terrible for drawing, but actually really good for origami. Koshiro began pulling pages out of the book and folding them into little cranes, four or sometimes sixteen to a page. A thousand perfect cranes was worth a wish, if one believed origami superstition, and he had plenty of wishes. Most of all, he wanted to make his brother proud, wherever he was, whatever had happened. Even though he knew it was stupid, he folded assiduously, counted fanatically, and as he folded the thousandth crane, sitting in his bunk late at night, he kept expecting something to happen. anything. He carefully bent beak and tail into shape, crimped the tiny wings, and held it in the palm of his hand, staring at it. A perfect paper crane, perfectly ordinary. Perfectly dumb. He muttered a curse and started to close his hand around the little sculpture and crush it, when suddenly it moved in his hand.

He froze, sure he'd imagined it, but then it happened again. It bobbed its head inquisitively, stretched its wings, waggled its paper tail and then took flight! Koshiro watched open-mouthed as it careened around the room, flapping its little paper wings. Quickly he opened the shoebox that contained the rest of his collection, plucking one up at random. As soon as his fingers touched it, that one, too, took flight, followed by another, than another. In moments, an entire flock of paper cranes was wheeling around the room. Koshiro grabbed for the book, now almost empty of pages, and opened it up, though he didn't know what he was looking for. The book, one that had appeared out of nowhere somewhere it had no right to be, it had to be the key somehow! The moment he opened the cover, the entire book began to glow with bluish light, and for a moment the pages, both intact and folded, were covered with strange glowing symbols. All at once, the light formed up into a ball and slammed into Koshiro's chest, then disappeared. The cranes, apparently excited by the light, began to wheel madly around his head and body like a paper cyclone. He had a few bad moments before realizing that he could control them even once they'd left his hand, including making them go back in the box before anyone else saw.

The next few days saw him consumed with trying to understand and harness this new and strange power. The cranes were just the beginning. If he folded a plane, it flew around making little "vroom" noises and dodging around obstacles until he plucked it out of the air. If he folded an elephant, it trumpeted and lumbered across his bunk, denting the mattress with weight that it couldn't possibly have. The one time he folded a waterbomb, it began ticking ominously until he hastily unfolded it again. Everything he made came to life and did what he wanted. It was weird... but it was also beyond cool. He had a secret superpower! If he practiced enough, got good enough, who knew what he'd be able to do?

Practicing in his room was all well and good, but he needed to get outside where he could see how high and fast and far his creations could actually go. With the box of cranes under his arm one hot summer day, he set out for the exercise yard, knowing no one else would want to leave the air conditioning. On the way, though, he ran into trouble. The bullies were leaving him alone these days, but not everyone was so lucky. Three of them were ganging up on a kid Koshiro knew a little, a harmless kid, slow in the brains, who was pretty much only in juvie because the rest of his gang used him as the fall guy when they'd got caught robbing a convenience store. Koshiro confronted them, which in retrospect was not wise since he didn't know how to fight, and all he did was draw their attention. In the space of an instant, though, the shoebox exploded open with the force of two-thousand beating wings, and the bullies were swept backwards by a wave of paper cranes, right in front of the whole crowd who'd gathered to watch the fight. The secret was out.

First thing the next morning, Koshiro was called into the superintendent's office. He wasn't shackled for the trip, which seemed like a good sign, though the guards carefully searched him for paper. The superintendent, who seemed rather uneasy, listened carefully to Koshiro's side of the story, then told him that this detention center wasn't the place for him. He would be looking for that place, a place to train him in his new abilities, get him on the right track, just as soon as possible. In the meantime, though, Koshiro was not to cause any trouble. Cheered by the prospect of getting out of detention soon, Koshiro had little trouble agreeing to that. He was a little more ambivalent later, when it turned out he'd be going all the way to Freedom City, but it was still better than juvie.

Personality & Motivation:
Koshiro has a well-founded distrust of authority figures that tends to get him into trouble, but at the same time motivates him to stand up for little guys who are getting pushed around. He wants his family to be proud of him, but that doesn't mean he's ready to toe the line at all times.

Powers & Tactics:
Koshiro carries paper with him at all times to allow him to fold up a sculpture as necessary, but he also tends to carry a few ready-made items for use as needed. His most visually stunning power is his blast attack, which consists of a thousand paper cranes with tiny sharp beaks and buffeting wings.

Rap Sheet: Koshiro's actions have gotten him in trouble with the law, and further screwups could lead to more severe punishment in the future.

Short Sheet: Papercut's powers require paper to use. He always carries some, but if he's caught out, he's in big trouble

Rice Paper Sheet: Papercut's origami creations are far more durable than a typical origami sculpture, but they are still paper. If conditions are sufficiently wet, they will not work effectively.

Sheets to the Wind: Papercut is new to his powers and has no combat training. He is brave, but not exactly ready for prime time, and in a fight may rely on inefficient tactics because they are familiar.

Sheet Anchor: Even though he's screwed up and disappointed his mom, and even though his whole family is far away, Koshiro cares deeply for his family and wants to help them.

Cheat Sheet: He may be smart, but Koshiro's screwups have cost him a year of school. He is old for a junior and may have trouble fitting in because of it.

Black Sheet: Koshiro has no love for authority, for all he's trying to reform. His sullen and stubborn attitude is unlikely to endear him to superiors who could help him along, both at school and potentially in the field.

Abilities: 4 + 10 + 8 + 2 + 4 + 4 = 32PP
Strength: 14 (+2)
Dexterity: 20 (+5)
Constitution: 18 (+4)
Intelligence: 12 (+1)
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 14 (+2)

Combat: 12 + 12 = 24PP
Initiative: +5
Attack: +6 Melee, +12 Ranged
Grapple: +8
Defense: +12 (+6 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -4/-2, -2 Flat-Footed

Saving Throws: 3 + 2 + 6 = 11PP
Toughness: +8/+4, +4 Flat-Footed (+4 Con, +4/+0 Force Field)
Fortitude: +7 (+4 Con, +3)
Reflex: +7 (+5 Dex, +2)
Will: +7 (+2 Wis, +6)

Skills: 88R = 22PP
Bluff 11 (+13, +17 Attractive)
Climb 13 (+15) Skill Mastery
Concentration 8 (+10)Second Chance
Craft (Artistic) 9 (+10)
Diplomacy 0 (+2, +6 Attractive)
Disable Device 9 (+10)Second Chance
Knowledge (History) 9 (+10)
Languages 2 (English [Native], Japanese, Spanish)
Notice 8 (+10) Skill Mastery
Search 9 (+10) Skill Mastery
Stealth 10 (+15) Skill Mastery

Feats: 25PP
Attack Focus (Ranged) 6
Challenge (Accelerated Climb)
Dodge Focus 6
Hide In Plain Sight
Luck 3
Move-By Action
Power Attack
Precise Shot
Second Chance 2 (Concentration, Disable Device)
Skill Mastery (Climb, Notice, Search, Stealth)
Uncanny Dodge (auditory)

Powers: 6 + 2 + 28 = 36PP

Flight 3 (50mph / 500ft per Move Action, Extras: Affects Others, Flaws: Platform) [6PP] (Open Canopy Origami Plane, Magic)

Force Field 4 (Flaws: Limited [Dodge Bonus]) [2PP] (Paper Armor, Magic)

Origami Magic 12 (24PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 4) [28PP]

Base Power: Blast 8 (Extras: Autofire) [24PP] (Thousand Crane Attack)

Alternate Power: Create Object 7 (STR 35 [Heavy Load: 3 tons], Extras: Movable, Feats: Indirect 2, Selective) [24PP] (Origami Sculpture Art)

Alternate Power: ESP 3 (All Senses, 1,000ft, Extras: Duration [sustained], No Conduit, Simultaneous, Flaws: Action [standard], Feats: Rapid 2 [x100]) [20PP] & Communication 3 (Visual, 1,000ft, Feats: Subtle) [4PP] (Scuttling Paper Critters, some with writing)

Alternate Power: Flight 3 (Rank 6, 500mph / 5,000ft [1 mile] per Move Action, Extras: Affects Others, Linked [impervious], Special [3, Buys Off Platform Flaw], Feats: Progression [subjects] 3 [10 Subjects], Subtle) [16PP] + Impervious Toughness 8 (Extras: Force Field [Free Action, Sustained Duration], Linked [Flight]) [8PP] (Closed-Body Origami Plane)

Alternate Power: Move Object 8 (STR 40 [Heavy Load: 6 tons], Feats: Improved Critical [19-20], Indirect 3, Precise, Split Attack 2 [5 Targets], Subtle) [24PP] (Highly Proactive Origami)

DC Block:
Unarmed Touch DC 17 TOU (staged) Damage (Physical)
Blast Ranged DC 23 TOU (staged) Damage (Physical)
Create Object Ranged DC 17 REF/DC 22 TOU Trapped/Damage
Move Object Ranged vs Power check/DC 23 TOU Grappled

Abilities (32) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (11) + Skills (22) + Feats (25) + Powers (36) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/225 Power Points Edited by Ecalsneerg
+1pp for September 2013

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