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Science Shenanegians (OOC)


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Initiative order:

11 Thug 1 (Shotgun) -- Uninjured -- GM

11 Thug 2 (Fleeing) -- Uninjured -- GM

7 Thug 3 (Revolved) -- Uninjured -- GM

7 Thug 4 (Walther) -- Uninjured -- GM

5 Wail -- Uninjured -- HPx3

Thugs fire! And the smart one runs!

Attack roll for 3 Thugs, vs Wail's Def. Varying DC. (1d20+2=21, 1d20+2=17, 1d20+2=21) Lordy, those are good rolls! But still, none of them hit.

Wail's up!

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Wail will use his sit down and shut up power. To whit:

Emotion Control 13 (Extras: Area [General, Burst, 60ft radius], Linked [Trip], Flaws: Limited [Fear], Range 2 [Touch]) [7PP]

+ Trip 13 (Extras: Area [General, Burst], Linked [Emotion Control], Flaws: Range [Touch], Feats: Improved Trip) [14PP]

(Fearsome Roar) [21PP]

That's DC 23 Reflex to reduce the DC 23 Will save against Fear, and the worse of Strength or Dexterity against Area Trip. (1d20+13=29).

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You recognize the cashier as a junior at Joesph Clark High School and a student of yours, Lamont Desmarais. 'Des' (he thinks his first name sounds stupid) is an unusually active debater; he rarely takes a fact at face value, but instead digs for facts. You're not sure what he's doing with a gun that turns people noir, though.

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20 - Mook 1 -- Uninjured -- Mook

20 - Mook 2 -- Uninjured -- Mook

15 - Mook 3 -- Uninjured -- Mook

14 - Wail -- Uninjured -- HPx3

14 - Mook 4 -- Uninjured -- Mook

8 - Mook 5 -- Uninjured -- Mook

4 - Mook 6 -- Uninjured -- Mook

4 - Mook 7 -- Uninjured -- Mook

3 - Mook 8 -- Uninjured -- Mook

Mooks 1 & 2 help out Mook 3 with Att. Mook 1 & 2 attack check for Aid Action, on Mook 3. DC 10 (1d20+5=25, 1d20+5=20)

Mook 3 shoots you with his blaster rifle. Mook 3's ranged attack check, vs Wail's flat-footed Def. DC 20 (1d20+9=17) That actually hits because Wail's still flat-footed.

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Word. Okay:

Standard Action: Sonic Scream

Damage 13 (Extras: Area [General, Cone, 120ft], Linked [stun]) [24PP] + Stun 9 (Extras: Area [General, Cone], Linked [Damage]) [27PP] (Sonic Scream) [53PP]

He can probably catch all of them in that by aiming toward the hole in the wall. That'd be a DC 28 Toughness Save and a DC 19 Fortitude Save.

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When searching the soldiers (which you could Take 10 or 20 on) you notice a small badge with a peculiar symbol: a round shield, subdivided into a number of hexagons by thin black lines. The soldiers are also wearing radios and ear buds under their armor, but if you try to take them more than a few inches from the body they are on they fry themselves. You could try a Know/Current Events to try and identify the symbol.

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Actually you could make an Int check to get a DC 10 or 15 answer, but let's move it along.

The symbol belongs to Hopolite Security, a PMC that works hard to avoid the media limelight. There have been rumors, though, that they have been involved in kidnapping of people with superpowers, and that the technology they deploy is leaps and bounds beyond what's available to their competitors/the public.

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