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Nerin (PL10) - Nimue

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Player Name:Nimue

Character Name:Nerin A'Bev

Power Level: 10 (150/150pp)

Trade-Offs: -2 Defence, +2 toughness

Unspent Power Points: 0

Progress To Bronze Status: 0/30

In Brief: Magnokinetic Alien Teen currently, stranded on earth after Grue attack on her home world.

Alternate Identity: N/A

Identity: Public

Birthplace:Rerczn, 2nd planet from the star Gitveo, Located a short distance outside The Lor Republic.

Occupation: Apprentice Space craft Technician

Affiliations: Claremont Academy (student), The Lor Republic (Independent ally, not a member)

Family: Farzin A’bev (Father),Mirrin A’bev (mother)


Age: 20 (DoB: March 4th, 1991)

Apparent Age: 16


Species: Rercznian



Eyes:Dark Grey



Power Descriptions:

Nerins Magnetic abilities are not typically detectable within the range of human senses. Specialized equipment can pick up on the magnetic flux she generates, but aside from that, the only real sign of her abilities is the movement of metal within her vicinity.


The History of the Rercznians can trace itself back through time to the intervention of the Preservers. Originally native to earth, in the far distant past, they were taken from their home world by collection drones, drawn up into space for reasons beyond the understanding of lesser minds. Much like the Lor, they were planted upon a far flung planet, left to colonize the barren world. Their new home, Rerczn, was a ball of iron and metal, far removed from the rock and stone their native world. Whether through direct tampering by the Preservers, or simply the result of natural evolution taking its course, the race that was once human changed into something new. While retaining much of their appearance, ignoring a few minor variations, A select few developed the ability to move their metallic environment with their thoughts, to shape it to their will. They could generate powerful magnetic fields with their bodies and project them outwards.

Over generations, the Rerczians forgot the true origin of their race, only a few dim memories surviving, and even those were changed bit by bit with each retelling, till it was more myth than anything else. While having little technology to work with, at least at first, the ability to manipulate metal and magnetism, though rare, proved a great stepping stone on the way to higher understanding, and the race developed quickly in many fields, though fell behind in others. Electricity for one, was a field which the race overlooked. Their environment prevented any substantial charge from building up before it’d discharge. Without even the faintest spark of static to help guide their thoughts, the entire concept of electricity was a closed door to the race. Without this key element, Space flight was out of their reach, so they remaind grounded, even while their sibling races, which developed into the Lor Republic, reached into the and established their foothold on the galaxy.

This changed roughly a century ago, with the crash landing of a Lor ship onto Rerczn. Up until then, they’d been left alone, partially do to their remoteness compared to the other Lor worlds, partially to allow their race to develop on their own. However, with the cat out of the bag, The Rercznian people proved to be capable of adapting remarkably fast to the new technologies discovered from the crash. Doubtless, their connection with metal aided in their ability to reverse engineer the Lor ship and set out into space.

Now a star faring race, The Rercznian people worked to find their niche within the interplanetary political environment. The first instinct was to join with their sibling races, becoming a member of the Lor republic. While this was a tempting position, there were several incompatible viewpoints between the two which made the Rercznian leaders weary. Among the Rercznian, those who could shape magnetic fields were seen as servants of the people, not as their betters. Conversely, the Republics devotion to the idea of Genetic Fitness seemed to indicate the opposite, that those with abilities that their fellows did not possesses were in some way superior. No, it was ultimately decided that while an alliance was an agreeable position, membership to the republic proper was something that the Red skinned People of Rerczn held little interest in.

Setting up colonies on planets rich with minerals, The Rerczn people have rapidly grown to become a rather potent trading empire, their innate understanding of how to best work with and extract metals proving invaluable in the galactic marketplace. Many of them took to the stars in trade ships, moving from world to world, selling their wears.

Onto one such vessel was born Nerin A’Bev. Daughter of two merchants, she proved early on to be one of the few blessed with the gift of magnetism. While much of her early life was fairly average, she received basic instruction on her people and their place in the universe, as well as taking up an apprenticeship with one of the vessels engineers. She enjoyed her work, finding it to be challenging but not so much so that she felt overwhelmed. As she began to grow into a young woman, it came to light that she was one of the few who’d been blessed with the gift of magnetism. While the gift was not so rare as it had once been, each generation having a few more than the last, it was still a talent that few shared. Less than one in a thousand had her abilities, and even fewer had quite the talent for it that Nerin displayed.

Despite all this, she was not hailed as anything unique. It was not how her people thought, nor was it how she thought. It was a talent, nothing more or less. She knew the expectation was that she put her abilities to use, for her ship and her people. She continued her training in ship maintenance and engineering, though it proved to be far simpler with her new abilities.

Nerin would soon find herself in the midst of her peoples first contact with another alien race, one far less kind than the Lor. While Traveling between star systems, her ship was ambushed by a flotilla of Grue starships. They descended faster than the Trade vessel could respond, boarding in moments and sweeping through the ship. Nerin had been working on one of the emergency shuttles at the time, finishing up some standard maitencen when the alert went up. She saw the wave of Grue soldiers moving through the ship, heading down towards her. She knew what she was supposed to do, to stand and defend her people.

Instead, she ran. Panic took hold of her, overwhelming any sense of duty or obligation beyond saving herself. The escape shuttle ejected, leaving the rest of the ship to fend of itself while she fled off into the void. With the battle raging around them, one small vessel was overlooked, and she escaped from under the Grue’s nose.

For six months, Nerin Drifted, alone on the tiny ship. Unaware of the fate of her ship. She picked the worst, though the reality of what had transpired was far more terrible than even her imagination could have guessed. After seizing the ship, the Grue traced its flight path back to Rerczn, back to Nerins home world. They invaded, brushing through any offered resistance, gaining ground every day. Little by little, the world was conquered, and made another pawn of the Grue empire, which wasted no time in plundering the materials available to them on the mineral rich world, putting the population to work at turning the iron and metal into weapons, fuel for the Grue war machine. Pockets of resistance existed here and there, but there was little that could be done.

Six months passed for Nerin before her ship found a place to land. Picking up on transmitted radio signals, it set a course for the world known as Earth, third Planet in the Sol system. Aiming for the most technologically advanced center it could find, it picked Freedom City as the best place to put down. The Freedom League, having already picked the ships signal up on their sensors, were already waiting for her when she entered the atmosphere.

With the help of a translation device, Nerin explained what had happened, though omitted her own cowardice as best she could. Months of isolation had done little for the shame she felt in abandoning her people in a moment of dire need, for succumbing to fear when she could have made a difference. Though the city had seen the worst of alien invaders in the past, they’d also seen plenty of evidence that those from other worlds could be trusted. While her abilities were potent, Nerin wasn’t an invader or conqueror, she wasn’t even an adult. The young woman simply needed a place to stay for the time being, a sentiment that Nerin herself had no objections to. Claremont academy opened its doors to her, offering to teach the girl about earth and help make her comfortable while she stayed, perhaps even giving her a chance to give back to her temporary home. It seemed a reasonable arranging. If anything, Nerin was glad she could stay. It meant she wouldn’t have to face up to her failures. While pretending that her mistake hadn’t happened might not have been the best option, and she knew it certainly wouldn’t help anyone, she didn’t think she was ready to face the consequences of her actions.

At present, Nerin is a new arrival to Claremont academy, eager to begin receiving her education. While she’d seen a few different races in her travels, she’s eager to learn more about the strange creatures called ‘humans’ and the world that they call home.

Personality & Motivation:

Nerin is a fairly earnest, straightforward, hardworking girl. Fairly polite, though occasionally somewhat blunt in her phrasing, she tends to come across as a rather sincere and friendly person. In many ways, she seems very human, despite the cultural differences. She has a very practical outlook on things, approaching situations directly and dealing with them in a straightforward manner. This has its benefits and disadvantages. On the one hand, she’s honest and open in hear dealings with others. If she has something to say, she’ll say it and be done with the matter. While this leaves her motives and opinions open, it can also step on a lot of toes, which is something of a downside. Compounding this issue is her ignorance in matters of earthly social norms and customs, many of which are built around taking steps to avoid confrontation or hurt feelings. Though she is typically an open book, there are a few matters to which she keeps others at a distance, most notably the circumstances surrounding her arrival on earth, due to her feelings of guilt caused by abandoning her ship and her duty. This lingering sense that she betrayed her people is a continuing source of emotional turmoil within her, one which she is doing her best to subdue. Given the abundance of new things to experience on earth, she’s content to let herself become ‘distracted’ from the matter, by burying her feelings with other thoughts and ideas. Her approach to crime and justice is born mostly from her upbringing onboard a ship. Everyone is expected to tow their own weight, and since she’s staying on earth, she works to make herself useful in her time here. While crimefighting is an excellent outlet for her abilities, she also is willing to apply herself to other matters, such as construction and art, especially sculpture, which she finds relaxing and enjoyable.

Powers & Tactics:

Nerin is best in a fight when she can keep her distance and use her impressive ability to turn the battlefield against her opponent, collecting metal from the area and harnessing it into a weapon. If forced into close ranges, she’ll try and obstruct her opponent and use the opening to create some distance between them.


Stranger in a Strange Land: Nerin is not yet accustomed to earth culture, customs, manners and social graces.

Struggling: You can usually get all your monthly bills paid, if you don't have to pay to have something repaired or replaced. But most months, you do have to pay for something to be repaired or replaced.

Language barrier: Even With her universal translator, Nerin cannot read human languages, and without it, she cannot communicate with others.

Magnetic Personality: Nerin produces a low strength magnetic field around herself, which can cause minor disruptions with nearby electronic devices (Audio distortions in MP3 players, Warping of an image on a TV screen, some memory loss from electronic data storage, etc)

Metal Dependent: Most of her abilities are dependent on their being metal in her area that she can manipulate. While this limitation is easily overcome in most human cities, it can become a major impediment in more natural settings.

Abilities: 4 + 4 + 4 + 6 + 2 + 2 = 22PP

Strength: 14 (+2)

Dexterity: 14 (+2)

Constitution: 14 (+2)

Intelligence: 16 (+3)

Wisdom: 12 (+1)

Charisma: 12 (+1)

Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP

Initiative: +2

Attack: +4 Melee, +4 Ranged

Grapple: +6

Defense: +8 (+4 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -6

Saving Throws: 5 + 5 + 6 = 16PP

Toughness: +12 (+2 Con, +10 [Flight Suit])

Fortitude: +7 (+2 Con, +5)

Reflex: +7 (+2 Dex, +5)

Will: +7 (+1 Wis, +6)

Skills: 52R = 14PP

Concentration 6 (+7)

Craft (Artistic) 4 (+7)

Craft (Mechanical) 8 (+11)

Knowledge (Physical Science) 8 (+11)

Knowledge (Technology) 6 (+9)

Language (Rercznian [Native])

Notice 10 (+11)

Pilot 10 (+12)

Feats: 13PP

Dodge focus 4

Environmental Adaptation [Zero Gravity]

Equipment 7


Star Skimmer(VehicleStrength:40 (0) Speed:Flight 7 [1000 MPH](14), Space Travel 14 [25,000c](1), Swimming 7 [1000 MPH](1) Defense:6 (0) Toughness: 15 (4) Size:Gargantuan (3) Powers:Immunity [Life support](9) Features:Navigation 4 [+20 navigation](4), Communications(1), Computer(1), Fire Prevention System (1), Living Space (1), Infirmary (1), Security System 2 [DC25](2), Power system (1), Defense system [Restraint Field: Snare 10](1), Concealment [Normal Vision (Passive), Radar(Passive)](3), Food Production [immunity {Hunger and thirst; Affects others, Limited (others only)}](2), Remote control (1) ) [35EP]

Powers: 40+8+5+16+3= 72PP

Magnetic Control 17 (Feats: Alternate Power 6) [40PP] (Alien Biological magnetic field manipulation)

  • Base Power: Move Object 16 (Extras: Perception Range Flaws: Limited [Ferrous Materials] Feats: Indirect 1, Subtle 1 [Only detectable with magnetometers]) [34PP] (Alien Biological magnetic manipulation, Effective strength 80 [800 tons])

    Alternate Power: Move Object 14 (Extras: Burst Area Flaws: Limited [Ferrous Materials] Feats: Subtle [Only detectable with Magnetometers], Progression 3 [Radius 50ft/rank], Selective, Indirect 1) [34PP] (Magnetic Flux Field, Effective strength 70 [200 Tons])

    Alternate Power: Shape Matter 10(Extras: Continuous Flaws: Limited [Ferrous Materials], Distracting Feats: Subtle [Only detectable with Magnetometers], Precise, Indirect 1, Accurate ) [34PP] (Magnetic Sculpting [1000 lbs])

    Alternate Power: Blast 10(Extras: Penetrating Feats: Accurate 3, Homing 1) [34PP] (Magnetic Rail gun, Ballistic)

    Alternate Power: Snare 10 (Extras: Perception Range Feats: Indirect 3, Reversible) [34PP] (Magnetically charged metal bindings)

    Alternate Power: Blast 10 (Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude] Feats: Accurate 3, Subtle [Only detectable with magnetometers] ) [34PP] (Magnetic attack targeting the iron inside a person’s body)

    Alternate Power: Nullify [All Technology] 8 (Extras: Burst Area, Effortless, Concentration Flaws: Touch Range Feats: Subtle [Only detectable by Magnetometers], Progression [Radius 10ft/rank]) [34PP] (EMP)

Super Sense 8 ( Mental Detect Metal, Radius, Acute, Accurate, Extended [-1/1000ft] ) [8PP] (Alien Biological Metal Detector)

Flight 5 (Flaws: Platform ) [5PP] (Riding atop a magnetically propelled metal disk, assembled from whatever metal is available in the environment)

Alien Flight Suit(20PP Container Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [16PP] (Alien Space Suit)

Protection 10 [10PP] (High strength synthetic nano-fiber weave)

Immunity 10 (Life support, Immune to her Powers ) [10PP] (environmental shielding)

Universal Translator (5PP Container Flaws: Easy-To-Lose) [3PP]

Comprehend 2 ( Speak and understand all languages Feats: Feature [MP3 Player]) [5PP] (Borrowed Translator on loan from the Freedom League)

Drawbacks: (-2)= -2PP

Vulnerability ( Disease effects, Frequency: [uncommon],Intensity: Moderate [+50% Save DC] ) [-2PP]

Abilities (22) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (16) + Skills (13) + Feats (13) + Powers (72) - Drawbacks (2) = 150/150 Power Points

DC Block

ATTACK       RANGE      SAVE                      EFFECT

Unarmed      Touch      DC17 Toughness (Staged)   Damage (Physical)

Throw        Perception DC25 Toughness (Staged)   Damage (Physical)

Blast        Ranged     DC25 Toughness (Staged)   Damage (Physical)

Blast        Ranged     DC25 Fortitude (Staged)   Damage (Physical)

Shape Matter Ranged     DC20 Reflex(Held Devices) Transformed

Snare        Perception DC20 Reflex (staged)      Snared

Nullify      Touch      DC18 Will                 Nullified

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An interesting variant, Nimue. So her race is basically militaristic jerks who enslave their powered people? I like it: she'll be much happier in Freedom City where that dog don't hunt. And what a surprise they got when they met the Grue! I really like this sheet and what you've done with it.

Some details:

Please clean up the HTML; you've got a lot of spaces run into each other in a way that makes the sheet hard to read.

What's the design philosophy behind having the Snare be Perception range but everything else an actual ranged attack?

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An interesting variant, Nimue. So her race is basically militaristic jerks who enslave their powered people? I like it: she'll be much happier in Freedom City where that dog don't hunt. And what a surprise they got when they met the Grue! I really like this sheet and what you've done with it.

Not at all what I intended! :) but since you brought up the idea, I have to say, I like it to much to just dismiss it offhandedly. So, thanks for providing that insight.

Please clean up the HTML; you've got a lot of spaces run into each other in a way that makes the sheet hard to read.

Not sure what you mean by this. Could I maybe get some examples?

What's the design philosophy behind having the Snare be Perception range but everything else an actual ranged attack?

Well, part of it was so that the points balenced out to the value of the base power in the array.In my mind, I saw it as a bunch of scrap metal in the area (tin cans, manhole covers, trash bins) all lumping together on the target and holding them in place. Not so much that they were being hit with an attack, but that Nerin was setting a magnetic field at their location which casued everything nearby to fly over and clump onto them. If your not happy with perception, I could change it to Regenerating, refelcting that the 'damage' is really knocking bits of metal off of the snare, which could then immeadiatly reattach to the mass due to the magnetic attraction.

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Among the Rercznian, those who could shape magnetic fields were seen as servants of the people, not as their betters.

The Lor are not ruled by their empowered classes, nor are they particularly obsessed with eugenics. I assumed the above was a code for "On Rerczia, people with superpowers give up their freedom 'for the good of the community'", i.e., that they're basically enslaved in contrast to the Lor Republic. (Where psions tend to have jobs in the military or the police forces). I thought that made for an interesting take on the backstory; her people rejected peaceful cooperation with the Lor (who are basically the Federation from Star Trek, if not as nice) and learned that there are reasons that human offshoots in the galaxy stick together.

And what I was mentioning there was just things like spacing and typing in the powers; it'll look cleaner if you go over it again and make it look like the sample sheets you see.

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Alrighty, I tried cleaning up the powers, though Im not sure if its what you wanted or not. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

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Okay, the only thing I wanted to clear up is her age:

We do prefer that PCs look 16. (Why am I insisting on that when she looks 15? Well if she goes through, the next person will want 14...) That keeps everything on the up and up. Make sure you are comfortable with her actually being (and treated as) a teenager.

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Changing her apparent age from 15 to 16 is no big deal, nor is being treated as such, since I envisoned her race maturing slower than humans anyway, so it all works out.

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