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“Rich Royer here, and welcome to another edition of Twenty Question, above us that flash of green you see swinging from building to building is Tendril, a new heroine who has been patrolling the North End. I’ve managed to get an interview with this delicate flower.â€

With that Tendril swings down and lands on 4 long green vines catching her human body a few feet above the ground. The vines then lower her for a soft landing on the ground.


“Hello, thank you for accepting this interview. Can you start by a general discription of yourself so that our listeners on the radio will be able to recognize you?â€

“Oh, of course, Well the most obvious features are my green hair and this vines that extend from my back. Other than that I wear this 2 tone green costume and this mask to keep my identity secret.â€

“Surely there are not many other girls with green hair and vines?â€

“Surely not, but a girl has to have some secrets.†Tendril replied with a wink.

“I notice your accent is midwestern, tell us where are you from?"

"I'm from a small town in kansas, come to the big city where all the action happens." “I am from father,†“Yes but we’re not ready for them to know that yet.â€

"And what's your motivation for fighting crime in general?"

"Oh Rich it's been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I remember watching Lady Liberty on the national news.†A vine brushes idly brushes hair out of her eyes.

“And what would you say is your greatest strengths and greatest weakness?

“I’d say my greatest strength is my vines here, actually a symbiote, it is alive. Able to grow and reshape itself into a variety of plant forms. As for weakness we don’t do to well with herbicides and plants are somewhat flammable.â€

“Thank you, At the risk of sounding like a men’s magazine can you tell the viewers and listeners about your likes and dislikes, just let us get to know you better.â€

Tendril chuckles a bit, “Likes, Chocolate. Though I tend to eat less of it now than I used to.†A smile comes over her face as the symbiote reproduces the tastes and chemical reactions of chocolate for her. “As for dislikes, I hate it when people use their power to take advantage of those less fortunate then them, no matter where that power stems from.â€

“How about fears? Everyone has things they fear even heros.â€

“Fear someone finding this out about me..no..†“I guess Rich my biggest fear is coming across something that I know needs stopped and being powerless to do anything about it.â€

“What do you hope to achieve, what’s your greatest ambition?â€

“I hope to do good for the people of Freedom and the world, I hope to make the world a little nicer place to live in, and I guess someday settle down and have little seedlings†She said with a chuckle.

“That brings us to mistakes, how about letting our viewers know about your biggest mistake, and what have you learned from it?â€

Tendril turns a bit red, “Well, this is embarrassing, but when I first came to freedom I noticed a mugger stealing woman’s purse. I quickly jumped in to help. Turns out, she had the gun. The purse was actually his. I learned that this city isn’t like the small town I grew up in.â€

Rich chuckles, “Did your family come with you from this small town? What are they like?â€

“Oh no, they’re still back in Kansas. Good thing too, my mom would just die if she knew what I was up to.†As she speaks one of her vines pulls at a park bench, she taps it and it stops raising up almost as if to look around.

“Then I take it your family doesn’t know about your hero work. How do you think they’d feel about being a superhero?â€

“Well Rich, as I said, my mom would worry of course, they wouldn’t want me risking my life, but at the same time, they would be proud of me. My family always taught me to take care of others and do the right thing.â€

“So no one near by to worry about you? How about a lover?â€

“No, I’m single, and that’s not a call that I’m looking. Better to get settled into life here first.â€

“Well the young men of Freedom City will be happy to hear your single, but disappointed to hear you want to stay that way for a while. Sounds like a lonely life, are you a member of any of the superteams? Do you want to be?â€

“No, Haven’t really encountered that part of the hero lifestyle yet, but I’d love to join one, I’m rather social and that’s something that would be good for me. I have friends but haven't met any in the superhero trade yet.â€

“Tell us, your friends how would they describe you? A person’s friends often see them in a different light than they see themselves.â€

“Well I think most would describe me as sensible and down to earth, I know one who would say I’m a spoil sport and no fun. I hope they would describe me as a good christian girl.†A vine reaches up grabbing a lamppost and raises her a few inches off the ground, she hangs there suspended from the post continuing the interview without any interruption.

“Well, then in that case let me ask you about matters of faith, Do you derive your powers from religion?â€

“Well, no, I mean, I never thought of it that way. I’m from the Heartland, being a good christian isn’t something you really think to much about it’s just always there. No, I’m not a holy warrior with powers give from god, no more than all gifts come that way.â€

“That brings us to the subject of magic and magical heros, how do you feel about them, any prejudices there?â€

“Well I guess that’s a gift that doesn’t come from the same source isn’t it? I’m not sure what I think about magic, I suppose there are good and bad in any group. You can’t judge.â€

“ And on the subject of mutants and aliens? How do you feel about them?â€

“Has our secret been found?†the symbiote echoes alert in her mind. “No, stay calm, it’s a generic question don’t worry.†“I think that we have to look back to the founding of our nation and be welcoming anyone who wants to come here in peace.â€

“So with all the moving and becoming a superhero, how you holding up?â€

“Well I’m excited, thrilled, sometimes scared and just generally amazed that it’s all real. I’m having a good time though, Rich.†Her vines twitch about a bit.

“Do you consider yourself a role model?â€

“While I don’t want every girl to grow vines or dye her hair green, I do think little girls should be all that they can be and can follow my model of doing what they can to make the world a better place.â€

“What one piece of advice would you give yourself that you probably not take?â€

"That I'm not immortal, no matter what I feel like I can do I might need to be a little more careful sometimes"

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