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Avenger Assembled

League Rebirth (OOC)

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The rebirth of the Liberty League!

Starring Edge, Midnight, Wander, Ace Danger, Bombshell, and Cannonade. Come up with why you're on a flight from Freedom City to Paris, yo.

It's a DC 25 Gather Info check to recognize Nina al-Darsah, youngest daughter of TYPHOON!

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I need initiative from everybody.

It's a DC 20 Acrobatics check to stay on your feet if you're getting up; a DC 20 STR check to not get sucked out the hole if you have no restraints. (Super-STR does add to this, and multiple characters can do it simultaneously)

To clarify, the STR check is if you fail the Acrobatics.

If you do not have an immunity to suffocation or low pressure, you need a DC 10 Fort save to stay conscious after the first round of combat.

I need a DC 20 Gather Info or History check to recognize Nazi Guy here.

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Woot, rolls.

Okay, Cannonade is going to try to get up... but he has no Acrobatics and a DEX score of 12. He does not stay on his feet. But at least he'll stay in the plane... Oh, I call so much BS. Spending a Hero Point to not have him fall to his death. This turns it into a 26, but I still curse the dice.

Next up is the Gather Info/History check. I'm going with Gather Info here, which... also fails. Seriously, dice? Seriously?

So, to summarize - at start of combat, Cannonade is off his feet, still in the plane, down one Hero Point, and doesn't know crap about Nazi Guy. And he goes on 16.

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Initiative. (1d20+3=19)

Midnight can make the DC20 Acrobatics and DC20 Gather Information checks automatically with Skill Mastery.

Now, he's seated, so he should have something to hold onto, right? If not... he holds onto Wander!

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Wander goes on Initiative 18

She makes the Acrobatics with Skill Mastery.

She cannot succeed in the Gather Info check

She cannot fail the Fortitude Save.

If she is in the exit row and it is a possible interpretation of the rules, she will interpose to prevent anyone from being sucked out of the plane.

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righto. Ace can't fail the Gather info check, nor the fort save. The others uhm. Ace will remain seated for the time being. Being belted in in no way impinges upon use of his greatest weapon.

Initiative 1d20+0=1 Uhm... Ace goes last. Glad to get that roll out of the way.

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Init: 1d20+7=9 *sighs... shakes fist at her old nemesis dice roller*

Acrobatics: 1d20+20=27

Fort save: 1d20+2=8

WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO, INVISIBLE CASTLE, WHY?! Spending my hero point to make a DC10 fort save... Hrmph. 1d20+2=3 That's a thirteen which is enough.

Gather Information: 1d20+10=14

Awesome. I know nothing. Also, IC is rigged. Seriously, a 2, 7, 6, 3, 4? So much hate!

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Edge seizes initiative and goes first. He also knows who this is

Der Meistermann gets 32

Nina goes on 9, if it matters

Edge, Ace, and Midnight know this is this: this is Der Meistermann, aka Joachim von Streitcher, one of the more successful Ubersoldaten of World War II: a brutal thug who enjoyed tearing pilots out of their planes and sending them falling to the water below, the thing is, though, von Streitcher is dead: a Soviet super-agent blew off his head at the end of the war and sent pictures (and pieces) to the American and British supers to show them the job was done, and he's not smart enough to have kept quiet all this time.

Okay, so it's:

Edge: 7 HP (Seized)

Der Meistermann: 32 (NPC)

Midnight: 19 (4 HP)

Wander: 18 (5 HP)

Cannonade: 16 (3 HP)

Bombshell: 9 (1 HP)

Nina: 9 (NPC)

Ace: 1 (5 HP)

OK, Edge straight-up blasts this goon.

And he's bruised!

Der Meistermann replies by going up to Edge and punching him in the head. 23 Normally that would miss, but I'll say that Mark has a -2 Defense penalty thanks to his bondage and takes the hit.

Mark is bruised

I'll say the Nazi won't just take that! He grabs Edge's chair and easily rips it out of the plane (given his massive STR) and chucks it towards the door! That's an HP for Mark for the Fiat.

Erin catches it...(there's really no reason she'd miss it given the narrow space)

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Midnight II

Move Action: Auto 30 Stealth w/Skill Mastery and Hide in Plain Sight.

Hero Point: Heroic Feat [Quick Change]

Free Action: Change. Quickly.

Move Action: Auto-DC 30 Demoralize w/Skill Mastery.

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Before I forget, he'll also use a Free Action to Gadget up:

Immunity 2 (Suffocation [All Types]) [2PP] (Midnight Mask)

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All right, as discussed with AA, I'm going to be using a combination of Leaping and the last air current to aim Cannonade right at Der Meistermann. That's my Move Action. I'll also be using Improved Grab as part of the attack so that, if it hits, there's a chance I could get him in a suplex and keep him from doing anything else stupid. I'll also be using a -3/+3 All-Out/Power Attack combo, lowering Cannonade's effective Defense for the turn to DC14 but raising the DC of the attack to 27. That's my Standard Action.

That's an 18 on the Attack roll. I think I'll spend one of those Hero Points, given the sheer visual of Cannonade hurling himself down the aisle and clotheslining a Nazi. That is a whole lot better. Assuming he doesn't have a Defense about 17, the Grapple will come as a Free Action. That's a DC30 on the Opposed Grapple roll.

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Move Action - Feint: 1d20+20=39 Even with the -5 for a move action, that's still a 34 to beat with a sense motive.

Thanks to some suggestions, I'll spend an HP to acquire Set-Up and pass that onto Wander at her next round.

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