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Okay this is an exercise in extreme silliness, but follow my 'logic', if you will...

Jack of all Blades - James T. Kirk

Despite a weakness for beautiful women and pithy dialogue, he's a charismatic leader who never gives up regardless of the odds. He's not afraid to defer to his teammates when he needs a second opinion, but if push comes to shove, he's going to pull a move so crazy it just might work.

Doktor Archeville - Dr. Phlox

Absolutely brilliant and the source of much exposition, he's still pointedly apart from the rest of the team. As much as he's there to help them, he's also openly studying them, though in a genial manner that's hard to find fault with. Plus there's that unexpectedly prominent sex drive.

Colt - Will Riker

Practically from another genre, while others are deliberating over options, he's already checked out the angles, chosen his shot and taken it. A competent leader, he's laid back enough to prefer a support role. Besides, it gives him more time to spend with his lady friend.

Grimalkin - Deanna Troi

Whether she spends the adventure talking about feelings or keeping her more impulsive teammates from doing something monumentally stupid, chances are she's going to be wearing an outfit there's really no good explanation for. Vocal about being from a noticeably different culture.

Dynamo - Mr. Spock

It's not that this guy doesn't have emotions, he's just seen where letting them run wild can get you, and he'd just as soon be the one to keep a level head, thank you very much. There may be flashier characters around these days, but he's still in way better shape than most.

Fulcrum - Jadzia Dax

Fighter, artist, confidant, lover - she's comfortable playing a lot of different roles, always with a confidence and sureness of self. She owes a lot of that to the passing of her predecessor, with a couple nasty side-effects tossed in, but she's definitely going to do the legacy proud.

Thrude - Worf

A proud warrior who is proud to be a warrior! It's hard to miss that she isn't from around here, but if it's going to come down to a fight, she's the one you're going to choose for the away mission. She doesn't talk about it much, but she's mixed up in some pretty epic family drama.

Willow - Odo

A powerful being with incomplete memories, her origins turn out to be connected to a huge threat to our heroes. Though not in the manner we're used to in the setting, she's a guardian of order, and a relationship with a teammate has a pronounced humanizing effect on her.

Geckoman - Tom Paris

He might have a hard time taking much of anything seriously, but he's the best pilot around and he knows it. He makes a lot of jokes and has an uncanny ability to tick people off at first, but they'll come around eventually, just like his tech savvy girlfriend did.

Ferros - Harry Kim

From the moment we see him, he's getting caught up in a whole lot of trouble that's not his fault. Sometimes it's pretty obvious he's new at this, but he knows when to temper his buddy's harebrained scheme with some caution and when to back another equally harebrained play.

Jill O'Cure - B'Elanna Torres

She's smart, maybe smarter than you were expecting, but more importantly she's trained her butt off to be the very best at her chosen field. Her wit is acerbic and her praise is rare, but that's all part of her charm. She downplays it, but she comes from a history of butt-kickers, too.

V.I.N.C.E. - The Doctor (No, not that one)

Sure he's 'just' an artificial intelligence, but he's got more personality than a lot of you meatspace folks, especially with all those quirks his designer wasn't expecting. He doesn't go out and about much, but runs a tight ship when given the chance, and gets some of the best lines.

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Edited (with permission) with links to the relevant wiki articles, since so many of our players still have such gaping holes in their classical educations. (Seriously, People, if I can achieve at least a passible familiarity with Doctor Who, then you can learn your Star Trek! But I digress.)

My original thoughts for Doktor Archeville were a hideous patchwork amalgam of Montgomery Scott and Julian Bashir. Scotty is the tinkerer, who's always pushing the hardware to the limit and beyond, always MacGyvering toasters into howitzers. Bashir is the genetically-engineered superman who becomes pretty much everything his creators didn't want him to be, and he's defined ultimately by both his unwavering childlike wonder at the scientific miracles inherent in everyone and everything around him, and his unrelenting optimism that scientific discovery ultimately makes the universe a better place to live in. But I must concede that Phlox is a much, much better overall fit for Archeville than even these two characters spot-welded to one another like some terrifying Frankenstein's Monster.

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/me sheds a single tear at the beauty of it all.


(2011.08.05 - 02:56:57) ShaenTheBrain: It bothers me, on a fundamental level, that so much of our team synchs up with Voyager.

(2011.08.05 - 02:57:16) ShaenTheBrain: That vexes me. It offends me.

(2011.08.05 - 02:57:20) Gizmo: Nah, it makes perfect sense.

(2011.08.05 - 02:57:31) Quinn liked Voyager...

(2011.08.05 - 02:57:34) ShaenTheBrain: Oh, it makes sense. I'm not arguing that point. They fit.

(2011.08.05 - 02:57:47) ShaenTheBrain: I just recoil instinctively from the thought.

(2011.08.05 - 02:58:11) Gizmo: Voyager was the imperfect crew, stuck with each other and rife with discipline issues.

(2011.08.05 - 02:58:58) Gizmo: If TNG is the Freedom League and DS9 is Claremont, Voyager is the Interceptors.

(2011.08.05 - 03:00:36) Quinn: DS9 is Claremont? :shock:

(2011.08.05 - 03:00:52) Quinn: So what does that make the Irregulars? The Magnificent Ferengi? :P

(2011.08.05 - 03:01:16) ShaenTheBrain: DS9 makes sense for Claremont because it's a relatively stationary setting.

(2011.08.05 - 03:01:17) Gizmo: It's a stationary setting with multiple story lines!

(2011.08.05 - 03:02:07) ShaenTheBrain: Voyager is the Interceptors. :argh: I WANT to deny this truth, :( but I CANNOT! :science:

(2011.08.05 - 03:02:09) Gizmo: And yet, inexplicably, they still end up facing the biggest threats in the longest story arcs!

(2011.08.05 - 03:02:45) Gizmo: DS9/Claremont, that is.

(2011.08.05 - 03:04:06) ShaenTheBrain: That's arguable. On one hand, DS9 was at the front lines of the Dominion War. On the other hand, Voyager became The Borg Show, With The Borg, Featuring The Borg! (Also starring some humans or something.).

(2011.08.05 - 03:04:29) Quinn: It gave us Seven of Nine, at least. >.> Though whether that's good or bad, I'm not sure.l

(2011.08.05 - 03:04:35) ShaenTheBrain: And as far as threats to all life in the galaxy go, The Borg is at the top of the list.

(2011.08.05 - 03:04:40) Gizmo: Point, but those were really several connected but isolated instances.

(2011.08.05 - 03:05:20) Gizmo: And Voyager always had the option to cut and run, whereas DS9 had to dig in its heels.

(2011.08.05 - 03:06:05) Gizmo: But I see your point.

(2011.08.05 - 03:06:56) Gizmo: Another parallel to the Interceptors is that the Voyager crew were the most like a family, in the 'you don't get to choose yours' sense.

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