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[ArchEvil] Gestalt Theory (OOC)


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The Scarab will use her ESP power to conduct an extended search for Viktor Archeville. She will use Extra Effort for +2 power ranks, hitting rank 7 and extending her range to an area 200 miles in diameter, centered on herself. This would normally take a week, but with her Fast Task power feats dropping the search time 4 steps down the Time Table, it will only take her 20 minutes. She will take a -5 penalty to drop it another step, so it will take her 5 minutes.

She takes 10 with Skill Mastery and hits DC25.

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I think the best thing to do about me from this point is to say that The Scarab's totally occupied with keeping the channel into the thing's mind open, leaving Ferros and Phantom to explore it. That's my suggestion. If you've got another one, I'm game for that too. Anything that gets me out of here, no offense.

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Edited my IC post. Took this bit out:

"No more must you walk this valley. No more must you follow the path of the glacier. It is time to let go of the weights this frozen madness has placed upon you. It is time to walk in the sun. It is time to climb from the valley of the madness into the mountains. Walk amongst the lofty peaks, and see clearly the clouds that once fuddled your mind," Ferros told him, "Watch them be whisked away on the winds of inspiration,"

Ferros watched this time, as whatever grisly process the Doktor had gone through reversed itself. The man's flesh knit back together before his eyes, and his blood reentered his body. Ferros stood from the table and strode toward the Mad Doktor.

Seeing a new adversary approach him, the maddened scientist swung his sword of science. "號" Ferros' voice echoed across the chamber. The Mad scientist checked his sword only inches from Ferros' neck. "ä½ ä¸èƒ½æ‰“我了。混沌王æœåœ¨æ­¤æ²’有更多的想法。看到權力的混亂和瘋狂是什麼之å‰ï¼Œå¯§éœçš„原因。"** Ferros gestured with his hand to the tables behind him. Dr. Viktor Archeville lay whole, the manifestation of his mind repaired.

** No. You cannot strike me down. Chaos reigns no more within this mind. See that the power of chaos and madness is nothing before the serenity of reason.

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