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An Irregular Meeting (IC)

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Vicky laughed with Crow in comparing the group to Team Fortress characters. "Nah hon, if I'm anyone I'm the Scout," she said before screwing her voice into a Bostonian accent, "Grass grows, birds fly, and brotha, I hurt people." She couldn't hold her face straight for long before she joined Morgan in laughter, leaning against each other.

As Brian left she settled back down and leaned against the brick wall that separated the campus from the rest of Freedom City. "So, we have some first-aid training. A tactician. And a font of arcane knowledge. Maybe I should sign up for a forensics-101 class this fall, learn how to examine a crime scene without mucking it up."

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John sat down on one of the nearby benches meant for the students waiting for a taxi or bus, and watched his friends joke and smile. They are owed the truth, he thought. They deserve to know what I really am. John turned his attention skyward as a lone cloud floated by. He finally decided then to tell them after they got the final word from Summers, not wanting them to abandon the idea of forming a team. The sound of laughter brought him out of his thoughts.

John then piped in. "Actually Miss Victoria that would be an excellent idea to cross-train or picking up areas that we lack as a team. For example, Mister Brian with some infiltration skills like ours would open all sorts of tactics. I am sure that Headmaster Summers could provide us with some input on the matter when we take this idea to him officially."

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"That would most likely be the best way to fill in the gaps, let some of the professionals show us where the biggest gaps lie and who would be best suited to fill them. I've been working on my computer skills with Cole in between helping him work on this Virtual Realty setup so that's another thing I could work towards being able to bring to the table," Vicky said, absentmindedly allowing small motes of her blue-with-black-sparkles energy to flicker across one hand as she spoke. When she noticed she closed her eyes in concentration and forced the energy to dissipate.

"Sorry, still working on getting that under control..."

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