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Matside Meetings (OOC)


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Okay, until it needs to be changed, John will be accurate attacking for full. +5 Atk/-5 Dam

That puts his rolls at +13 Atk, -5 Dam DC (DC 10 Tough).

He'll use his standard actions to block, when on defense so he just rolls opposing attack rolls. He'll mix it up on offense.

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1d20=12 Myr fails his Str check and is now prone.

Trying to take advantage of the situation, he uses his move to auto-feint again (Need another DC 25 check)

And tries to hit (with +5 accurate attack) 1d20+7 and grapple her1d20+8=13. (If either of these are applicable)

If he suceeds in the grapple he'll try and maintain it, if not he'll use his free action to get back to his feet via Instant Up feat.

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