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[Claremont] The end of Summer


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Heritage and I just got our new Claremont characters approved (Cubic and Covalent respectively).

I'm looking to do a sort of intro thread for them where they can meet and greet whoever is on the Claremont squad these days. Perhaps this is their first time seeing the campus (In daylight! :o) after Duncan Summers agrees to enroll them in classes in fall semester. Perhaps they're moving in, or buying books, or what have you.

Who wants in? And what (if anything specific) would you like to see happen in the thread?

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Woo-hoo, my first Claremont character!

I'm wondering how much actual stuff Zach and Jeena have to move in; they've been essentially homeless for several months. Do the dorms come pre-furnished? If so, it will probably the first time they've slept in normal beds for some time, and require a bit of adjusting.

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I always assumed that Claremont is like an upscale ish boarding school. I've always pictured the rooms there like mine at college which come furnished with the bare bones stuff. Desk, dresser, metal bed frame + crappy mattress, but that's it. I agree they'll be traveling light.

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Okay, so back to the serious topic at hand. Would anyone like to actually start a thread?

We're also currently looking for roommates for the siblings. Are there any guys or gals on the upcoming Claremont roster that do not yet have a roommate to initiate drama with? :P Does anyone know if someone else's character doesn't have a roommate? That way Heritage and I can PM them or something and get the proverbial ball rolling?

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YAY Roomies! I hope Jeena likes plants!

Jeena despises all plants, and those who tend them! :argh:

Actually considering she's probably only seen fungi and lichen, she most likely finds Terran plants stunningly beautiful! Plus she's into Life Sciences, so they might get along quite well.

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Quote, I'm going to assume the following at this point.

A) Zach and Jeena get into Claremont; whoever they talk to after Going Topside eventually points them in the right direction.

B) Duncan Summers knows they're both aliens, because good luck lying to him about pretty much anything.

C) He leaves it up to the twins to explain themselves as they wish; if anyone thinks that's out of character for him, let us know now.

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