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[ArchEvil] Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit [OOC]

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The senses-shattering conclusion to the Evil!Dok saga!

For now, just the six Interceptors -- Colt, Dynamo, Fulcrum, Grim, Jack and Jill -- should post. (They'll find the inside of the house empty, as by now Scarab's already warnedAvenger & Phantom of what's going on.)

Others can come in by invite, and other threads may be spun off from this one as needed.

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That hits exactly, but does not do enough damage to bypass his Impervious, though it does reduce his Ablative Impervious to 13.

Grim's up!

Also, after this first round, the other Interceptors -- Geckoman, Thrude, and Willow -- can appear. Quote, I'm going to PM you some ideas re: Ferros.

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Standard: Aim

Free: Pop HP for Ultimate Aim

Extra Effort: Surge for an extra Standard

Full Round: "Speed Fire" Blast 10 (Extras: Autofire 3; Flaws: Action [Full]; PFs: Affects Insubstantial 2, Improved Critical 2, Improved Range [200-ft range increment], Variable Descriptor 2 [any])

:arrow: Power Attack 5

So with ultimate aim, he treats the attack roll as a 20 +4 (from aiming) +15 (attack bonus) -5 (power attack) = 34.

The rank of the power is 10 + 5 (power attack) +X (Autofire; 1 for 1; Maximum bonus 10) = DC30 + X. Even without the autofire the rank of the power plus power attack should break through the impervious.

Let me know if that's all cool before I throw up an IC, please.

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ArchEvil's defense is 22, so that hits by 12, which will add +10 ranks of Damage, so that's a DC 40 Toughness save.

Toughness save, DC 40 (1d20+16=30) fails by 10, which'd put him at staggered and stunned.

Do I want him to be that damaged this early (since staggered + any further damage = unconscious)? No -- I'd like everyone to get at least a chance to lay one lick in. GM Fiat for improved roll; Colt gets an HP.

Toughness save, DC 40; Fiat re-roll (1d20+16=23) +10 = 33 = fails by 7, so only stunned + bruised.

It also reduces his Impervious, to 11.

What descriptor is Colt using for his Blast? And will he be doing knockback? (I believe extra damage from Autofire does not count towards Knockback, though extra damage from Power Attack does.)

EDIT: Kenson & Shaen both say extra damage from autofire and power attack (and crits) don't count for knockback, so only his base Blast of 10 counts. Which is not enough to get past Evil!Dok's Knockback of -15 (adjusted to -12 due to the loss of some of his ablative Impervious.)

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Right, I'm not letting quote's weekend of drunken revelry delay us.

Now Evil!Dok's up, for first, some bookkeeping I neglected earlier.

29 -- Dynamo -- undamaged -- 5 HP (1 + Luck 3 + 1 for earlier fiating/mind whammy)

23 -- Grimalkin -- undamaged -- 5 HP (1 + Luck 3 + 1 for earlier fiating/mind whammy)

18 -- Colt -- undamaged, will be fatigued at start of next round -- 6 HP (1 + Luck 5 + 1 for earlier fiating/mind whammy - 1 for Aim)

18 -- ArchEvil -- bruised, stunned; Impervious 11 -- NPC

17 -- Jack of all Blades -- undamaged -- 7 HP (1 + Luck 5 + 1 for earlier fiating/mind whammy)

08 -- Jill O'Cure -- undamaged -- Sidekick

07 -- Fulcrum -- undamaged -- 3 HP (1 + 1 for earlier fiating/mind whammy + 1 for being betrayed by her fiance)

Reaction: Fiat for Recover (clear stun). HP goes to the person he's attacking... which would be Grimalkin.

Reaction: Fiat for Heroic (er, Villainous) Feat, gaining Improved Grab. Grimalkin gets yet another HP.

Free Action: Maintain Impervious Toughness/Shield

Free Action: Convert Weapons Array to Enhanced Str/Super-Str, variable descriptor to "iron-shod spiked fists"

Standard Action: pummel the pixie

Attack vs. Grimalkin (Defense 27 in Faerie Form); +50% to damage due to vulnerability = DC (15 + [12 x 1.5]) 33 Toughness save (1d20+15=28)

Reaction: Grapple Grimalkin

Melee attack vs. Pixie!Grim (Defense 27, 12 if she's stunned) (1d20+15=30)

Grapple check (1d20+34=45)

Per our House Rules, if his grapple check beats hers by 5+, she is bound & helpless.

Free Action: Extra Effort to surge and gain another standard action.

Move Action: Toss Grimalkin into Colt!

Throwing Grim into Colt (Defense 25) (1d20+9=25)

Both Grim and Colt must make a DC 27 Toughness save (same as his unarmed Str)

Standard Action: Charge Dynamo

Charging Dynamo (Defense 24); +2 Attack/-2 Defense from Charge; DC 27 Toughness if it hits (1d20+17=32)

End results

Grimalkin +2 HP

Toughness saves: 2 from Grim (DC 33, 27), 1 from Colt (DC 27), 1 from Dynamo (DC 27)

Evil!Dok will be fatigued at the start of the next round

Jack & Jill are up

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Alright, let's do a thing.

Jack of all Blades

Move Action: Auto-DC 36 Feint with Skill Mastery and Fast Talk

Standard Action: Energy Blade; Power Attack 5. (1d20+15=22)

Surge: Standard Action.

Standard Action: Energy Blade Flurry; Power Attack 5. (1d20+15=29)

That's a DC 22 Drain Toughness followed by a DC 30 Toughness Save, then another DC 30 + up to 7 Autofire Toughness Save.

Jill O'Cure

Move Action: Auto-DC 25 Taunt with Skill Mastery

Standard Action: Create Object for Damage (Rank 12 Area Attack)

That's a DC 22 Reflex Save for half damage and a DC 27 Toughness Save.

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Evil!Dok can't beat JoaB's Bluff/Feint (best he can get is 30), so that succeeds, so his Defense is 14.

Fort save, DC 22, vs. JoaB's Corrosion/Drain Toughness (1d20+11=19) Fails by 3, so loses 3 points of Toughness, so he's at +13 (Imp 11) now (and 1 Bruise)

Toughness save, DC 30; includes -1 from existing Bruise (1d20+12=28) Fails by 2, so 1 more Bruise.

Flurry would hits by 7 points even if he wasn't flat-footed, which is as much as the Autofire can add.

Toughness save, DC 37; includes -2 from existing Bruises (1d20+11=14) fails by 23!

Fiat to re-roll; JoaB gets an HP

Toughness save, DC 37; includes -2 from existing Bruises; Fiat re-roll (1d20+11=27) fails by 10, so Staggered + Stunned

Opposed Bluff check vs. Jill's Taunt (DC 25) (1d20+10=26) Her taunt rolls off like water from a duck's back! Though he's still stunned from JoaB's flurry.

Reflex save, DC 22 (1d20+6=11)

Any damage will KO the Staggered Evil!Dok, so I'mma Fiat to re-roll the Reflex save. Jill gets an HP.

Reflex save, DC 22; Fiat re-roll (1d20+6=24) Makes it

Which reduces the Damage to 6, which his Impervious blocks.

However, the three hits he's taken this go reduce his Impervious from 11 to 8.

29 -- Dynamo -- undamaged -- 5 HP

23 -- Grimalkin -- undamaged -- 7 HP (includes the 2 Grim got from recent fiats)

18 -- Colt -- undamaged, will be fatigued at start of next round -- 6 HP

18 -- ArchEvil -- bruised x2, staggered, stunned; Toughness 11 (Imp 8) -- NPC

17 -- Jack of all Blades -- undamaged -- 8 HP (includes 1 from recent fiat)

08 -- Jill O'Cure -- undamaged -- Sidekick + 1 HP (from recent fiat)

07 -- Fulcrum -- undamaged -- 3 HP

Fulcrum's up!

(Still need those toughness saves for Colt, Dynamo and Grim!)

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Ok, point of note: That's not how Staggered works. You only get knocked out by an attack while staggered if that attack would stagger you again.

From the M&M FAQ:

How many times can a character be staggered?

Once. Staggered is a singular condition. Once a character is staggered, another staggered result means the character is rendered unconscious. This means a staggered character is closer to being out of the fight, even without any bruised results affecting Toughness saves.

Secondly, Dynamo will spend a HP to double his Dodge Bonus to Defense for one round, taking his current Defense of 26 (which includes the +2 Dodge bonus he has from Defensive Attack) up to 38, which means Dok's attack will miss.

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