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The New Midnighters!

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It's been talked about for a while, but now's the time to do something formal. As the membership of the Midnighters has shifted over the years, now might be the time to reestablish the group. Nick Cimitiere's certainly up for it. Who else? And once we've got it all lined up, where should we hold the IC formation thread? I know Nick's willing to offer up the Parkhurst for discussions.

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Considering the work Ecal's already put into this, I think it's best to consider this thread largely a means of seeing who's interested, rather than a sign-up sheet. Obviously there's no point is simply having every magically inclined hero on the site involved, although I could certainly see them being on good terms as part of the same larger community.

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Just a thought, but couldn't you have a core team of 5-6 and then several sub-teams? Sorta like Justice League International or Stormwatch.

And if each team has a designated "leader" then it should be easier to get two or more team together.

Sounds like that would work. I mean most stories using this probably wouldn't have all five pc's of the team, it'd be overkill for whatever they were fighting most the time. The headquarters for all this could probably be Parkhurst.

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You know the recruitment's a bit crowded, why don't we just split the group by age, that way the Midnighters are Revenant, DeadHead, Nick and Equinox, while the Young Midnighters (Or whatever you want to call them) are Arcturus, Changeling, Ghost Girl and Warlock. I mean it balances out well for both teams.


Revenant Balanced PC

DeadHead Tank

Nick Cimitere Battle Mage

Equinox Elemental Mage/Artificer

Young Midnighters

Ghost Girl Balanced PC

Arcturus Tank

Changeling Battle Mage

Warlock Artificer

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My argument here would be that Parkhurst already gives the magically inclined PCs a place to interact with each other; having the Midnighter's be 'everybody who's magic' would be redundant.

The original team were all very much horror types specifically in the horror genre: vampire, sorceress, zombie, (half) demon and I'd argue Atlas as a Frankenstein's monster stand-in, in the 'what has science wrought?!' sense. That doesn't necessarily have to be the case with the new version, but it does demonstrate a more focused theme that made them click.

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Well, it is a team, why don't we do a few smaller supplement threads to see which characters work well together. I mean it's not just theme, it's personality that determines if it might work this time. Nick and DeadHead will probably be a key players if only because there is no one that dislikes that character in particular, we should see how well the characters interact in general.

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Self-Repairing (from Book of Magic) is a shoe-in, what with having one construction worker ghost (Joe Delmundio). (Though I see there's an Affects Objects Regeneration already there.)

Increasing the HQ's Toughness (ectoplasmic reinforcement), or even adding Impervious Toughness, would not be out of place for a haunted house.

Super-Movement Portal to the Astral Plane?

Super-Senses? Maybe not new ones, but enhancements to existing ones. Extended for Mental Senses, so Dead Head & Nick & Rene can use their Mental senses at far ranges (like how Cerebro enhances/extends Xavier's Detect Mutants super-sense).

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I see that as, Extradimensional Door (Astral Plane), and Meditation Chamber. We could also improve the teleport add effects objects and effects others. I sort of cite it as the people at parkhurst have talsimans that serve as a beacon for the long range teleportation.

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