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So... yeah. Gonna try to run a thread.


This time, however... much smaller. 2-3 people, may or may not be a long one depending on how people interact and such.

Location: West End.

Date: July 16-31 (depends largely on players' timelines and what's agreed upon)

Premise: Several young people have turned up missing over the last several days, and the few that managed to elude pursuers have turned up at Trinity Hospital with significant blood loss and strange puncture wounds on their necks...

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Three's fine. Good lord, it's like Charlie's not-quite-Angels up in here. XD

I'll have the thread up shortly, and I'll PM you with the thread links. Before I begin, though, I need a date--since I see all three of you are in a thread run by Supercape, I figured it might be best to ask now so that they don't overlap in your timelines.

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