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Grue-ling Inquiry: Question on AA's Grue w/ Power Ring Idea


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Hi everyone! I like AA's Shapeshifter with a Power Ring concept, but in order to make up a the character I need some information about the Grue.

First of all: do the Grue have a discrete gender? Just asking so I can find / draw a picture for the character in his/her/its Grue form.

Second of all: How are Grue made? Do the rise up from spawning pools, do they split like E. Coli or does the Meta-mind create new Grue from his own flesh. Do the Grue-Arcane reproduce in the same way, or are they of a fixed (or declining) population because of their separation of the Grue and their Home-world.

Third: Do Grue need a maturation (or education period), or do they come into the world fully formed physically?

Fourth: How are the client-races the Grue have conquered incorporated into the Unity? Does the Meta-Mind control the client races, or do the Grue bully it's client races with more traditional despotic methods? If they were careful, could they plan a revolt?

Fifth: Am I correct in understanding that there are no free-thinkers among the Grue, even as assistants to the Meta-Mind?

Sixth: Do the Grue have a centralized (or a group of centralized) places where the Grue place the people who they replace and for some reason don't kill?

Thanks for your help!

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Welcome! Let me offer some suggestions.

1. My take on the Grue is that they normally don't have gender as such. My thought for the Power Ring character was that she'd selected a preferred gender for herself upon gaining independence.

2. As far as I know, the books don't say! (The Grue are left open to be filled in). My personal take on the matter is that the Grue reproduce parthenogically. That would explain how the Grue Arcane survive and allow for things like racial memory, etc.

3. My guess is the Grue do have an immature period, yes.

4. The Grue are more locusts than conquerors. They come to loot rather than rule, stripping planets of their technology. That said, they probably aren't above actually occupying strategic planets and enslave the population. (Perhaps to mine some key resource/harvest their own planet dry) The Meta-Mind wouldn't control them; the Meta-Mind's powers are only really useful on Grue and anyway the minds of non-Grue are full of filthy individuality! So there'd be potential for a revolt, yeah.

5. It's tough to say. The Meta-Mind seems to do its own thing most of the time. The empowerment of the Meta-Grue (and his subsequent independence) probably didn't help there. My general take is that elite Grue have some independence, but are still mentally enslaved to the Meta-Mind.

6. Probably. No doubt they are there subject to dire experiments!

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