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Heavy Metal Rocks! (OOC)


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OOC for thisthread.

The Cheshire Blade, Revenant, and Wisp take on Heavy Metal!

I am leaving this open for you guys to hook into.

Feel free to make a generic patrol / social post, preferably placing your hero near the reactor or route 9, or otherwise able to intercept...

...the imminent alarms and distress calls of a power leak at the Reactor

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...ok all into combat quickly!

Given the situation, I cant say there is a surprise round, and indeed there is ample enough preparation that I will say nobody can be flat footed due to low initiative (the power of fudge).

At the moment, Heavy Metal has Revenant and Wisp to one side of him, Cheshire Cat infront of him, neither in melee range (picking the number out of the ether, lets say about 50 feet away).

They are outside the Reactor, but Klaxons are ringing anyway, indicating a containment breach.

Initiative Rolls up!

1d20-1=1 Beat that!

NB/EDIT: Taar, I wasn't quite clear from your sheet by the way if your Blast AoE [spatial Rift] is energy or physical damage? It sounds more physical (blasting things apart) but it could be interpreted either way. I have no problem with either of course, just want to know for prosperity.

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Ok Initiative up, combat begins:

22: Wisp - 2HP - Unharmed

8: Cheshire Blade - 1 HP - Unharmed

3: Revenant - 1 HP - Unharmed

1: Heavy Metal - Unharmed.

Wisp, you are up first. You and Revenant are stepping off the bus, about 50 feet from Heavy Metal, there are a few civies standing next to you.

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Right i want to try something really stupid, or possibly brave i'm not sure which.

Move action to reach him, which is fine as I can cover 100ft as a standard move.

The a Trick, I want Heavy Metal to focus his attention on me, thats 23, 28 if he finds me attractive. Everything I know i learned from Buster Keaton :).

On the plus side as a construc I'm immune to his radiation!

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Well, ill give you +4 Attractive for that, for 27. 'Cos he is a BUster Keaton fan.


Ill say he is mildly distracted by that, and pounds on you. Cheshire and Wisp gain +2 on attack roll circumstance benefit from that to their next attack, and also he is only going to take standard action due to that annoyance.

1d20+5=8 He misses!

Wisp up next.

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Just clarifying that Azuth - why is DC tougher if he is flatfooted? (which lowers his defence, as far as I know, not increases your attack DC?). Also, why +15 to attack if you are power attacking -5/+5?

He is flat footed, mind: 1d20+5=15

The DC goes up because he'd be flat-footed, so the autofire would come into play.

The +15 is from her acrobatics check, not an attack roll.

And..., I did end up using bad numbers in the attack roll. Should have only been +10 not +12. Still hits (only DC 28 now) but I can reroll if you'd prefer.

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No probs, just wanted to check I wasn't going potty! :?

Ok, so I have this as a +13 attack, shifted to +8, with +2 situational modifier for Revenants Stunt. Giving you an attack roll of 16.

Heavy Metals flat footed defence is 14, giving you +1 from your autofire. DC is thus 7 base + 5 + 1 autofire + 15 (normal) = 28 so adds up!

1d20+15=30 unfortuantely, he is made of stern stuff anyway :(

Make your IC post, then...

Cheshire Cat up! WIth +2 Attack situational bonus

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Easy hit for +3 Autofire DC.

I make that DC 15+1 Power Attack, +11 Base +3 Autofire = 30 DC

[No need to post breakdowns but I prefer it makes it a little easier on my head! I trust you guys implicitly but best to make sure these things are understood!]

1d20+15=16 I will Fiat that to stop this fight ending too soon (staggering him this early), gain an HP [i should add I wont be doing that more than once or twice absolute max so dont fret!].

1d20+15=32 Make it.

Post away IC.

Ill follow up with.

Heavy Metals turn, tearing up a chunk of road [move action]

Throwing it at Cheshire Cat, Shifted +1 Attack, -1 DC [standard action]

1d20+5=24 Bish Bash!

Thats a DC 31 Toughness Check for Cheshire!

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Yep didn't see that. (Tired).

In which case, he is changing to energy form, and moving all out (4000 feet) into the reactor!

This involves actually moving through the walls of the reactor.

Unless anyone has good way of following, that may mean combat temporarily over, although you did of course draw first blood and gain an HP!

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