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Zero to Hero (IC)


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Barber Street 34, 15:34

The house of the old O´Finnegan had seen better days. People who were around behind the quick-makeshift barricads were considering just one of those happy days when people didn´t greet you with what looked like heavy artillery. Every attempt to reach the site was answered by a big volley of boom ras zakka-zakka. If something had to be thankful for was that the shooter appeared to be short-ranged, so leaving the area to the rearmost was a ticket for stop being a sitting duck. That was precisely the reason that Vanguard was ready to take the run of his life with the patroller who was there at his left, Còsimo Gravieza.


-Has Dakka stopped now? -he said.

"Dakka" was name one of them had given the nutjob. One minute they were approaching calmly to the place and next, BANG!, everybody was hiding behind cover and without a thing they could do. Vanguard firmly denied.

-Nuh-uh, the same ballistic symphony -sighed- Alright, you know how we´ve done this before. I run with the shield and you go behind me. We got to do it FAST. Got it?

-Are you sure...? -he tried to smile- You bet.

-Right. Three... two... one... RUN!!!

And they ran like no tomorrow, world's longest ten meters until they reach the end of the block. Once there, having stopped all the bullets, Manuel grabbed his shoulder, gritting his teeth in pain. Seeing the face of Italian horror shook his head and took some air to recover and explain what happened.

-No; no, is the arm. I have it numb for the impacts. I truly hope that true reinforcements will soon come...

That's what they expected, at least. It had come rumors that the guy in there had hired a lot of people that was doing the dirty work. Not very trained people but a considerable bunch; is very probable that heroes were in that second tying them and sending them to the justice. But the idea of ​​letting the guy with no one checking to ensure he could not escape wasn´t exactly amusing him.

-I´m gonna try sneaking him. There must be some blind spot from which he cannot fire...

He was the one with the impervious shield, if anything else. No more of them could have any chance against a guy like that. Neither was exactly sure he had any, being honest, but he must give if a try. Would you like to let loose someone who did something like that?

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