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Bride of the Reptile (OOC)


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Forgot to roll for Dr. Marks, actually. Initiative for Dr. Mark's. (1d20=6) That actually works well...

Going to allow Goanna a re-roll on that Initiative, actually. Reroll on initiative for Goanna. (1d20+4=18) Hm. Okay, Changeling gets an HP due to fiat. Glow picks up an HP due to his Golden Age Honor complication.

Initiative order is:

25 -- Glowstar -- Uninjured -- HP x 5

21 -- Wisp -- Uninjured -- HP x 2

18 -- Goanna -- Uninjured -- GM

8 -- Changeling -- Uninjured -- HP x 2

6 -- Dr. Marks -- Uninjured -- GM

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Goanna makes a Leaping Charge to pick up Dr. Marks. She doesn't even have a chance of resiting the grapple, so I won't bother rolling; she's Pinned, essentially. Sits there expounding at the heroes while he's at it.

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