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Starbucks and Sketches (OOC)

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already made the rolls (though realized belatedly that could take 20 on the design)

Device 4 (easy to loose) [12]

- Strike 10 (Extra: Penetrating) [20pp)

Obviously it's only good for one scene (ie this thread) due to the item creation rules. (But thought it'd be funny)

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Sorry for the delay Az; life's been a bit rough last few days (rougher anyway)

Her taking the hit:

toughness (1d20+15=24)

vs a 27...she's got a Bruise


aid: need hit DC 10 :) (1d20+8=23, 1d20+8=25, 1d20+8=24, 1d20+8=11)

That's a +8 to hit

to hit! (1d20+14=31) vs DC 23

That hits Wisp! Soak away!

to hit Torque; DC 24 (1d20+10=26)

which hits...

Torque's toughness

toughness (1d20+13=21)

he gets a bruised!

Torque's turn...

to hit (w/ +2 from master plan) vs dc 27 (1d20+9=11)

HP 'cause that was just sad

to hit (w/ +2 from master plan) vs dc 27 (1d20+9=23)

toughness (1d20+12=30)


Wisp is up as soon as I do some IC posting! (last round for master plan bonus btw)

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1d20+7=15, Bruised. But now Wisp's up and so, she isn't (oh regen...)

Now, I assume the bot's blast messed up some of those trees... Either way, Wisp's going to teleport behind and take a swing at the robot that just tried to blast her. 1d20+13=23 If it hit, DC 22 toughness please.

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I'm figuring a combined attack from Torque and Wisp.

Move: Acro-bluff 1d20+15=20

Attack: 1d20+8=10 Well crap, with my luck that blast probably took out a chunk of the wall we were just on. Hopefully debris didn't hurt any civilians nearby.

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